EA responds to community criticism of Battlefront 2 unlock system

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Audioboxer, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. Audioboxer

    Audioboxer Member Original Poster

    More @ http://www.pcgamer.com/ea-responds-to-community-criticism-of-battlefront-2-unlock-system/

    EA's community manager blasted the internet as "armchair developers." on Twitter. As you can imagine this didn't go down well, tweet now deleted but the internet, or reddit, doesn't forget


    Lootbox me if old.
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    That community manager is probably going to lose his job over that tweet and that sucks. It was dumb, but not job-losing dumb. There's no sympathy on the internet though, MUST DESTROY.

    As for EA's stance... not great. Not great.
  3. Zetta

    Zetta Member

    This is pretty shitty, at least it'll lighten up my back log since I'm just going to steer clear of EA games for now.
  4. Audioboxer

    Audioboxer Member Original Poster

    It immediately made me think Adam Orth 2.0. You shouldn't lose your job as that's crazy, but what on earth do these companies teach their social media/PR folks to do? When people are unhappy in large numbers you do not throw gas on the fire.
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    There is no "tuning" that will fix this system. You could give me a loot box for every match and it is still predatory.

    The progression system is unfair and unwanted at its very core.

    Fuck this, Fuck EA, and Fuck DICE. I'll say it in every thread.
  6. Milennia

    Milennia Community Resetter Member

    locking darth vader and characters behind massive walls, interesting shit right here

    like honestly, locking DARTH FUCKING VADER behind a huge wall

    same goes for luke skywalker, literally the 2 faces of the franchise
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    Won’t buy.
  8. Metroidvania

    Metroidvania Member

    I dunno, while I'm also not a community manager whose job it is to respond to the playerbase and keep them appeased, what he tweeted seems like it would do the opposite of that.
  9. Bombless

    Bombless Member

    Sensing pride and accomplishment for having reached XX hours of gameplay without spending any of the credits you got just so you could unlock one hero.

    Welcome to 2017.
  10. Ebenezer

    Ebenezer Member

    The responses from EA so far are hollow until the changes are outlined and implemented. And the community manager is doing a poor job at his job, that usually leads to discipline or termination. I just read through his twitter timeline and he's now trying to spin it that he wasn't talking about Star Wars, everyone is wrong, and he's a victim.
  11. OG_Thrills

    OG_Thrills Member

    I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Loved the 2015 version despite all it's flaws but I simply can't give EA money this time around. I honestly feel worried about the future of this hobby of ours. It feels like where on the precipise of a downward spiral of

    Less triple A purchases by consumers because of the P2W micotransactions =/= More Micro transactions to cover the shortfall.

    In all of WB's PR for SOW they didn't mention that in the UK SOW was down 18% on consoles. 18% for a sequel when the original was embraced by gamers can't be a good thing.
  12. DSN2K

    DSN2K Member

    I'm still looking forward to it. I've really liked what I've played so far and I think they may change things still.
  13. Wzrd

    Wzrd Member

    Nothing like insulting your customers when they complain that the gambling simulator you built doesn't feel rewarding.
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    It was a super dumb tweet. But in a better world you learn from it and not get fired. Hopefully he gets that chance.
  15. Mr_Derp

    Mr_Derp Member

    Pretty dumb tweet. We don't need a degree in video games, experience in the industry, or a chair with arms to know that the pay to win situation (before the change or current) is piss poor.

    It's shitty to the people who will buy the game.
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    Does anyone know if you are given back reward certificates used on a Best Buy online order if you cancel it? That was the only thing keeping me from canceling my preorder already.
  17. ArkhamFantasy

    ArkhamFantasy Member

    Please tell us more about how awesome these F2P progression systems are in full priced games.

    It wont be long until subscriptions come into play at this rate.
  18. Conkerkid11

    Conkerkid11 Member

    I don't understand how one could feel it's an accomplishment to have unlocked something solely for playing for a long time.

    Is it still their intention to not reward players for doing well? Because if that's not the case, what's the incentive to not just AFK matches to earn credits?

    Also, didn't this just confirm everybody's worst fears in that the rewards weren't just dialed back for the trail?
  19. Htown

    Htown Member

    Unfortunately, none of this is going to make a difference if people actually buy the game.

    Complaining about it is absolutely the right thing to do, but if the complaints aren't also paired with a hit to EA's bottom line, it's just going to be even worse next time around.
  20. Audioboxer

    Audioboxer Member Original Poster

    Can someone explain the Darth Vader complaint to me? Is Darth or a variant exclusive to the $80 version? Which I guess you then have to grind to unlock? If so that is some bullshit. Paying $20 more than RRP if it is for a special unlock should just give you it.
  21. Bombless

    Bombless Member

    This is the already changed version of the game. They might tweak credits gain a couple % here and there and shave a couple thousand credits off hero prices but that's it. They're not going to magically remove the lootboxes, I doubt anything else will be done since the game is coming out this Friday.
  22. Syf

    Syf Member

    God I wish that company didn't have the SW rights.
  23. Datajoy

    Datajoy Member

    Nailed it.
  24. Plasma

    Plasma Member

    There's also this from another developer.


