DOTA2 |OT| TI9 Battlepass May 7-August 25


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Oct 25, 2017

Are you a noob trying to learn Dota?
Famous community member Purge has made a new ongoing Youtube series "Learn Dota"
Beyond that there are dozens of learning resources, but the game takes hundreds of hours to learn and thousands to master with people have been playing for decades. Simply speaking it's a team based game of 5v5 where you kill heroes and towers in an effort to kill the enemy main base structure. The how, when, where, and why of it all is the nuance that creates all the excitement since there are countless strategies to win and counter strategies to every hero.

Phase 1
Sep 10-Sep 15: Kuala Lumpur Major Open Qualifier
Sep 16-Sep 21: Kuala Lumpur Major Closed Qualifier
Sep 23-Sep 26: Stockholm Minor Qualifiers
non-Valve PVP Singapore Oct 5-7
non-Valve WSOE Oct 14-15
non-Valve Red Bull Guardians Oct 19-20
non-ValveESL Hamburg Oct 23-28

Oct 29-Nov 4: Stockhom Minor Main Event
Nov 9-Nov 10: Kuala Lumpur Major Group Stage
Nov 11-Nov 18: Kuala Lumpur Major Playoffs

Nov 16-Nov 18: Kuala Lumpur Major Main Event

Phase 2
Nov 25-Nov 30: Chongqing Major Qualifiers
Dec 1-Dec 4: Bucharest Minor Qualifiers
non-Valve AMD Melbourne - Dec 7-9
non-Valve Epicenter Megafon -Dec 7-9
non-Valve I Can't Believe It's Not Summit Dec 12-16

Jan 9-Jan 13: Bucharest Minor Main Event
Jan 17-Jan 27: Chongqing Major Main Event

Phase 3
Feb 1-Feb 5: Stockholm Major Qualifier
Feb 9-Feb 12: Kiev Minor Qualifier

non-Valve Weplay Valentine Feb 10-16
non-Valve MDL Macau Feb 20-24
non-Valve ESL Katowice Feb 22-24
non-Valve Weplay TOW Radiant Feb 26-Mar 2
Mar 7-Mar 10: Kiev Minor Main Event
non-Valve WESG Mar 7-10
non-Valve BTS Spring Cup Mar 11-13
Mar 14-Mar 21: Stockholm Major Group Stage

Mar 22-Mar 24: Stockholm Major Main Event

Phase 4
Mar 28-Apr 1: Paris Major Qualifier
Apr 3-Apr 6: Split Minor Qualifiers
non-Valve COBX Masters Mumbai Apr 5-7
non-Valve GGB Invitational Apr 8-13
non-Valve ESL Mumbai Apr 16-21
Apr 22-Apr 28: Split Minor Main Event

May 2-May 12: Paris Major Main Event

Phase 5
May 15-May 19: Moscow Major Qualifier
May 21-May 24: Kiev Minor Qualifiers

non-Valve Adrenaline Cyberleague May 25-26
non-Valve ESL Birmingham May 28-Jun 2
June 12-June 16: Kiev Minor Main Event
June 22-June 30: Moscow Major Main Event
non-Valve WCG - Xian July 18 to July 21

Aug 20-25 The International 2019 Shanghai

Next Online event:
Steam Sale(Battlepass Bundle) Jun 23
Midas Mode 2.0 September 21-29

Next non-Valve LAN
WCG - Xian July 18 to July 21

Next Valve event
June 12-June 16: Kiev Minor Main Event

June 22-June 30: Moscow Major Main Event

Aug 20-25 The International 2019 Shanghai

Dota Pro Circuit 2018-19:
Valve Blog

# Teams Points 2041
Team Secret 14250
2. 11400
3. Evil Geniuses 6750
4. Vici Gaming 6300
5. PSG.LGD 4140
6. Fnatic 3525
7. Team Liquid 3525
8. Ninjas in Pyjamas 2470
================Mathematically qualified for TI9 cutoff =============================================
9. Keen Gaming 1140 (Qualified for Kiev Minor)
10. OG 948 (Qualified for Moscow Major)
11. TNC Predator 696 (Qualified for Moscow Major)
12. J.Storm 576 (no further Valve events)
================Top 12 teams invited to TI9, remaining 6 are winners of each region online qualifier==========
13. EHOME 550 (Qualified for Kiev Minor)
14. Chaos Esports Club 288 (no further Valve events)
15. Alliance 279 (Qualified for Kiev Minor)
16. Mineski 246 (Qualified for Kiev Minor)
17. Gambit Esports 228 (Qualified for Moscow Major)
18. compLexity Gaming 166 (Qualified for Kiev Minor)
19. Forward Gaming 155 (Qualified for Moscow Major)
20. paiN Gaming 150 (Qualified for Moscow Major)

Remaining 6 slots determined by Open and Regional qualifiers - 1 slot for each region
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The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Okay so I'm going to be completely bogged down with all the games I want to play... 7.07, Destiny 2 PC, Super Mario Odyssey and I really want Assassin's Creed Origins.
Send help


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
So... what kind of economy changes are necessary to bring back hard scaling cores into the competitive meta? I wanna see some Chaos Knights one-shot squishy supports.


Oct 25, 2017
Shadow demon and elder titan need buffs/reworks, they're just garbage to play
Also most heroes with 2/3 passives need some merging (hello WK)