Evil Dead (2013) is the best horror "remake" ever made

Oct 25, 2017
The Thing, The Fly and Suspiria remakes are all leagues above the Evil Dead one.

Suspiria is debatable. I loved the new one, but I can totally see the argument of why someone would prefer the original. The Thing and The Fly pretty much render the original versions needless.
Oct 25, 2017
Huh...didn't know NOTLD90 is considered good. Seems to be on Netflix here, will watch it later.

The Blob is my absolute favorite kind of horror movie, great effects and creative deaths. Movie that is similar to it that I enjoyed as much is Slither.
It’s.. good. But it doesn’t improve on the original outside of making Barbara an actual character which is well welcomed.

It also completely neutered the ending. I enjoy it well enough, but the original gives me chills when I watch it.
Oct 25, 2017
Oh I like the Evil Dead Remake because of that. Just wouldn't say it's the best remake. I was more thinking of all those other super lame horror remakes that really offer nothing. Texas Chainsaw, Friday 13th etc.
I love The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers too but I wonder if they somewhat suffer from this. A huge part of why I love them is the SFX, but I always understood that the themes of the originals were political (mostly focusing on the Red Scare). The remakes lose that. The horrifying concept of monsters hiding in plain sight and not knowing when you can trust your closest friends translate beyond the original political message though.

And goddamn I love the SFX of that era. These were all body horror done perfectly (and The Fly too).
Oct 26, 2017
Evil Dead 2 is the best Evil Dead remake.
But it isn't a remake?

They redo the first night i.e. Evil Dead one in like the first ten minutes with some retcons. Evil Dead 2 starts where the first movie ends
To this day I am baffled that anyone likes this movie. I saw it in theaters and thought it was absolutely dreadful, like, approaching avatar the last air bender levels of bad. It started off decent enough but descended into pretty by the numbers horror movie slush. Super disappointing in every way. Yuck

No seriously, the praise this movie gets is baffling.
I don't hate it as much as you seem to but agreed that I have no idea why people like the remake. I watch the original trilogy about once a year and it missed basically the whole spirit.

There was a musical made in Canada and ran off-broadway for a bit, that was a great redo of the first two movies. If anyone gets a chance to catch a recording of that, recommended.
Oct 28, 2017
Another great remake; Let Me In. I quite like it.
Ehhh I'm not too big a fan of this remake. Let the Right One In had a certain atmosphere throughout that movie that they failed to replicate. Also, the pool scene of the original was more effective. Such a shocking scene, one of my all-time favorites.

As I was reading this thread I happily thought people had finally turned around a bit on the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake, but no, seems some people still REALLY hate it. It was fun.

And obviously The Thing still wins, but as far as more modern remakes go, I'd probably go with a remake of a Japanese film, like The Ring.