Epic Games store will be giving away a free game every two weeks, Subnautica and Supermeat Boy first to be featured starting Dec 14

Oct 25, 2017
Well they totally tricked me with that opt out. I had read it and figured it said click here to opt in.
I misread it, so my fault, guess I'll be adding that to spam as soon as I can.
Still, they need to not make that look like it's a eula agreement with it's placement, because I thought that's what it was at first.

Isn't that shit even illegal in Europe? Iirc GDPR has allways to be opt-in, not opt-out.
Their plan is to 'correct it" as time goes on. Likely after a significant number of games have been dropped free and people click thinking it's something else
Dec 18, 2017
It really didn’t just launch. They’ve had a store for years. They’re just finally deciding to make use of it.

I “bought” my free copy last night, even though I have Subnautica on Steam.

You can’t even create a wishlist. No cloud saving. No effort whatsoever on Epic’s part outside of trying to buy their way in. You also have to check a box to opt out of the developer sending you emails, and spreading your information around.

It is what it is. I’ll take my freebies because, why not? But I’ll wait to play the money hat games when they’re available on better platforms that offer the features I’m accustomed to using.
Right, this isn't some indie startup with a heart of gold. This is the Fortnite company backed up by Chinese money. Come on.

Time - Epic has had years to develop their service, if they were really serious.
Money - They have all the money in the world to provide features or even a roadmap.
"Tester" - This entire endeavor smacks of a low-cost, low-effort "test" to see how they do before committing real resources to the project. Throw some buzzwords out there, get some headlines, fund a few freebies, and see where it goes.