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DUMMY BOY out now on all streaming platforms NOW


Oct 27, 2017
Like what? I took a skim through, and it did not impress at all. Mind you I thought Gummo and Keke where bangers.
Personally I’m fucking with STOOPID, WAKA even though a boogie parts are whatever (intro burger line had me shaking my head) and TATI for the energy.

But there’s other tracks I’m putting on the playlist just to bump like mama, tic toc, feefa, Kika, bebe, mama. Imma have to listen to the album a couple more times but I think it’s a solid project.

It’s complete flames. Unbridled energy. GUNNA killed his verse.
I don’t know if you serious but I still need to listen to Gunna’s projects cause drip harder was dope and I like The song he’s featured on.


Oct 29, 2017
There’s been enough threads about him and what he’s done that I don’t need to narrow it down. He’s a trash person and a trash rapper and deserves no ones money and no success. I hope he rots in prison the rest of his life
Yeah but you said don't support a criminal rather than don't support this criminal.
Uno Venova

Uno Venova

Oct 25, 2017
Already at the top of the iTunes Charts

He’s got like 4 songs above thank u, next by Ariana Grande


Mar 27, 2018
Finally , some decent music from the states. I was getting worried with all the garbage they have been pumping out recently.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
Bunch of gross sexual assault/ criminal apologists up in here

Too weak on principals to pass on media


Oct 27, 2017
69 surprised a lot of people, he’s going to get even more famous out of everything that has happened so far, but who knows.

Best album so far, so many hits.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
I listened to some snippets on iTunes, and was surprised how bad some of the tracks were. The Kanye feature on Mama was worse than the “Poopy-di scoop” lyrics.

I guess it’s true that kids do stan trash now. At least Soulja Boy wasn’t a pedo.
Oct 27, 2017
Wait so was "Tr3way" a made up label? Or a group or something? On TBC interview he said it was made up. But I thought there was an actual dude behind it. He also could've been saying that to disassociate himself with Tr3way...


Jul 12, 2018
Like some of the songs in here like Kanga, dummy and tic toc. Better than I thought it would be, I like the diversity of tracks. I'd give like a 7/10.