Dragon Ball Fighterz Datamined, DLC Characters revealed?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by TDLink, Jan 27, 2018.

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    Well the game has officially been datamined, and the full list of DLC characters seems to have been uncovered:
    • Broly - CONFIRMED 2/17/18
    • Bardock - CONFIRMED 2/17/18
    • Zamasu (With Fused?)
    • Vegito (Blue?)
    • Cooler
    • Android 17 (Ranger)
    • Base Goku
    • Base Vegeta
    There also appears to be two more modes called "Z Union" and "Z League".

    Will be interested to see how this shakes out. Of course this would confirm the Reddit leak was (unfortunately) correct about Base Goku and Vegeta. But at least we get Android 17!


    So for those of you who may say "But these are just Avatars!" A couple points:

    Yes, they are, but they're the only Avatars not currently in the game. All of these characters have at least two (or would have at least two, in 17's case), except Cooler.

    All characters with 2 or more Avatars are playable. And no non-playable character has multiple Avatars. So it stands to reason these -will- be playable.

    Here's all the Avatars currently in the game:

    Now, interestingly, all of these characters are clearly "paired up" except Cooler and 17.

    Broly & Bardock
    Vegito & Zamasu
    Goku & Vegeta

    I think it's possible they may be releasing these characters two at a time.

    EDIT 2:

    There's also this...

    So, it's possible that Cooler and 17 will not be DLC, but the other 6 surely are. Of course, it's also possible these two still will be DLC. 17 would still be the only non-playable character with two avatars if he's not, which I find somewhat unlikely. And Cooler would be the only post-launch avatar that isn't playable... also somewhat unlikely.

    EDIT 3:
    EDIT 4:
    Models have surfaced from the game's files of Saiyan Saga Vegeta:

    EDIT 5:

    Post Patch:

    EDIT 6:
    EDIT 7:
  2. Silky

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    Hellllll yeah my boy Cooler
  3. i-hate-u

    i-hate-u Member

  4. N_Cryo

    N_Cryo Member

    The superior design of the Frieza family.
  5. AerialFox

    AerialFox Member

    That's a great list
  6. Menitta

    Menitta Member

    The scientist?
  7. EliVilla

    EliVilla Member

    Oh great more Goku and Vegeta. They have so many characters to choose from.
  8. i-hate-u

    i-hate-u Member

    Where is kid Goku, what are you doing Bamco?????
  9. Tizoc

    Tizoc Member

    When's Zangya? :(
  10. WrenchNinja

    WrenchNinja Member

    Fucking garbage
  11. Seesaw15

    Seesaw15 Member

    Aww man no kid Goku. But I'm actually hyped for Sayian saga Goku and Vegeta. Kaioken,spirit bombs,oozaru. People were crazy to think we would have a game without base Goku/Vegeta.

  12. Puruzi

    Puruzi Member

    Yo where the fuck is Kid Goku
  13. Tizoc

    Tizoc Member

    Wonder if base goku n vegeta will resemble their look from ewrly in the manga
  14. Kenzodielocke

    Kenzodielocke Member

    Lol, a third Goku reskin?
  15. pulga

    pulga Member

    They have a whole ToP with fighters from many different universes and yet they pick 4 characters that look like/are Goku/Vegeta. Safe as fuck.

    Seriously where the fuck is Caulifla
  16. #16
    Hopefully you can just get characters separately. Broly is the only one I want out of that list
  17. Vylash

    Vylash Member

    wow that list is lame, give me fun characters like bulma or launch, not base goku and vegeta
  18. Order

    Order Member

    Give me Jiren and Kefla

    Fuck Cooler
  19. i-hate-u

    i-hate-u Member

    Base Goku and Vegeta can be very fun to implement, but I think there are other characters I want to see first than those two.
  20. PK Gaming

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    My brother's going to be really happy
  21. L Thammy

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    Congratulations Slaythe!
  22. MaximumSpider

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    Front row seat for what's about to take place in this thread lol
  23. WrenchNinja

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    So glad I didnt buy the pass. Just have to wait for the sequel for some ToP characters.
  24. L Thammy

    L Thammy Member

    Cooler is dumb though. Meta Cooler is where it's at. Dragonball Z versus the Borg.
  25. The_Strokes

    The_Strokes Member

    There's no way not a single new character from the ToP saga makes it.

