1. To make an omelette ya gotta break some super monkey balls.
  2. CeroMiedo


    You know it’s him when the title smells really console war click baity lol
  3. It just took measly 10 years +...

    Lol, good for him, the series, & SEGA though.
  4. massoluk


    Uh.. I would reject the game too were I in charge back then, not knowing how the series would turn out today.

    The way I see it, some Money Ball guy was trying to compete with GTA with some Japanese movie subgenre
  5. Piichan


    Already own all games on PS3/PS4, so I don't wanna consider this port begging, but man, I'd be way more invested in all the side-quests and minigames if Yakuza games were released on Switch.
  6. Dipro


    ah man i really want a monkey ball collection for Switch.
  7. I didnt even know a WiiU version existed until a couple of months ago. Japan only.
  8. aisback


    I'm glad they went with Sony as they helped to published number 5 in the West even though it was just digitally.
  9. Harald23


  10. Yakuza Fan has done a video series on the series' origin.
  11. Lol of course he did
  12. hechicero


    • User Warned: System Wars
    sony has always been the test platform where big series get thier first start then microsoft and nintendo cry about the game not being on thier system.
  13. I thought this was about the companies becoming affiliated with the real life yakuza. I need to go to bed.
  14. Richter1887


    Not sure why Microsoft would reject it considering they let anything come to their consoles. Nintendo however, is very weird sometimes so I can understand them.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, of all the big 3 publishers, Sony is the only one who accept Yakuza game.

    The concept, the ideas, the story, the game-play, etc.

    So that's why with all the Yakuza games on PS until now.
  16. We need a monkey ball creator. Community made tracks. That shit would blow my mind.
  17. Berry Phazon

    Berry Phazon

    We know the sales numbers for GX he provides are either flat out wrong or skew so heavily to cheaper sales that the game still underperformed for Nintendo.
    I completely agree that Nintendo still should make another one, but it must be produced cheaper and probably by an outside team since the market is probably still less than 1million people at a price of $40.
  18. Pancakes R Us

    Pancakes R Us

    We need a new Monkey Ball, or a remaster of the first two please. Also: F-Zero SX or just a HD remaster.
  19. Saint-14


    I don’t understand why a platform holder wouldn’t want a game on their platform as long as there is nothing breaking the rules about it, nice jab from him though lol.
  20. Harald23


    When Japanese devs talk like that is not just publishing the title, but funding it.
  21. Mugen


    This is all news to me. Guess I should've blamed Sega less for this seemingly weird ex-exclusivity.
  22. Kain


    Not everything is happiness and rainbows, there was a time when the Yakuza brand was all but dead in the West. Luckily people eventually saw the light, because the games themselves have always been great. Even Dead Souls, yes.
  23. Richter1887


    I thought so but wasn't Microsoft investing a lot in Sega's games back then?
  24. massoluk


    Yakuza would have been some very niche title if not for the internet finally delivering on the YouTube, the gifs, and the memes. It's a hard series to sell, I thought for a long time it was GTA ripoff
  25. Brix


    Yup. History is repeating itself yet again. I’m glad more games are coming to PC though
  26. z0m3le


    To me, this shows that demand isn't being met on just the Sony platforms, which makes sense, because not all gamers only game on Sony platforms. I am interested in Yakuza 0, and I'll probably grab it eventually on Steam, but I'd buy it much faster if I could take the game on the go with me, I just have no interest in spending $500+ on a GPD Win 2.
  27. Qvoth


    I can see the reboot with the new main character going multiplatform
  28. As for the new systems comment, I wonder if he means a more radical change in mechanics presentation to attract and interest new players without intimidating them.
  29. Fatmanp


    Was it pitched as an exclusive of multi-plat though? if it was I could understand both MS and Nintendo not jumping in at that time.
  30. Cynn


    Wow. What a shit post.
  31. IIFloodyII


    I hope it comes to everyone, it's such a great series, with some of the absolute best characters ever.

