1. Ron Mexico

    Ron Mexico

    To add to what’s already been said, I would say post here, post there, post where you need to, post where you want to. I think we as a whole get too caught up in compartmentalizing things. You’ve got people rooting for you regardless.
  2. battousai


    I read your confession and I hope you don’t give up. Things may be rough right now, but it will get better.

    I agree that you should post wherever you want to. If you want to vent here, we’ll be here to listen.
  3. Lexad


    Agreed. I know folks on the internet may not mean much, but I hope it does a little.
  4. neoak

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  5. neoak

    Member OP

    Warning: gag reflex

  6. neoak

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    Warning: HUEG WAL O TXT



    Bail. You're just the emotional crutch for what she doesn't get from the ex.
  7. neoak

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  8. neoak

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    Sounds like both of you enjoy the thrill of the chase but that is it.
  9. neoak

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    Abused wife checking in

    :( Please stop hurting yourself more. You are already being hurt enough as it is.
  10. neoak

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    And another one from abused wife:

  11. neoak

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  12. neoak

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    And Day 20/21 ends. Do you have a turkey related confession? Send it in to post it during Turkey day!
  13. MattB


    So many work ones.... What a year to be employed.

    Is there anything we can do for this person? Like.... If you are out there message someone. Anyone that can help you. Don't want to see the end of you :(
  14. EarthBound64

    User was permanently banned at own request Member

    You know how to get in touch with me if you need me...
    I've offered it to you before, and my offer still stands...
  15. BLOODED_hands


    Yeah. This year is the year of Work-Related Confessions.

    SparkWorkDude: all I can say is I wish you luck and I wish you well on your journey.

    Dick On Toothbrush confessor: that's.... That's just nasty bruh. The fuck?! What's next? Giving her a creampie filled with your jizz?!

    Confessor who fooled around with another co-worker: stop and bail. Listen to yourself. You are too invested emotionally and you both know it.

    Confessor who has to lie to get out of a abusive relationship: hey, some lies are sometimes needed to get you somewhere. Glad you got out of it and are doing what you wanted to do.

    Confessor who enjoys the thrill of the chase: something worse will happen sooner or later and you both know it. Stop and think about what's happening and what will happen.

    Abused Wife: please stop cutting yourself and I'm sorry that your pos husband is such a piece of shit. You deserve better and you need to try your damndest to get out of your relationship. At your point, you're both not even married even more.

    Confessor who was too cheap for a taxi ride: congrats on the mechanical sex, I suppose?
  16. EarthBound64

    User was permanently banned at own request Member

    Don't give him ideas.

  17. BLOODED_hands


    Ah shit.... Welp, it might be too late....
  18. EarthBound64

    User was permanently banned at own request Member

    Non-anonymous confession:
    As a child, I used to eat packets of mustard - plain, on their own.
    (Not the packet itself, you weirdos - the mustard inside it)

    Now that I'm an adult, I'm much more civilized.
    Now I eat mustard from a jar.
  19. SevKnight

    Banned Member

    I use sticky pads to catch mice but I take them outside, far from my house and pour some veggie oil to get them unstuck from the pad so they can go free. No matter how infuriatingly annoying and dirty those pests are... I just can't kill them. Now if a cat catches them then it's whatever, not my problem. lol.

    Here's an open confession: I once sprayed some CK Eternity cologne on my balls when I was 11 and that shit burned like hell. Ya seen that elmo on fire meme? Yeah that was me. I filled up a bowl with water and kept my balls submerged for a few minutes until the burning subsided. I've burned myself cooking before but nothing ever hurt as much as that one spray of cologne.
  20. Fiction

    Fanthropologist Moderator

    Thanks you for telling me about the veggie oil part because when I was little my parents caught two mice on a glue trap. I wanted to save them when was only caught by the tail so I pulled it off and let it go the other was completely stuck whole body and so I pulled and pulled and pulled and I accidentally pull them apart. Like guts and everything. It was awful and I cried and I've gave him a funeral and I'm very dim and I'm a horrible person
  21. zetsubou


    I don't know what's worse. The fact he gave it to his sister, or the fact he tried it first.
  22. Omnislayer


    Huh I never noticed these threads at the old place, going through this whole thread in one evening/morning when I should of been sleeping was interesting, a bit of an information and emotional overload though.

