Elite Dangerous: Horizons |OT| Just scratching the surface

Oct 27, 2017
Also, how is the VR? I have an Oculus now and it seems interesting. However, it seems like you’d have to map a lot of your stuff to your flight stick. I only have the cheapo Thrustmaster T-Flight, so I don’t have that many buttons and the majority of my stuff is on my keyboard. It seems like it would be a pain to relearn everything on my flight stick.

Edit: I tried it out, but it's a pain in the ass with my current set up. I don't have enough usb ports, so I have to unplug my mouse and having to set everything up each time is argh! It was pretty fun in CQC because I don't use my keyboard for anything besides turning off/on flight assist. The main game, however, was too impractical for me. Trying to feel my way around the keyboard wasn't fun. I could just go out and buy a USB hub, however, I really don't feel like remapping everything to my HOTAS and learning from scratch again.
Didn't see it mentioned but have you tried voice attack with the vr? It lets you use voice commands for almost anything. You can set macros to do things by voice also. I hear it works well with the oculus mic in the headset. I just got it on steam sale for $8 I think but it has a demo if you wanted to tool around with it.
Oct 30, 2017
San Diego
Honestly I'm surprised you're even able to find a match.
I literally didn't think anyone played CQC anymore.
DM games are pretty easy to get and I can get them anytime of day. They changed DM so it'll start with just two players, so that helps a lot. TDM and CTF you generally have to set stuff up in the CQC discord or play on the weekends at certain times (it seems like most of the CQC players are European).
What they need to do is integrate CQC into the main game. Some stations will have CQC Championship contacts that you can visit and sign up at to play. There could be local stuff (for the people who just want to maybe play a few rounds of DM or TDM). It would be against NPC players if there are not enough live players in the area.

Then there would be the larger CQC events (think Community Goals) that would drawn in players for a more structured experience.

The key is that all of this is in-game, it's not a separate mode.

Have a Megaship that goes around and does a touring CQC championship. It sets up a temp arena where ever it goes. Hell, they could have had a CQC Megaship follow Distant Worlds 2 to give people something else to do along the way.

Could you imagine having a CQC match against the backdrop of the Sagittarius A* and the Galactic Core?

Since it's all Telepresence no one risks losing their ships. It could even be cross play between Open, Private and Solo since, while it would be in-game it still sorta its own separate thing.
Yeah, having it be a completely separate mode really disconnects it from the broader game. If I could dock up at a "CQC supporting" stations and then hop in a fighter and go play a few matches I'd definitely be doing that.

Even better, and less feasible, would be to hook up those awesome in-station displays to show feeds of different CQC matches going on.

sidenote: I found out those station displays actually have individually textured pixel objects that can be manipulated together to produce the image. Display inside display.

Oct 27, 2017
Way back when CQC was announced, they had said they had plans to integrate it. That's really the only way it has a chance of taking off.

Well, not the only way. They could easily do better or bigger prizes to entice people. Let people win engineered modules, fighters, or even ships. Prizes are too meager and no one cares about the leaderboard.
Oct 30, 2017
San Diego
A lot of improvements could be made for CQC. The majority of these have a lot been discussed to death on the Frontier forums, yet they just don’t care really. Players still play it, so they aren’t going to get rid of it, however, I don’t think enough people play it to put more effort into making it better.

A couple of things I’d like to see:

Integrate it with the main game

This is probably the biggest one. It needs to be part of the main game. Right now it’s just kind of this side mode you can do. The very least they could do is make it accessible through stations. I’d love to break up some of my trading with a game or two of CQC.

Add bots

A lot of new players are going up against players that have days of playtime in CQC. You probably won’t even take these players’ shields down, let alone kill them. Bots would be good for training and also getting games started faster.

Add more fighters

This one was always strange to me. They added new fighters to the main game, and yet they left them out of CQC when they could have been a great addition. The current meta has been around for years. Imperial Fighter=Condor>Eagle>Sidewinder. It would be nice to get some new ships to play with.

Rewards and incentives

This is a huge issue. The game just doesn’t respect your playtime. So there are pretty much only two rewards for CQC. A permit and credits. The permit you get after you prestige once and isn’t anything special really. The station has 20% discount on some stuff, but that’s about it. It’s more of a symbol status of going somewhere that few commanders can go.

The credits on the other hand are a straight joke. Here’s my current playtime:

I have 40 hours (probably more considering the time I'm waiting for a match) of CQC and have made 683k credits. I could make millions upon millions of credits in the main game in 40 hours. People like to say it’s fair because there is no rebuy cost and you don’t have to buy anything blah blah. I do agree that you shouldn’t make as much in CQC as in the main game, but this is pathetic and it doesn’t respect your time as a player. CQC definitely needs better rewards and incentives to play, maybe make it a community goal to see players’ interest in it.

CQC is fun and more players would play if they just didn’t leave it to die. Once I get my prestige and permit, I’m taking a long break from it. I would never attempt to Elite it (that’s like 20 days of playtime) in its current state.
Oct 25, 2017
I'll probably head to Sag A, then check out Colonia and slowly wander back to the bubble. But I think I'm done trying to keep up with the expedition. More power to them though. I've seen some great sights thanks to them.