Dragon Ball Super |OT5| A new ERA of Dragon Ball [Tag all DBS Broly spoilers until February 1st]

Dec 28, 2018
Agreed. That was an excellent episode.
I was surprised at how good the art and animation was during the episode since I wasn’t expecting much from it prior. Shame that the next episode was a mediocre follow up. But I can say that even it shits on how the manga handled the Vegeta vs Toppo fight.
Oct 25, 2017

but really 2 anime would be nice in theory, but i'd rather have one high quality show with all the best talent cranking out a new masterpiece every week.
Yeah, DB doesn't really need two full shows to compete for staff and viewers, but Heroes could continue in the form its in right now, it's not really much of a talent sink.
Oct 25, 2017
A pretty great pixel artist I know did a Cheelai out of nowhere, posting it where I think people will appreciate it since Dragon Ball isn't his usual content:

Oct 29, 2017
New York City
Random as fuck but unfortunately my favorite attack in all Dragonball is the ghost kamikaze kamehameha. Kind of wish someone other then Super Buu used it because he is the least used form of Buu and even when he's used the attack hardly ever is so I never get to see it in other media.
Oct 29, 2017
Me too, Goku Vs Jiren is so good. Gogeta fight was a tad too fast to have the same impact.
Gotta agree. Goku v. Jiren I and Goku v. Jiren III are goat level. Hell not just them, I prefer Hit v. Dyspo, Hit v. Jiren, Freeza + 17 v. Toppo, Goku + Freeza + 17 v. Jiren, and Goku v. Kefla all over the fights in the Broly movie.
Oct 25, 2017
Gonna say though that as a fight i prefer Goku vs Jiren to any of the fights in the movie
Goku vs Jiren had an awesome 50 episode build up, the best artists and animators going HAM, and 200,000 people watching the fight on giant screens

yeah it was pretty good
Oct 26, 2017
You guys think drawing Cell tired Tori out or something? It's not just the art later in the cell saga anime that gets wonky, it gets pretty wonky in the manga too with them stale ol eyes.
Oct 29, 2017
Cuz Freeza says in that episode, "Shin Golden Freeza" aka True Golden Freeza.
Speaking of those episodes, Goku-Freeza is so damn good as far as interactions go. ToP Saga was just full of great Goku interactions. He had them with Freeza, Hit, Jiren, 17, 18, Gohan, Caulifla, Roshi, and Kuririn.


Oct 25, 2017
what is that

looks like someone went and searched for photos of dbz characters and went on ms paint to make a poster out of them. that shit looks mad ugly