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Epic Seven (Mobile/Mobage) |OT| 1.25% better than Dragalia Lost's Rates!

Oct 28, 2017
Diene actually wouldn't surprise me. Limited never meant that it would never come back. On Luna banner it even said "this unit may be offered again in the future". All limited means is that the only way you can get them is through a limited banner which offers them.
Oct 25, 2017
If it's limited I'd probably bite since I have enough for the two collabs already + more and the collab runs for a month.

I'd 100% bite on Tama, Bellona, or Diene. Not positive I'd bite on Sez or Ken. Vildred might be interesting.

My guess is something like Haste though.
Oct 25, 2017
A little sad there's no Ky to accompany Dizzy, but that's ok. Hype. The best thing about collabs going forward for this game is being able to see their detailed S3 animations from the devs themselves.
I hope we get some Daisuke Ishiwatari goodness...

Baiken is priority #1.... what classes is everyone expecting? Dizzy Ice mage, Sol fire warrior, baiken earth thief, I-no.......?????

To me this also means anything is game. Noone could have predicted Guilty Gear. Blazblue makes more sense with all the dimension hopping.
Oct 25, 2017

Oh shit E7 first collab is freaking Guilty Gear aaaaaaahhhhhhh

Someone hide my wallet

I hope we get some Daisuke Ishiwatari goodness...

Baiken is priority #1.... what classes is everyone expecting? Dizzy Ice mage, Sol fire warrior, baiken earth thief, I-no.......?????

I thought it was Baiken at first too but then I remembered what Xrd Ky looks like...
Oct 25, 2017
The hair that looks like nekomimi screams baiken to me, but i can see how you can see an effeminate ky model... TEAM BAIKEN LINE UP

Also Ky doesnt have shoelaces
yeah now that I look at it I see the hair is way way too big to be Ky. I just panicked for a second because I know E7 likes its pretty dudes.

GG is a remarkably good fit for E7 though. GG universe is completely bonkers and has a similar kind of magic/technology aspect to it.


Stuck in the Thanus
Oct 25, 2017
The hair definitely looks more like Baiken than Ky. In some of the artworks Baiken has a weird cat ear looking twin spikes. She also wears her collar up in Rev 2. I considered Answer as well but find him unlikely. From the silhouette Baiken also explains the absence of a noticeable right arm.
Nov 4, 2017
It's Baiken, Ky's hair isn't that big and long in Xrd.....

Kinda disappointed that Ky and Holy Orders won't be showing up.... woud've had him in over Baiken to be honest... but I'll still get Baiken if she's a limited unit.
Dec 2, 2017
This actually makes me think a Persona collab or other crazy ones could actually happen. Woo I’m hype.

I know the reference for this is probably when Soccer Spirits had a GG collab but oh mann, just imagining some of the possible animations with stuff like Blazblue or Persona hnnnnnggg
Oct 25, 2017
Sol will obviously be a fire element and I assume his S3 will be a Dragon Install transformation like Tamarinne.

Baiken, maybe ice thief like Karin?

I figure I-no and Dizzy will be the free characters as they are likely to be dark/light. Dizzy would be cool as a dual element light/dark kind of thing but I don't know if they would go that far.
Oct 25, 2017
There's no way Dizzy is free, you want them to lose money? Lmao, banners will be Baiken and Dizzy, Sol will be free through the tournament event thingy and I-No maybe will be a challenge character?
Nov 1, 2017
There's no way Dizzy is free, you want them to lose money? Lmao, banners will be Baiken and Dizzy, Sol will be free through the tournament event thingy and I-No maybe will be a challenge character?
I don't know GG but looking at the characters, I think this poster is on the money.

Looking at Baiken I am happy I only recently took Karin to 5 stars because she will probably be a better version of Karin.
Oct 25, 2017
Personally I would've liked Slayer, Jam and Ramlethal but I hope they at least show up in story stuff. And there HAS to be lots of Guilty Gear music.

Come to think of it they did confirm we'd get selectable Japanese voices once it releases there, these characters are a good reason to turn them on. I don't even know what GG eng dubbed voices sound like so it might weird me out.
Oct 25, 2017
Hello everyone im new to this game, is there a ERA guild? Do you all have any advice for a beginner?
Welcome! Do you have experience in Gacha games? In general focusing on beating the story to build up resources is the first step, if you get stuck in the story work on some Hunts, Abyss, and Labyrinths, but don't bang your head against a wall if the difficulty is too high. Don't invest too heavily in characters like Ras or Mercedes as they are not very powerful and won't take you much further than beating the story. Save your bookmarks for the upcoming collaboration.

In general most people advise playing through level 1-10 and getting to the selective summons (you get to summon 10 times, and can repeat this 20 times and stop when you are satisfied with your 10 units). In the selective summons you either want a 5* healer or Angelica, most will say to continue restarting your account until you get Angelica, but that is all depending on your willingness to re-roll. Having a good healer is important and you can find damage dealing units more easily through free units or limited banners (like the upcoming collab).

There are ERA guilds and a discord that were discussed a few posts above you. Look for the rainbow text haha.
Oct 30, 2017
I’d suggest waiting until next week to see what 5 star characters they offer for free, if they have a decent freebie decent dps unit for free, they would save time and sanity trying to pull for angie and a 5-star dps. They’d only have to pull for angie.
Eh, if you care enough to reroll, you'd probably care enough to be greedy so you'd go for angie + 5 star DPS + fee 5* start
Oct 25, 2017
Yeah I've played a few before. I'm currently only playing Dragalia, Ive heard good things about this game which is why I decided to play.

Ill try doing this until I get tired of it re rolling
Just be careful with the re-rolling for Angelica + 5* DPS. Chopchop just did it for an entire week and came away empty handed on the 5*. It's a 1.25% chance for a 5* and a 0.2% chance for an Angelica. Getting both within 10 summons is a low enough chance that you could be in RNG hell for a long time. You'll soon end up with more great characters that you can fully equip and get to 6* so I think the 5* requirement + Angelica, while ideal, is not entirely necessary. There are also plenty of viable 3* and 4* units that are high-end once promoted.

As for the game itself, just focus on story and hoarding resources for the upcoming collab. You can make it through the main story with whatever you pull in your selective summon and free daily summons. After you have a feel for the game it'll become apparent what your next goals are. Watch a video on how to make 6* characters, it requires leveling fodder units to merge and there are some more streamlined ways to do it. Once you are part way through the story Connection Quests will become available, units like Hazel, Lorina, and Silk are great and free after you grind out the requirements. It's OK to enhance gear to keep progressing through the story, but it gets more expensive at higher enhancement levels (i.e. going from +12 to +15 is more EXP and gold than going from +1 to +12), so I wouldn't go past +9-ish early on. Labyrinths have great epic gear for new players.

Molagora are the most rare resources and are required to enhance skills. The only non-whale way to acquire them is to slowly wait and acquire 3 each week through in-game currency shops. Skystones become more scarce after your windfall of new player rewards is exhausted and these are the primary resource for buying bookmarks for summons. You'll get these through daily missions, arena, and random drops.

The other not so obvious thing is in the Events button in the lobby there is usually an event, like the Water Gun Festival right now, that reward you for completing daily activities. It's worth doing these as they usually reward participation with Molagora and Bookmarks.