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Dreams Early Access launches April 16th for $29.99


Oct 25, 2017
Think I got in?

I have the email receipt, but I also received a message stating a Billing Agreement has been cancelled. I have no idea what that means


Nov 15, 2017
Hold up, you get the full version at release if you get this now?

Mad. Can I just search the game in the ps store..


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Watching the EZA stream.

I understand this is a complex product, but these tutorials could not possibly be more snore-inducing.


Oct 27, 2017
Bought it.

I'm just doing dreamsurfing right now, only played two levels, but wow. The Offroad level was amazing. The P.T recreation was pretty good as well.

This game looks so good.


Oct 27, 2017
Mexicali, Mexico
I can't find the game anywhere. Is there a store url? I never got an email even though I signed up

Do we need PS Plus for anything?
Nop, you don't need PSPlus for any feature in the Early Access

Are people able to stream and create videos based on the early access?
Yeah, there's no NDA on the Early Access. Stream and share at your will
Oct 27, 2017
A few interesting proof of concept demos asides, finding it super underwhelming right now. If any of the games were released as is, they'd be straight up 3/10 fodder at best. Tributes are fine and all till you realise you'd much rather be playing the real thing. Even the Media Molecule content on offer failed to impress me much. Can only hope whatever form the actual campaign takes, is enough to justify the initial outlay for early access. Not convinced the performance will ever quite be there on PS4 mind. Think it needs the extra oomph of next gen to realise it's creators vision.

And my PS4Pro sounds like it's about to take off into the stratosphere, even when there's nothing particularly taxing seemingly going on.


Oct 25, 2017
Maybe you are just having unrealistic expectations of games in development for a few weeks by non-professionals?

Regarding performance: check they options, prioritise frame rate.