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    GX having legs after a price drop is the kind of thing that can bode well for a sequel. The problem is that Nintendo likely saw the GBA games as GX's sequels, and since they bombed Nintendo assumed there wasn't interest.
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    Well there was that article awhile back acknowledging that about 20% of women do play the games in their current form.


    Its not so much as abandoning as more that Yakuza was made for a different audience from the getgo.

  4. It doesn't sound like a reboot but more like a sequel with a different character.
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    I don't get it. Yakuza is a totally third party game. Sony didn't help make it or fund it did they?

    And at the time rejecting Ryu Ga Gotoku made perfect sense. Every western release of those games before 2015 sold less than a million copies. Combined.
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    What the fuuuuck GX sold 1.5 million. People keep saying how it bombed. 1.5 on a console that sold 20 million is a success. This game has cost a lot of money, sure, but I mean, Gamecube wasn't a huge success, you can't expect F-Zero to sold more than that on this console for real.
    But GP Legend did bomb hard unfortunately. I love this game.
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    It’s incredible how much he has changed since the GameCube era. Not just in his style of game design but his physical appearance is completely different, he must have had one hell of a midlife crisis. Going from the long-haired dweeb behind Super Monkey Ball to this orange, swollen-faced Yakuza obsessive is quite a transformation.

    I hope that one day he will let the Yakuza series rest and make some more wacky stuff again.
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    Nah, Yakuza and Binary Domain are clearly an evolution of his game design. Pretty wacky stuff, especially Yakuza. Tons of content as well.
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    I've only played Yakuza 3, should really spoiler tag shit like this.
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    Probably because they were busy with other games
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    This is the first 10 minutes of Yakuza 1...
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    Just fascinating to read what happened behind the scenes of the Japanese development scene.
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    Going by your logic rejecting them now makes perfect sense too, since in the west the last Yakuza games combine probably still haven't sold over 1M copies.
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    Thanks for spoiling first 10 minutes of Yakuza 1 as well. Jk
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    Toshihiro Nagoshi and the sweet little lies.
  17. He basically said Shenmue was out of control and that Yu Suzuki is the type of person who can't stop himself from adding more & more to a game, so he had to leave the team. He acknowledged the game's importance I don't believe he meant what he said as a slight against Suzuki--that's just his take on Suzuki's style.
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    Just some quotes, since it's the longest part with F-Zero GX and Yakuza 1:
    ^this. He got his own division during his project, then the CEO asked him "please get this game finished". He said it was a "tough and bitter project" for him, and that the main issue with the project was that Suzuki had been creating arcade games for so long that he didn't write any planning documents, which made the development a mess and way more complicated than it could have been.
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    Nagoshi did more people management during the Daytona days? I thought it would be the more opposite now, I mean the Yakuza games have dozens of lead positions where the director & producer role have already been filled, where Nagoshi has the dubious "Executive Director" title.
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    I challenge that and say Kaku was the R&D chief - but not the lead programmer on FGX. But still, 3 main programmers did defect to Polyphony.

    Sakurai? What? How?

    GX did kill the series, for the simple fact that Nintendo will never drop the amount of money necessary to top a GX game in HD. GX had a dual release (arcade/console) budget, and was delivered at the height of the pre-hd development era.
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    It's implied in this interview that the budget wasn't that high though.
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    I think that's being misread to "how did you do all of this with that". You remember the amount of vocal songs and CGI movies featured in the game though? That alone wasn't cheap.
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    Sure, I'm just thinking that given how it was promoted at the time (same engine, Triforce, etc), it was probably more the budget of a single big release rather than a double one.
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    How can I get an digital copy of this issue to read on PC/Android?
  25. Yeah, if we’re talking about lights in dark periods, Iwata would be the more conventional example for HAL.
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    Fzero GX is one of the greatest racing games ever made. The way Nintendo treats that series is an absolute crime.
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    I love F-Zero GX. Phenomenal game. The bit about Nintendo wanting to see the source code and know how a team of that size could make the game on that budget has me curious about its development. Team size, budget, dev time etc...
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    I don't think he'll be personally designing or directing games anymore considering his position.
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    For Nagoshi, it was Tuesday

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    https://play.google.com/store/newsstand/details/Edge and similar
    Only issue #322 is available right now though, interview is from #323 that subscribers just received.
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    Thank you!
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    Nagoshi is a fucking LEGEND and I would die to have the opportunity to meet him some day. I really couldn't care less about the Yakuza games, I'm a SUPER fan, because of his work on all the great Sega arcade racers he gave us back in the 90's.

    Everyone talks about F-Zero GX but c'mon....this is the guy that CREATED and developed the highest grossing arcade game to date....Daytona USA!!!! Also developed the underrated gem Scud Race, and the long but not forgotten Daytona 2.....plus at LEAST had a hand in the development of Sega Rally, Indy 500, and Sega Touring Car. All of these games are CLASSIC ARCADE RACERS and if it wasn't for Nagoshi-san's work on them we wouldn't have them today! So say what you want about Yakuza, the guy's a true legend and icon and I adore the work he did during his Model 2/3 arcade racing AM2/AM3 days.