Dragon Ball FighterZ reportedly has lootboxes. Update: No real-money lootboxes.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Nirolak, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Nirolak

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    Edit 3:

    The final answer is that the game has lootboxes, but they can’t be bought with real money.

    Here’s a sample of what you can get in them:


    From DrDogg who has an early copy:


    Here's the purported purchase screen. Keep in mind, you get "Premium Z Coins" from dupes, and it's 10 for a box. The server isn't up, so we can't confirm for certain that you can also buy Premium Z Coins, though they have the word Premium in the title, and they're not just giving you Zeni for dupes for some reason.

    And the rate at which you get Zeni:

    More about the Zeni rate:

    It is worth noting the current ingame explanation does not explicitly note that Z coins can be bought:

    Edit 2:

    There's an Xbox Store prompt on the Xbox version.

  2. 10k

    10k Member

    This is the new norm now.
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    Well that possibly sucks. :(
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    If this is just lobbyshit then who cares
  5. jbug617

    jbug617 Member

    Is it just for lobby avatars or other things like colors and costumes?
  6. LordKano

    LordKano Member

    Who would pay for ugly costumes on ugly chibi characters ?
  7. zedox

    zedox Member

    It was perfect until that...but if it's only for cosmetic, I'm cool with it.
  8. AlexFlame116

    AlexFlame116 Member

    Ah crap. Well, at least it's for those lobby chibivatars.

    Why would you pay for that???
  9. Namtab

    Namtab Member

    If they have lootboxes should have made their dlc characters free.
  10. Luigi87

    Luigi87 Member

    So is it the same as GGXrd fishing for example?
  11. Mediking

    Mediking Member

    Not like this, Shenlong. Not like this.

    Not gonna spend any Zenni. Gimme the 7 Dragon Balls!!!!
  12. GinoFelino

    GinoFelino Member

    I have to know what's locked behind loot boxes first

    No point in being upset until we know that at least
  13. Real Hero

    Real Hero Member

    telling how this wasn't mentioned at all
  14. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

    Ah, this would have been to good heh.
    Just hope it's limited avatar stuff otherwise it might be a problem.
  15. Strakt

    Strakt Member

    Meh not a big deal as its just for lobby avatars, costume colors, titles, and z stamps. Hopefully it can be earned at a decent rate just by playing online matches normally.
  16. Solid

    Solid Banned Member

    ok, so the game has "loot box"...

    I'll wait for more details before I decide how I feel.
  17. ArmsofSleep

    ArmsofSleep Banned Member

    Honestly the surprise aspect of this makes it way worse. Why not just be transparent about this beforehand?
  18. Plumpbiscuit

    Plumpbiscuit Member

    And that's DBZ on my blacklist.
  19. JINX

    JINX Member

    If it's only lobby characters/skins them I'm fine with it.
  20. Luigi87

    Luigi87 Member

    Also if this is similar to Xrd Rev, this is possibly how SSB Goku and Vegeta are unlocked without the Day One Edition.

    To note, Raven was an early unlock in that game, so later had to be unlocked either via the fishing game RNG, or bought unlock via the webstore.
  21. FluxWaveZ

    FluxWaveZ Member

    Man, lobby avatars must mean a lot to you.
  22. RoboitoAM

    RoboitoAM Member

    People of Earth, lend me your energy
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    Let the over reactions come in when its chibi avatar costumes for the fucking lobby. Lol.
  24. Cap G

    Cap G Member

    What is this supposed to pay for? Server costs? The season pass funds itself and as far as I'm aware there isn't free dlc or content updates planned.

    We using microtransactions to justify patching the game or something? Lol
  25. KHlover

    KHlover Banned Member

    If it's just stickers I could not care less.
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    Well hell.
  27. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    I'd imagine that SSJB Goku & Vegeta will be unlocked via Story Mode.

    And assuming that the loot boxes are mainly for the chibi lobby avatars, it's no skin off my back.
  28. JeTmAn

    JeTmAn Member

  29. jett

    jett Community Resettler Member

    The savior of fighting games, right.
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    Completely misleading. This is only for the online lobby. It has zero effect on the actual game.
  31. Foffy

    Foffy Member

    OH NO
  32. Real Hero

    Real Hero Member

    that's bullshit, let me buy what I want
  33. sibarraz

    sibarraz Member

    Im impressed that Bamco didnt tried to sell lootboxes with Tekken 7. Well, avatar lobbies is not a big deal
  34. Aaronrules380

    Aaronrules380 Member

    I mean that's dumb and I maintain that even cosmetic loot boxes are shit if you need to pay for them, but honestly I do have to wonder who actually cares that much about a lobby avatar to pay for lootboxes. I'm sure there are people who would I mean, but it's a lot less offensive than making actual in fight alt costume and palette swaps as lootboxes (though I understand why any sort of true alt costume in DBFZ is unlikely to happen in any capacity)
  35. Magwik

    Magwik Member

    but mah oUtRaGe
  36. Tyrant Rave

    Tyrant Rave Member

    I hope I can get BADMAN Vegeta
  37. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    Watch people come in and think it's for alternate costumes and shit lol.
  38. Nori Chan

    Nori Chan Member

    I’d be salty too if I couldn’t get krillian with hair right away
  39. Nemesis162

    Nemesis162 Member

    lmao It'll be interesting to see the reaction of people in the internet now.

    I already made the preorder and I'm going to play offline so no problem for me.
  40. Peter

    Peter Member

    That’s pretty innocent. But usually when you have loot boxes I would like to see free DLC. I’m assuming we’ll still be buying the new characters with real money.
  41. BackwardCap

    BackwardCap Member

    I wonder how many Lobby Avatars they added if they're in random loot.
  42. Hero Prinny

    Hero Prinny Member

    That sucks but at least its not actual costumes for the actual fights
  43. JDSpades

    JDSpades Member

    If you charge for dlc you should not include loot boxes.
  44. Takahashi

    Takahashi Member

    Let it be just cosmetic and vanity items.

    Anything that changes gameplay tied to paid RNG is BS.
  45. JEH

    JEH Member

    The chosen one has failed us.
  46. Aaronrules380

    Aaronrules380 Member

    Honestly I'd probably be more upset if I didn't suspect that these avatars only existed as a way to sell lootboxes in the first place and that we wouldn't just be getting something like the beta where the avatars are just chibi versions of the playable characters with no frills attached without this
  47. AlexFlame116

    AlexFlame116 Member

    At least make the DLC characters free if you are going to put loot boxes in any way. Even if it's for chibivatars.
  48. Jager

    Jager Member

    If only the OP pointed out what they're actually for.
  49. Salty Rice

    Salty Rice Member

    Can we have a proof screenshot at least?

    Also if its the case its just the same like fishing in Guilty Gear only with another option to obtain.

    More options are a good thing.
  50. Sargerus

    Sargerus Member


    It's just for lobby avatars? Who gives a fuck?