Eurogamer (sources): This year's COD is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by mocoworm, Feb 6, 2018.

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  2. Flandy

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    10/10 OP

    Edit: Thats better :P
  3. Duxxy3

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    Hell yeah.

    Even though I didn't like the jetpacks, I actually enjoyed BO3's multiplayer. I really liked BO2's multiplayer, and I think that's what we'll roughly get this year.
  4. Scrawnton

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    Predictable, but man I wish they’d move on to something else.
  5. poklane

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    I really wonder how this is gonna fit in the storyline already established by World at War through Black Ops 3.
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    Wish people would stop giving Marcus attention since he’s not reliable, lol.
    But, yeah, it’s predictable and likely that the black ops team would make another black ops
  7. Tankard

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    Futuristic crap?

    Edit. Bad reading, no it's not, it's in the OP.
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    Treyarch know how to make cod games so I'm interested to see their return to boots on the ground gameplay.
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    Not surprising considering their Ghost, AW and IW spin-offs failed. I hope they go back to BO1 era.
  10. SageShinigami

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    Not a surprise. Black Ops was always popular and it's obvious they want those level of sales again.
  11. Tsukinopio

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    Marcus Sellars is not a reliable source. If this is the best Eurogamer can come up with, I'm now beginning to question their legitimacy as well.
  12. Loadout

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    So a Switch version hah. Probably being worked on by Raven Software.
  13. FairyEmpire

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    I played most Call Of Duty games, and my favourite ones are the Black Ops games. Not even kidding, my top 3 are the three titles they've made so far, albeit not in release order. So whatever era or style they have planned for BO4, I'm in. As far as I'm concerned, Treyarch is the current king of multiplayer shooters, every game they make guarantees me hundreds of hours of fun. WWII did a lot of things right so if they take the right clues away from them, BO4 could be even better than BO3. And I'm really looking forward to a Treyarch Call Of Duty made with the X and the Pro in mind to begin with.
  14. wbloop

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    Treyarch makes the best CoD games. BO3 is still my all-time favorite CoD from the multiplayer standpoint. And with it being boots-on-the-ground... sign me up!
  15. Shinjuku 4x4

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    Switch version, uh?
  16. MrNelson

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    Make it closer to 1 and 2 rather than 3 and I'm in.

    I'm in anyways
  17. TearablePuns

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    4 is such a strange number.
    I love Treyarch but I was hoping for something different.
  18. Principate

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    Switch version is quite the surprise.
  19. poklane

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    You could at least read the very first sentence in the article you know.
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    Boots on the ground are interesting are all 3 gonna ditch the jet packs and stuff I think at least one of them should do it
  21. Rocketz

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    Train go boom
  22. Sadist

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    A Switch version? I’ll be damned.

    Edit: oh that Marcus guy. Eh.
  23. Khrol

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    In for Treyarch COD no matter what but boots on the ground is GREAT news.
  24. BAW

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    IN. I am in the minority, but I loved the BO3 campaign and story, especially the fact that it doesn't spell everything out for you.
  25. Tsukinopio

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    Ah, so he's merely corroborating what other sources have told them. My bad.
  26. Proteus

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    Will definitely go with Switch if this pans out.

    COD II on the Gamepad for Wii U was great.
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    Marcus lies a lot, usually what he gets right is a well known secret at that point.
    Eurogamer hasn’t verified that part of the claim
  28. Jahranimo

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    So I guess it'll be more like Blops1?

    I don't really think Marcus Sellars is that reliable although this is pretty easy to predict. It's about that time for COD rumors, the Switch is doing very well and Activision missed out on that COD Switch money last year so it all lines up.
  29. Guardians

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    Really hope it's coming to the Nintendo Switch! How reliable is the source? I heard he predicted Nintendo Labo and Demon Souls for Nintendo Switch?
  30. kanuuna

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    I guess that name's too popular for them to let it just lie there. As always, I'll be curious to see what the singleplayer looks like. Probably can't be a whole lot worse than 3
    which wasn't very good.
  31. Phantom Thief

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    A modern day Black Ops? Interesting...

    It's not, Treyarch always put their stuff on Nintendo.
  32. Cuboid 64

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    Well the Switch has sorta proven itself at this point, right? If they put one on Wii U I don’t see why they couldn’t put it on the system with good sales.
  33. Falchion

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    Just saw it'll be modern day, boots on the ground. Nice.
  34. Safeinsound

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    I’ll be there day one. I haven’t been there day one for a single cod this gen. But I eventually picked up BO3 and it became one of my favorite cods ever. I just picked up WWII about three weeks ago and although I’m enjoying it, I know it’s not going to last for anywhere near as long as BO3. That game was pretty much my go to multiplayer for 2 1/2 years.
  35. Lost

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    Barf Emoji
  36. SolidSnakex

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    Isn't Sellars the dude that started that bullshit rumor about NAMCO doing some Nintendo-centric conference in December?
  37. Kaelan

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    Marcus Sellars redeemed.
  38. egg

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    Oh really....interesting if true.
  39. SchuckyDucky

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    Eurogamer is still working to verify whether or not there will be a Switch port, it says. I think there is a decent shot at a Switch version, since every other Treyarch developed Call Of Duty game (minus BO3) made their way to a Nintendo system. Treyarch also ported some of the Infinity Ward games to Nintendo hardware as well.
  40. Kolbe1894

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    Is that mean BO4 will be prequel of BO3 and half of BO2?
  41. poklane

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    I wonder what war they're going to do. A modern-day war wouldn't really make sense because we should have heard about it in Black Ops 2 & 3 and I doubt they'd revisit a war we've already fought in a previous game. Korean War with Mason and Woods maybe, with maybe some undercover missions in neighboring countires? That'd be cool.
  42. Dark Cloud

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    Switch version makes all the sense. I WORRY about the cart size though. How big are Call of Duty games?
  43. ryan299

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    Hopefully it plays closer to 1 and 2 as I thought three was terrible
  44. Shauni

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    Well, it kind of literally does, just super fast lol.

    Anyway, really glad it's not WWII.
  45. ShinUltramanJ

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    Disappointed that it’s set in modern times, but no futuristic bullshit is nice once again.

    I hope they can squeeze out a respectable port on Switch. Portability and not wanting to pay for PSN means I might lean towards that version.
  46. Jaded Alyx

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    A Switch version would not surprise me in the slightest.
  47. Brazil

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    I hope campaign co-op is back.
  48. Sowrong

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    Nice. Can’t wait to get back to playing online.
  49. Lost

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    But will you want to pay $20 (right?) for Switch’s Online?
  50. Jawmuncher

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    I pray the campaign isn't as horrid as Black Ops 3.
    They need to reel it back in.

    BO3 story wise was someone going off their rocker and thinking what they were writing was deeper than it actually was.