    It's fascinating, I'll have to keep track of this topic from now on.
  23. SevKnight

    Banned Member

    Ouch, that must have been really traumatic but at least you had the right intentions. :( I always pour a little bit at a time around the little feller and wait for it to start wiggling itself free but I always make sure to avoid pouring too much around its face cause I don't want to accidentally suffocate it.
  24. CesspoolofHatred

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    Mobile Confessions (Short to Medium)

    My Friend-Stealing Ex Found A Spouse On the Other Side

    Suspicious "Daughter-Fucker" Who Probably Stole His Confession From Some Fantasy Porn Site

    Overwatch Performance Anxiety

    I Am Trying to Learn How to Interact With Women And It is Stressful

    A Booger-Eating Text'N'Driving Cheating Ghosting Dick-Picker Confesses His Sins

    Sex, Friends and Betrayal: Going Into Overtime

    A Mental-Health Veteran Asks If Some Old Friends Are Still Around

    Some Dumbass Admits to Leaking Logs and Having Multiple Accounts

    I Love the Ladies, But I Love The Dick

    Math Makes My Dick Curve At An Acute Angle

    I, An Anonymous Confessor, Chastise Others For Anonymous Confessions

    I Met My Teenage Girlfriend Through An MMO

    My Best Friend Was Raped and I'm Suffering From Secondary Traumatic Stress (TRIGGER WARNING)

    Overwhelmed By Ecstasy and Cocaine, I Stuck a Vibrator Up My Dirty Butt

    I Peed My Bed and Never Cleaned the Sheets

    My Mama Caught Me Drawing Porn and Destroyed All My Memories

    I'm Falling For a Girl A Decade Younger Than Me

    I'm Addicted to Daydreaming

    I'm Bi-Curious Over the Dick and Gender-Curious

    A Community Veteran Despises His Job

    My Girlfriend Is the Only Light in My Life, Which is Otherwise Generally Awful and Lifeless

    I've Kept Up a Perpetual Affair With My Wife's Sister Ever Since She Was in 8TH GRADE

    My Wife Squirts So Hard It Goes Through Towels

    Yet Another Person Dating a Teenager

    I Got My Sister Pregnant Through Teenage Vindictiveness

    It's Almost My Two Year Anniversary of Being Apathetic to Sex

    Console Confessions (Medium to Long Length)

    Panty-Sniffer Jizzes to His Mate's Sister

    I Crushed On My Engaged Boss And She Used Me as a Meat Dildo

    I Banged My Friend's Boyfriend Right Next to Her Passed Out Form

    My Human Garbage Ex-Friend Took Advantage of Me To Ruin My Chances With a Girl, And It Blew Up In His Face. Also He's a Neo-Nazi Now.

    Extreme Bully Fetish (WARNING: POOP)

    My Irate Coworker Friend Gave Our Manager's Salad Dressing An Extra Ingredient


    I Escaped An Emotionally Abusive GF By Lying To Her About My Income

    100% Mechanical Sex To Dodge Taxi Fare

    Big Budget Confessions (Long to Extra-Long):

    I Work at a Start-Up Company And I've Been Pulling an Overtime Scam For Years

    My Wife and I Are Occasional Swingers

    I Was Sexually Assaulted By the Teenager Next Door And My Mother Didn't Take That Shit Lightly

    I Have Body Image Problems So Severe That I Hit Up Strangers On The Internet With Nudes So They Can Validate My Self-Loathing

    A Sordid, Scattered Parable of Sex and Romance, Family and Money

    My Folks Have Maintained a Disgusting Hive of Junk and Waste

    A Brief Tryst With a Student Employee

    There's This Girl Who Likes Me, But She's Still Dating Her Ex and Things Are Hella Uncomfortable

    A Coworker and I Started A Bout of Flirtation That Might Have Gone Out of Control

    Legacy Franchises:

    An Incredibly Lonely Person Suffers From Depression and a Lack of Real-Life Support (Incredibly Lonely Person)

    The Skillful Scammer Takes a Busted Scam and Succeeds Where A Colleague Failed (Skillful Scammer)

    Skillful Scammer Racks Up Dough For a Job He Never Did (Skillful Scammer)

    Soulfucker Has Trouble With Interviews and a Real-Life Girl (Soulfucker)

    There's a Spark Between Me and My Assistant (Even Though I'm Already Committed) (SparkWorkDude)

    SparkWorkDude Is Taking His Assistant Back Home (SparkWorkDude)

    SparkWorkDude Talks About His Home Life And Leaves Us on a Cliffhanger (SparkWorkDude)

    SparkWorkDude Plays Wingman For a Coworker (SparkWorkDude)

    SparkWorkDude Gets To First Base With His Assistant (SparkWorkDude)

    SparkWorkDude Dips That Pen and The Universe Reacts With Maximum Irony (SparkWorkDude)

    SparkWorkDude Clarifies Some Details As His Home Life Explodes in the Background (SparkWorkDude)

    SparkWorkDude Ends It With His SO And Actually Takes His Assistant Home. For Real This Time. (SparkWorkDude)

    College Educated Redneck Enters a New ERA (College Educated Redneck)

    Cumfessor Sucks Her Man Off In His Little Sister's Bed (CUMFESSOR)

    Richard Gere of the 21st Century Has a Friend Who Is Choosing Death By Starvation (Richard Gere of the 21st Century)

    I'm Addicted to Hookers (Hooker Addict)

    Hooker-Addict Has Lurid Fantasies (Hooker Addict)

    My Dick Indirectly Brushes My Sister's Teeth (Dick Brusher)

    Dick Brusher Gives His Sister a Tuna Sandwich (Dick Brusher)

    I Might Finally Have a Way Out of My Abusive Relationship (Abused Wife)

    Abused Wife Cuts Herself and Apparently Had Her Fingers Fucked Up By Her Husband (Abused Wife)

    My Husband Lies About Me Being a Pill Addict to Emotionally Manipulate Our Children (Abused Wife)
  25. someday


    Fuck you confessor. It's disgusting that you're putting your sister in these sexual situations with you without her knowledge. Seriously, fuck you.
    I'd be willing to help out too.
  26. MilesQ


    The cum sandwich guy...

