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DualShockers: Fitness Boxing Rated T for Teen for Accurately Depicting the Female Form

Oct 25, 2017
Actually yeah, for some reason I haven't heard of this game, and looking at the trailer I really want it. Looks like a lot of fun and a nice little workout. Plus I love rhythm games, so yeah.

Maybe the ESRB's plan all along was to create a controversy to get more eyes on the game lol. Worked on me!
If this is what it takes to get more eyes on the game so be it lol, bought it at launch and it's a lot of fun.
I came in expecting to see the gratuitous flopping moon-boobies from the DOA games, instead I saw a pretty subtle and realistic depiction of a woman performing exercise. What the fuck is wrong with the ESRB ratings people? How do they exist day to day with the obvious titillation of women existing near them and moving?
Fitness videos and DVD's in the UK staring female celebs have been a thing for decades, and I never saw them be anything other than rated as Exempt from classification. Breasts exist, and they have a tendency to move around a little when women do...it's not inherently sexual, it's physics. Ridiculous rating that exposes some weirdly deep-seated objectifying attitudes.
From posts I've read in the past, I think developers (or publishers) rate games themselves using ESRB guidelines. If you mis-rate your game you can be subject to fines levied by the ESRB (probably depending upon how egregious the mis-rating is).

If a game developer (or publisher) is reading this, can you confirm or correct?

Yes, there exists a segment of the population which is hyper-sensitive about the human body. We can see evidence of it. They are being appeased by these guidelines (or application thereof).
Oct 27, 2017

I feel a bit weird for staring at the breasts of this trainer models so long, but at least I can confirm, that this rating is stupid.
It literally looks like there as much titty shaking going on as you would expect from someone wearing an appropriately fitting sports bra.... which is not much at all, probably less here actually.

Yeah, this is kinda weird.
Nov 17, 2017
It's classified G (General) in Australia, which means anyone can play it without restrictions.

For once, we're not the ones with the hilariously wrong game rating.
Hmmm, do we ever had a case in the entire video gaming history since the birth of ESRB, where the ESRB would re-rate the game to a less restrictive rating before?
Oct 25, 2017
I meam this is silly yeah, but I don't get why y'all are laughing at the prospect of someone being "scared" of breast jiggling instead of realizing this is simply what happens when a feature in the medium has historically been used to objectify female characters instead of accurately depicting the way their bodies would work. The specific guidelines regarding this kind of thing exist for a reason, it's how it works.

Also this game looks kinda neat lol, maybe I'll get it.
Oct 25, 2017
The Smash OT
I can’t really add anything that hasn’t been said elsewhere, but I considered picking this up because Wii Fit boxing helped me improve my cardio, & I didn’t even notice any kind of breast movement watching previews/trailers.

So I guess this means we know who will win the fan vote to become Wii Fit Trainers' echo fighters.
She shouldn’t get an Echo until we get Fitty the Balance Board on the roster!