    Though they are in kind of a bad spot, as the Yakuza games are very much not something you can just blast through back-back without major burn out and there's really no other way to catch those two platforms up without offering a collection at some point.
  32. christocolus


    The fact they're even talking about this now kinda seems like talks are going on so hopefully, the next major game in the franchise should be coming to every platform.
  33. Mivey


    It's such an addictive game (Yakuza 0), pretty much all I have been playing the last two weeks. The side activities and substories are so good. I'm just mad I'm not better at some of them, will probably have to skip the dancing related substories. No chance I can score higher than 2000 on any of them. lol

    I really hope this gets a larger audience, and they keep making them forever.
  34. Mugen


    The Sega of old really was a creative force to be reckoned with.
  35. Solid


    It'd be great if players on every platform could have the chance to play the Yakuza series. It's amazing that it's on PC these days and I hope it drops on even more platforms.
  36. Mobu


    they know whatever they come up with is going to be inferior to gx
  37. karmitt


    Seriously, every time it’s been brought up on the forums in the past people say with near absolute certainty that it was a major failure. This article says not only that it sold well, but also that it really impressed Nintendo.

    Dammit. I want a new one
  38. Nanashrew


    You're ignoring the fact that Nagoshi had to actually fight Sony as well over Yakuza. The Yakuza series was an uphill battle to be made and he had to fight ethics regulations to get it made.
  39. IIFloodyII


    It's more the series is declining in Japan and blowing up elsewhere, especially after 0 and with growth comes more platforms.
  40. chrisypoo


    Jesus, look at this corporate flag, fanboy bullshit here. I've purchased every Yakuza game to date that has been released in the west, so you may say I'm a fan, but I'd just buy them all again if they were rereleased on Xbox One X or PC. PC, fortunately, seems like it's going to happen, but why in the hell wouldn't you want it on as many platforms as possible? Just childish console war nonsense.
  41. z0m3le


    PS4 is a very successful console 'else where', heck it's decline in japan could actually be partly due to PS4 selling poorly there. It regularly sells less than 20k units, finding it's way to more markets is key to the long term success of the series IMO, especially with a new console generation looming and PS5 not being a guaranteed success in Japan.
  42. nekkid


    Your opinion is the worst.
  43. What a narrow minded comment
  44. Brix


    Well it’s what Sega is doing. No reason to get mad at me. Lol
  45. IIFloodyII


    I know the PS4 is, probably why the series is blowing up elsewhere and I think is bigger than ever, despite declining/stagnating in Japan, which would have been a death sentence for the series a few games ago.
    I assume a big reason it's now on and more are coming to PC is because of the growing popularity in other parts of Asia, where PC is a lot more dominant for example.

    I doubt there's much growth to be had with Switch (new engine games, Yakuza 6 onward, won't run on it) or Xbox, but I also doubt there's any damage to be caused at all either, so more Yakuza for everyone please.
  46. Funyarinpa


    I am kinda sad about the idea that he decided to abandon his female audience
  47. The first game had no addtional funding from Sony, it was all Sega, a gamble from Nagoshi on a tight budget which is why the first game doesn't have as much as content as its sequels. It paid off though. The video posted above goes into detail on it.
  48. TheMoon

    |OT| Member

    Nintendo only lists million sellers on their chart. And only then when they achieve those 1 million within the same fiscal year they were released in. That's why stuff like Fire Emblem Awakening or the Wii U version of DKC Tropical Freeze never appeared on there despite them being known to sell above a million. The slow rollout (July for JP, August for NA, October for EU) probably contributed to the game not moving that million units until the end of the FY in March.

    SEGA didn't publish this so there's no reason to attribute the sales to them.
  49. It's not a reboot. It just has a new central protagonist.
  50. RedAhmed


    I'm actually really shocked at the F-Zero sales. I always thought it was a sales disaster. Are we 100% sure this is what he said? No mis-translation or something? Is Nagoshi himself sure of the 1.5 million?

    Either way, 1.5 is deserved for such an awesome game. Now someone needs to convince Miyamoto they should just make a sequel with added online. I don't care if it's a 1 on 1 copy with only online being new.

    The Yakuza bit is kinda expected. Nogashi needed to do a lot to convince people around him to go ahead with the series, even his own bosses. I could understand Nintendo not wanting this back then, but I'd expected it to be on Xbox at least. I just hope they change it now and release everything on all platforms.

    And give me Super Monkey Ball Sega. Now.