    If it is legit and he's doing it for a laugh...

    I suggest you get some professional help as soon as possible because that behaviour is going to escalate. You seem to get off on sexually abusing and violating women without their permission or knowledge.

    If you're trolling. Jesus Christ, what kind of sick mind goes to those places?
  27. RionaaM


    I want to think it's fake, and that the guy is unable to let go of the theme from last year's thread. It's still sick, of course.
  28. zetsubou


    What happened in last year's thread?
  29. Beren


    If I'm remembering right, there was some sister fucking.
  30. zetsubou


    what are the odds most of these are fake like last year?
  31. RionaaM


    Tons of it. That thread might as well have been called "Incest |OT| Also Anonymous Confessions 2016".

    I'm approaching everything with more caution than usual. It helps that half the confessions have been from that work spark dude, which I started skipping after the third one.
  32. Menome


    I think the most recent couple from Work Spark Dude have convinced me that he's actually genuine. It's gone from "office-romance tales" to "made my bed now lie in it".
  33. Ron Mexico

    Ron Mexico

    The first part of this is why I don’t mind the second part. Different strokes I guess. Shrug.
  34. Aske


    Nothing but love and hugs for you. Stay active in the community if you can, because it'll really help, and please reach out to me any time.
  35. Linkura


    Abused Wife.... :(

    Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help. And please stop hurting yourself.
  36. I remember listening to this podcast episode (INVISIBILIA presented by radiolab). The subject is a person who is gender fluid and what you describe reminded me of this perdons story - maybe it can help you make sense of your feelings, fascinating episode either way.
  37. I read it, too, and please PM me if you need a listening ear. I'll understand if not, but either way, I hope things improve. You're free to join us.

    …You have to stop this


    Good for you! I hope you're living (or close to living) a far better life than the one you had.

    I wish I could wrap you in a blanket, put you in my parents' home (it's in a rural area where he won't find you), and just let you heal. :( Please tell us if there's anything we can do.
  38. EarthBound64

    User was permanently banned at own request Member

    In the interest of getting some help which might be of use to her -
    There are children involved, some of whom are minors. To my understanding (I apologize if I'm wrong, please correct me if so), the children are the main reason she's staying in that situation. I've tried suggesting different possibilities (and I think I ran a decent gamut of them, having experience in childhood education and related issues. So the typical "Call CPS" and such have already been covered), but so far haven't come up with anything. I would think (again, based on what I know, and please correct me if otherwise) that any help or possible solutions need to place that at the forefront.
  39. Absolutely. It makes a difficult situation far more difficult (not to mention dangerous), but it doesn't help the children to be in that household. I don't want to be inflammatory, but it could be a matter of time before the father starts redirecting his anger…
    I'll trust your advice was good. Short of providing links and leads and telling her to run with her children, I'm not sure what can be done from the Internet. I'm hoping most of all she gets the job and gets the hell out of there.
  40. EarthBound64

    User was permanently banned at own request Member

    I agree, and I've said exactly this.
  41. Pekola


    Okay...the one about poking holes in the condom is just, wow. I feel dirty reading it.
  42. Yep! Confessor, if you see our messages, is there any way at all to give the kids some space from your home while you're still there? It may also be prudent to consider counseling once this is over—hopefully soon.
  43. Leo


    What the fuck is that sandwich guy, even.
  44. EarthBound64

    User was permanently banned at own request Member

  45. zetsubou


    Who buys mustard in a jar?

    Thank you for posting that, I'll check it later. Do you know if there is a way to download it.

    I am hereby owning this confession because I somewhat copped to it in the TransEra thread.
  46. Cream

    Banned Member

    I'm bigendered, to this confessor. If you're on Era, you can PM me if you want.

    Oh, there you are :)

    Yeah, hit me up, hun.
  47. EarthBound64

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  48. zetsubou



  49. EarthBound64

    User was permanently banned at own request Member

    Heinz shouldn't even be making Mustard. They need to stay in their Ketchup lane.

  50. Cream

    Banned Member

    Please don't kill yourself. I really love you and would seriously be heartbroken. We have to stick together!

    I'm going to be moving to LA in a few years, and when I have the means, I'll hire you and fix everything I promise.