Evolution 2019 - The Fighting Game Tournament of the Year


Apr 21, 2018
This one just straight up confuses me more.

How does competitive players not also give them money and how are they fake fans lol
I can't speak to smash fans specifically, but I know back in the day there was that general sentiment toward the people who wanted to only do instagib and various pro-mods for Unreal Tournament. The general idea was that by not engaging with the vast majority of the content they weren't "real" fans and they were less likely to buy any expansion packs or sequels.

Obviously we were totally right back then and the smash crowd is wrong and childish. But I suspect the principle is still the same. By choosing to disable "most of the game" they aren't "really" playing the game and are instead playing the variant of it that they prefer.


Oct 25, 2017
South Central Los Angeles
Wait what? The MK block lasted over 4 hours? LOL.

Now I want to see how long every Top 8 lasted with breaks included.
I know SFV started 15 minutes late, had the Xavier Woods and Ono bit to begin, and I think it ended 10 or 15 minutes before Tekken’s appointed time with the awards ceremony and all. So like 3 hours in all. 1 and a half hours of games. 1 and a half hours of ads and talk.


Oct 27, 2017
I wouldn't go that far and say the sets between GO1 and Sonicfox were the best part of EVO this year (the Tekken 7 top 8 says hello!), but they sure were absolutey fantastic.