    The bit about pricing the heroes high to make you keep playing for a long time irks me, if the game is good and fun to play people will keep coming back to it anyway.
  25. Ukumio

    Ukumio Member

    I don't really know the mechanics of Battlefront, but from everything I've read about the progression system and the microtransaction system it seems very Pay2Win, which in a $60 game is quite unacceptable to me. I wasn't planning on buying this game (I have EA Access) but it sucks for fans of the series.
  26. Lakuza

    Lakuza Community Resettler Member

    i dont get how devs came to the conclusion in the first place that 40 hours to unlock one hero is a great sense of accomplishment...
    They can call it armchair development, but it doesnt take data to realise that 40 hours for one hero unlock is way too extreme, assuming they all play games in their free time I'm confused by their thinking.
    Everyone complaining about it has done great though (their reddit was flooded with complaints too) so at best, the grind time should be reduced significantly.

    Thats a better response from them and will be interesting to see what the performance based credit payout is like.
  27. DemolitionAX

    DemolitionAX Member

    I had this game on my to buy list, but EA/DICE have made sure that's no longer the case.

    Fuck them.
  28. stryke

    stryke Member


    Either he's trying to backtrack or he's addressing some other game criticism controversy I'm unaware of...
  29. VariantX

    VariantX Member

    If they're armchair developers, does that make him an armchair consumer from our perspective??
  30. meppi64

    meppi64 Member

    Just when I thought I had plenty of reasons to not buy EA games already.

    They make it so easy at times.
  31. The_Strokes

    The_Strokes Member

    He's the one trying to handle the PR nightmare this shitty launch has been causing. I understand his frustration, but that was a tweet reeked with condescending manners it deserves some kind of reprehension.

    Adding shit on top of shit is not what your CM should be doing.

    As for EA: Yeah, fuck you, not buying this. I'll wait for it when it its the Vault tho.
  32. Conkerkid11

    Conkerkid11 Member

    Man, he really doesn't understand how the internet works. Not only did he delete his tweet after it was too late, but now he's backpedaling.
  33. Mondy

    Mondy Member

    "Armchair developers"

    Well done on making it a million times worse by insulting people's intelligence, EA. We know what you're doing, and it isn't fucking promoting a "sense of accomplishment". It's Microtransaction 101, put the biggest draws so out of reach that people throw their hands up and buy their way there. Dungeon Keeper Mobile says hello.
  34. WarMacheen

    WarMacheen Member

    I predict their "solution" will be gifting players some loot boxes and enough credits to buy a couple of heroes, but not actually fixing anything
  35. Milennia

    Milennia Community Resetter Member

    this is like the eric bledsoe trade in the nba recently, tweet " i dont want to be here", then backtracking and saying " i was talking about a hair salon"
  36. Wzrd

    Wzrd Member

    Sounds like some good ol’ armchair backtracking.
  37. KillLaCam

    KillLaCam Member

    I don't think i've ever seen so many downvotes on anything. They probably shouldn't say anything about "providing players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes" in this situations.

  38. Jiro

    Jiro Permanently banned for usage of an alt-account. Member

    By buying this game you will encourage EA to put this system in their other upcoming games as well.

    I beg you, do not give them your money.
  39. Audioboxer

    Audioboxer Member Original Poster

    Considering reddit has apparently been blowing up to the tune of EA having to directly release press statements about the two topics in the OP I think he was referring to SW. I don't blame him for deflecting though, losing a job over a dumb tweet that isn't that offensive is a bit much. Should definitely have to apologise for angering the Battlefront community though.

    It does however show the contempt some devs and/or pub representatives have for those that criticise their money making schemes. IIRC the Diablo 3 lead had some sort of mini rage on social media about people hammering the RMAH. Didn't they end up leaving the project? I might be a bit rusty in remembering that properly to be honest.

    Adam Orth was the big case I remember MS sacrificing over his tweet.
  40. low-G

    low-G Member

    Oh God I hope GMG lets me refund!
  41. Conkerkid11

    Conkerkid11 Member

  42. Bombless

    Bombless Member

    That's the thing, they want to keep you engaged for as possible by drip feeding you "rewards" to maximize lootbox sales. An active player may buy boxes, one who quits until the next content drop wouldn't.

    I'm surprised they haven't added a daily login reward yet, another tried and true staple of free to play games.
  43. malyse

    malyse Community Resetter Member

    Disagree. I think tweeting something like that should cost you your job as community manager. You're supposed to manage the community not drive them away.
  44. Rmagnus

    Rmagnus Member

    I agree with this. Isn't that his main job? So by making the community more annoyed with the game would be him failing at his job.
  45. ArkhamFantasy

    ArkhamFantasy Member

    Just a reminder, even if you dont buy any MTs, buying this game means you are supporting this business model. The only way to make it go away is to completely boycott the games with these business models.
  46. Conkerkid11

    Conkerkid11 Member

    Don't EA games generally have daily challenges or whatever?
  47. Watership

    Watership Member

    Well, I do like a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  48. Landford

    Landford Member

    if it wasnt, he wouldnt delete the tweet. Hard to believe.
  49. Samaritan

    Samaritan Member

    EA is treating this game like it's Galaxy of Fucking Heroes, without understanding the extreme differences between the two audiences. It's just incredible how much they've managed to mismanage the Star Wars license.
  50. Tahnit

    Tahnit Member

    fuck ea. I will not buy any of their games with microtransactions. In fact, I refuse to buy any game with gameplay altering microtransactions.
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