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Dragon Quest has some awesome/goofy designs. Let's post our favorites!

Oct 25, 2017
The monsters have a lot of personality in 11. You have to see their sleep and paralysis animations. They are wonderful
Oct 27, 2017
Dragon Quest XI mosters are simply gorgeous and brought to 3D with such skill and care. The first time I saw a Platypunk I had the biggest smile on my face, double that with the Sham Hatwitch and many others.

I love these guys (technically, this one isn't an enemy)

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Jan 9, 2018
Man there are so many great designs. I love most of them like:
Jail/candy cat
Hades Helm
Lazy Eye
Hula Ghoul
Quadra Head
Hunter Mech.
Oct 29, 2017
Cruelcumber's are up there. Love the animation when they die and get skewered by their weapon.

The little melon ball fellas from Dragon Quest 10 are also good.

But the best of the best are the Pips from DQ7. Love the way they're dressed like different classes from DQ games, very cute and sadly not many other appearances from them in the series.
Oct 25, 2017
The Sham Hatwitch was the best monster I found in DQ11

In terms of other monster designs I like;


Robbin 'ood


Oct 25, 2017
Sometimes the name puns are just as good (if not better) than the designs.

Purrestidigitator, a cat magician:

Moosifer, moose demon:

Catula, cat dracula: (I think that's a recolor of this one)

Just all around fantastic.
Oct 28, 2017
This thread is making me want to play some more Dragon Quest.

Love the enemies with drool hanging from their mouths, like the bears and zombies.

They're really funny in DQ11 with the super detailed 3D graphics.


Oct 17, 2018
I just see Trunks with Armor and a Goatee lol
How? The faces are completely different.

Eyes are a completely different shape, Hendrik lacks the signature pointy Toriyama nose and cheek zigzags, hair parts differently, etc.. Not that Toriyama doesn't have massive sameface but Hendrick is one of his few human designs that actually stand out. Just compare them in-game: