1. sensui-tomo

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    So it seems that due to unknown circumstances (either with budget/strikes/etc) that Dynasty Warriors 9 will no longer have the voices we've come to love/hate/whatever from the past games, it seems a voice studio known as Voxx is doing the english dub of Dynasty Warriors 9. Lets hope they're as good/cheesy as the old ones.
    Note : We should still have dual audio (possibly more if we get that Chinese dub) in case the new dub is awful.
  2. jedivulcan


    It'd be amazing if everyone just has Scottish accents.
  3. Tagyhag


    Aww, that's going to be weird.
  4. Vault


  5. Willenium


    That's the good stuff.
  6. cwistofu


    I'm upset that we're losing some staple voices, but it will be nice to hopefully have a varied cast instead of having Wendee Lee voice literally half the female characters in like in DW7 and 8.

    It will also make the pain of losing Zhang Liao's original voice actor sting less (I still love you, Steve Blum).

    I hope the new cast is able to capture the cheesy, over the top, Saturday morning sentai hamminess that the dub finally nailed in DW7/8.
  7. sensui-tomo

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    A dike? OH NOOOO
    But in some seriousness I'm hoping that at the very least that the game will have a voice cast thats at the least comparable to Samurai Warriors 2 (probably their weakest dub to my knowledge)

    Hopefully this means Jiang Wei wont sound as whiny as he has in the past two games ( i liked his DW4 or 5 voice back when it was the voice actor who voiced Tai from Digimon)
    The big loss though in my opinion, is loosing Cao Cao's voice, I love lots of the voices but I felt he really nailed that role.
  8. cwistofu


    Cao Cao, Zhang Fei, Huang Gai, Guan Yu, (old) Zhang Liao, and of course Lu Bu are my standouts.
  9. NyxKiria

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    Feel the power of my maaaaagiiicc
  10. Eusis


    I only played DW8 and I’m still really disappointed by this news!
  11. Richter1887



    Hope it still has the cheese though, the things the generic troops would say was funny as hell.
  12. Deleted member 19761

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    Zhao Yun with a different voice is going to be mad weird.
  13. Wish they would have just kept it the way it was, but oh well. The game should still be good.
  14. Iorv3th


    I thought a lot of the more recent games didn't have dubs. Or maybe that's just the Empires games.
  15. sensui-tomo

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    Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires was the only DW8 line that didnt have a dub, but basically everything after DW8 complete edition (and wasnt a nintendo IP) to my knowledge didnt have an english dub ala ,Warriors Orochi 3/hyper/ultimate, Samurai Warriors 4/4-2/empires/ Spirit of Sanada, all anime licensed Warriors.
  16. Jonovision


    I still quote Jiang Wei's "our great intent... has been impeded" with my brother, we always got a kick out of his hammy delivery in 8.
  17. UltraGashInferno

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    DQH1+2 have good dubs
  18. sensui-tomo

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    whoops completely forgot about Dragon quest heroes 1 and 2 despite owning them. This wont be dubbed by that studio (wish they'd do more games tbh)
    Also a shame our resident user Freep wont be returning to voice a character he did for DW8 CE/XL.
  19. BabyShams


    The voices and dialogue have always been so cheesy I don't think I could tell the difference
  20. Noroi_Kisaragi

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    Never played dynasty warriors, but can someone give me a rundown

    It was my understanding that dynasty warriors is rooted in asian history and tradition, so isn't it pretty natural to not want a dub in this type of game?
  21. FeenixRisen


    This fucking game had me pronouncing Cao Cao’s name wrong for YEARS
  22. Kyrios


    Aw crap, I've grown to be attached to a lot of particular voices :(

    There better be at least some cheese.
  23. Rei no Otaku

    Rei no Otaku

    All I care about is them bringing back the narrator. He was in almost every Koei game, then they took him out of DW8 and the game just felt wrong.
  24. Steel


    Yeah, bring in the cheese please. I mean, there's no way people will take that script as not cheese so you may as well go all the way with the voice acting.
  25. Unfortunate, a lot of those voices have grown on me so much. The new crew better keep the ham.
  26. I am Cow Pee
  27. Cao Cao's voice was so good.
  28. Jangowuzhere


    Well, at least we're getting a dub once again. The last few musou games didn't have any English voice acting. Trying to read character dialogue and focus on combat at the same time isn't fun at all.
  29. Zanzura


