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Wyrmprint Chart
  • OtterMatic

    Oct 25, 2017
    Just quoting this from a while back - could someone please annotate all the wyrmprints that are missing annotation? Specifically the top-by-weapon ones. I can't tell from the MUB pictures which one I have/should prioritize MUB-ing... :/
    So I finally got time to type this. Here:

    Top row:
    Resounding Rendition
    Jewel of the Sun
    Flash of Genius
    Crystalian Envoy
    Bonds Between Worlds (Limited)

    weapon specific:
    The Shining Overlord
    Kung Fu Masters
    Forest Bonds
    Twinfold Bonds
    Give Me Your Wounded
    Flower in the Fray
    Stellar Show
    Levin’s Champion
    Dragon and Tamer
    Pipe Down
    Fresh Perspective
    Summer Paladyns

    Never Bad:
    Gentle Winds
    Valiant Crown
    The Bridal Dragon
    Seaside Princess
    Evening of Luxury
    Halidom Grooms
    First-rate Hospitality

    Tough Love
    The Fleeting Girl
    Study Rabbits
    Sisters’ Day Out
    Beach Battle
    Together We Stand
    King’s Countenance

    Natelie’s first combo:
    Heralds of Hinomoto (Limited)
    One with the Shadows

    Yaten’s second combo:
    The Shining Overlord
    The Petal Queens (Limited)

    any weapon’s fourth combo:
    Resounding Rendition
    The Chocolatiers (Limited)

    7th combo:
    Resounding Rendition
    Elegant Escort (Limited)
    the new version includes United by one Vision and Beautiful Nothingness
    DAOKO ingame item redemption guide ft. eplus account
  • kodax_shc

    Oct 27, 2017
    Southern California
    If an account is required, I actually have a JP phone/phone number. When I get my copy I’ll look more into it, and I’m willing to put my e-plus account info on Discord if it turns out it’s needed.
    Somebody put out a guide on Reddit.

    Looks like you would likely want to handle submitting the information on behalf of other users. If you are up for that I would gladly take your help.