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Explain your avatar.

Oct 25, 2017
When I first joined the old forums way back in 2008, "Loxley" was the name I was using on various message boards, so I kept the tradition going. I swapped back and forth between a bunch of different Robin Hood avatars in the first couple of years, eventually I landed on this one around 2011 and it's stuck ever since.
Oct 25, 2017
Its Rio Miyaichi from the manga Ana Satsujin. She is a serial murderer that hangs out with a jobless NEET that was about to kill himself. They kinda end up dating. In this shot, they were at a baseball game and she asks the MC if he would prefer a bitch who doesn't kill or a virgin who does, at which point she proclaims that she is in fact a virgin.

Really though I found out about the source material much later. It is one of my favorite out of context images on the internet.
Jan 24, 2018
I was on vacation in Rome and we went to the Vaticsn museum to see the Sistine Chapel.

There was the magnificent golden orb, surrounded by a small chain fence, in the courtyard there. When me and my then girlfriend got there, there was also a choir singing some beautiful hymn.

But it gets better.

Turns out, this giant 12-15 foot in diameter art sculpture spins! And, would luck have it, there was a really bored security officer in duty. I asked if we could touch it, and he said sure. Then he smiled and told my girlfriend that he thinks it might spin, and we could try if we wanted.

We get right over the fence and this tour guide comes running over and and yells and us, but then the guard comes over and just tells them to stop, and they do.

Long story short: Sphere Within a Sphere by Arnaldo Pomodoro. Photo by myself.
Oct 27, 2017
I never really interacted with this community all that much in the past, I thought maybe it was due to my choice of avatar (which used to me a little monster). I ended up selecting a character that I wouldn't mind having a conversation with.
It's Cosima from a TV show, Orphan Black.
Oct 28, 2017
When I see the SEGA Channel guy, it reminds me or Waluigi's pose in Super Mario Party.

The only logical conclusion is to make the avatar myself (the screen is based on the Switch's screen, and the controller is the Switch Pro Controller):

Thank you for reading.
My avatar is Kiernan Shipka in a promotional photoshoot for one of the TV shows she's in, wherein she plays a teenage witch. I like witchcraft, and it's fun that I share a name with this character, so I thought it would be entertaining to wear her face for a couple weeks since the second season of the show just came out. Felt cute, might delete it later.