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Ideal Wyrmprints Chart


Aug 5, 2018
Here’s an English translation of the Wyrmprint guide image I posted earlier

I now have a decently strong Alfonse on my F2P no pulls alt after building him a 5.3 weapon even while using Jupiter.

I can get reliable Clears with him even with someone dying early as long as there’s a healer. We obviously aren’t gonna get full Valor with a healer, but such is the life with pubs. I’d rather any clear than looking for the perfect setup, since those folks are usually also the first ones to leave when something isn’t perfect, resulting in more wasted time. Even cleared with 3 people (Albert died early), one of whom was a Hope with unicorn to illustrate how doable Lunatic Alberian Front is.

I think this event probably shows off the issue with conditional groups though as 5.5k might and higher players are getting filtered into exclusive groups though (especially if they're light).
Well, this would still happen in the old system, it would just take longer and be more annoying for everyone involved with the geared people refusing to start the game and turning people away who don’t meet their lofty requirements, or quickly leaving pubs they deemed too weak. It’s the biggest reason the Nope sticker was removed in the first place.