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ERAs inaction on targeted racism against Non Jewish/Black people

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Oct 27, 2017
User banned (permanent): History of trolling and hostility towards members and staff. Recently returned from relevant 1 month ban.
This is an abject failure from moderation to administration.

Posters constantly shit on people just because they are Chinese. “Diet” racism never gets moderated in Omar threads, some of the posts disgusting enough that if you substitute in , “A Black Person”, “A Jewish Person”. The poster would be instantly banned. The irony doesn’t miss me that Omar is black, but I guess her Muslim heritage supersedes that.

Which brings me to my next point . The amount of intolerance and ignorance against Middle Easter/Islamic people is disgusting.

And then the slight mention of Israel people supporting a terrorist, fascist and racists regime gets a person a ban is disgusting and gross.

I’ve brought these issues up via reports to moderation with no avail. So it leaves me that this forum Could not care less about any of this. As long as it doesn’t disturb the status quo.

I have three words for all of you.

Be fucking better.
Not open for further replies.