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Easy Allies have acquired a studio!

Oct 25, 2017
Hah, I was hoping for a thread.

Can't think of a group more deserving of this success.

Next gen hype and announcement + all the new and improved content they can make in the studio ? The next couple of years are going to be amazing for EZA.
Nov 5, 2017
Neat to see the dream become a reality.
They've hovered at/near $50,000 monthly long enough to give them the confidence that they can sustain it.

The best is yet to come. :)
Oct 26, 2017
So happy for these guys. I was in tears during that last group hug with the Lightning cardboard cutout at GT.

Now they're getting their own studio as the Easy Allies.
Been a Patron since the beginning and will continue supporting this jolly group of guys while I can.

Love & Respect!