    Android 17 would be a weak af choice to fill that role in the DLC.
  26. icyflamez96

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    Huh I don't think I've seen many people mention wanting Cooler, but I think that is a pretty interesting choice. Don't like bardock personally. Base Vegeta and Goku seem so redundant but I am still interested in seeing how they turn out even though I would have rather had pretty much anything else for variety sake.

    The rest are cool. Hopefully this 17 pleases Slaythe.

    Edit: Oh missed Broly. Not a big fan of him but I don't mind seeing him here.
  27. Iori Loco

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    Ihope base Vegeta turns into a giant monkey.
  28. Byakura

    Byakura Member

    jesus are you kidding me with this base Goku and Vegeta shit? Like of all the characters you could put in you pick another version of Goku and Vegeta
  29. Seiniyta

    Seiniyta Member

    Base Goku and Base Vegeta apparently was requested a ton by the Japanese fanbase who loved the play style of them in the 3ds game.
  30. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    Base Goku & Vegeta aside, that sounds like a solid first season. I know Max would be happy about Cooler getting in. Plus it’s an even split of heroes (Bardock, 17, Vegito, Base Goku) & villains (Broly, Cooler, Merged Zamasu, Base Vegeta).

    I’d mostly be in for Android 17, Merged Zamasu, & SSJB Vegito.
  31. Awcko

    Awcko Member

    These are lobby avatars, not characters.
  32. Cantaim

    Cantaim Member

    Cool list. really wanted Kefla and Master Roshi but hey maybe next time.
  33. Zerojul

    Zerojul Member

    Like I said in the OT, won't be getting the pass if that's it. I'll pick a few characters separately (17).
  34. Tsukinopio

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    Where the fuck are Master Roshi and Kid Goku? Half of the roster is Deviantart tier Goku reskins at this point.
  35. Silver-Streak

    Silver-Streak Member

    ...They're adding another Goku? (Bardock)

    They really should have added Roshi, with how much surprising emphasis he has gotten in Super. Oh well.
  36. Rhaknar

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    For those that dont know DBZ or are lazy to google lol
  37. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    17 would technically be our ToP rep. Though I’d imagine that the likes of Jiren, Kefla, & Ribrianne would come next season.

    The playable DLC characters would also need new lobby avatars, & they just so happen to be glaring omissions from the existing library of lobby avatars.
  38. L Thammy

    L Thammy Member

    Bardock was one of the more fun characters in Extreme Butouden if I recall; he had a move where he chokes the opponent out and a fireball that he throws as he jumps back.
  39. icyflamez96

    icyflamez96 Member

    Wrong form of Zamasu

  40. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    Wouldn’t it be Merged Zamasu? OG Zamasu is already an assist for Black.
  41. Village

    Village Member

    slynthe rejoices!
  42. TI92

    TI92 Member

    Game seems fun but... the roster is so weak compared to...
  43. inner-G

    inner-G Member

    Is Uub in the game already?
  44. #44
    Well that ain’t fair nothing has come close to this and never wil
  45. #45
    Wheres slaythe

    This isnt the same as the datamined list i saw
  46. Mugman

    Mugman Member

    Blegh, was really hoping for more fun stuff like Roshi, Yajirobe, etc. The base roster is pretty fantastic so I was getting my hopes up for this, but I guess I can't complain overall. Still, I'd rather have someone lame like Raditz over all of these outside of 17
  47. Neoxon

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  48. Lotus

    Lotus Member

    The real crime is Cooler over Janemba.

    Par for the course for Kid Goku to get ignored. Though I suppose it does sting more since Base Goku got in instead. :3
  49. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    As I said in the other thread. That's actually...about what I expect for Season 1. You've got the "absolutely will be in S1" characters like Broly and Bardock, you've got the "disappointment" characters like Base Goku and Base Vegeta, you've got the "ok let's finish the Black Arc off" characters like Merged Zamasu and SSB Vegetto and then finally you've got the "ok let's give ya what you want" characters like Cooler and DBS Android 17.

    Makes sense. If this is what we get then I'm not complaining. Everything lines up to what most of us have been predicting.
  50. Rhaknar

    Rhaknar Member

    thats right, I fucked up on Zamatsu. Mah bad.