    I've only played DW8XL and a bit of the PS2 ones, but the options were either dub or Japanese, which is a little odd because you're controlling Chinese characters. Gameplay wise, with characters constantly calling out for help, telling the player where they need to go, and several hints at secret objectives, an English dub is usually better since it's easy to get too distracted from combat to read the subtitles. Unless of course, you're playing on an easy difficulty or upgraded your character to the point you can ignore enemy officers entirely.
  30. SlasherMcGirk


    This game comes out soon and I feel like I haven't seen hardly anything about it. Didn't they say this is supposed to be a massive departure for the series? Is it?
  31. ZangBa


    That's really disappointing, but I'm also curious what it will be like. At least there is a dub, it's impossible for me to play these games without one.
  32. Noisepurge


    Do these games really sell that much to make dubbing worth it? :D and Yakuza games etc. languish for years hoping to just get subtitles...
  33. OhNoMelon


    Shame, I grew attached to the voices from the last two games. Hopefully this opens the door to a return to DW3 level acting though!
  34. Mewshuji


    I wouldn't expect DW3 tier acting. Based on the Instagram posts from the studio, Voxx, they seem to be really hyped up and excited about dubbing an "epic game" (they haven't said it's DW9 yet but given a few of the actors a part of the studio have already updated their resumes, it pretty much has to be). They also specialize in multilingual dubs, so I'd expect they get the character names right. So no, no Cow Pee.

    I'm sad this means no Cristina Vee as Lianshi, and that Kaiji Tang who loves the series isn't involved any longer. But I'm willing to give the new cast a fair shake since they seem legit into it and not just phoning it in.

    The thing is that Three Kingdoms era Chinese is so radically different from modern Chinese, let alone Japanese, that having a dub isn't going to affect accuracy much. Samurai games having a dub, yeah, that's an argument one could have as old Japanese from the 11th-19th century is similar enough to modern Japanese. But Han era Chinese is just really different from anything else currently extant, afaik.
  35. JCG


    This is unfortunate, I thought that by DW8 many of the voice actors had found the right way to portray these characters. I hope the new voices will do a decent job.
  36. RecRoulette


    "I wish for an english dub for Dynasty Warriors 9"

  37. Igniz12


    I dont know if Im ready for a world where Cao Cao will not have his old VA....

    But maybe they might do a better job with Zhou Yu this time around. His older VA suit his character better but then suddenly they got this new guy(I presume in DW6) and he seemed to have the wrong inflection for the part.

    Also guys, I just found out that February comes after January...will they have time to do all the work by then? Better hope auntie Jae doesn't have to fill in for somebody....again
  38. TreIII


    But...Jamieson Pierce IS the only English-speaking Lu Bu I accept...
  39. sensui-tomo

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    If I'm reading it right, dub work was done around October.
  40. dragonflys545


    Hope it doesn't delay the game.
  41. daniel77733


    Nice. DW9 having English voice acting just increased the chances of me buying and playing the game depending on if impressions are good.
  42. Involution


    I know this will break my heart in places. The old voice actors are burned into my mind by now.

    I remember being irrationally upset when they changed Kamille Bidan's voice actor for DW:Gundam 3. =(
  43. Steel


    I only buy Empires version. Hopefully DW9 Empires also has english.
  44. Sagadego17


  45. Sagadego17


    double post
  46. Damn...this is the end of an era in my eyes. That voice cast has been with us in some part or another since DW4. No Kirk Thornton as Xiahou Dun...no Beau Billingslea as Dian Wei...no Douglas Rye as Cao Cao...no Bryce Papenbrook as Guan Ping....

    I could go on(and on and on and on), but you get my point. I've genuinely loved the majority of the DW english voice cast since DW4, and I am very sad to hear this news. I will await audio on this new cast, and I will pray to god that we don't get another Samurai Warriors 2. *shudder*


    People think that the old English voice cast in Dynasty Warriors are cheese but they add so much charm to the games. You can laugh at Lu Bu's english voice but you get the sense of enjoyment since he has so many memorable lines.

    Best of luck to Voxx though, I hope they are able to keep the cheesy goodness of past games.
  48. I just hope it includes the japanese voices at launch.
  49. dragonflys545


    It freaking better!
  50. sensui-tomo

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    It will, unknown if it'll be a download or included on disk though. The real question is if we'll actually get the Chinese dub they're doing for this game. (that'd be the best option for this game)