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Falcom: Players in the west are moving to Nintendo Switch


Oct 25, 2017
Trails in the Sky Collection for Switch please! Having both games in one cart would be amazing!


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
I'm not a fan of the Ya 8 Switch port, but if they can optimize games with the hardware in mind I'm ok with more Switch games from them.

I like my 60FPS Ys :(
I have bad news.

Ys IX has a hard time keeping 30fps on PS4 pro. (post patch too) Finished it a few weeks ago. I definitely missed the 60fps.

Let's hope a Switch port means they can optimize the PS4 version up.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
How so? I'm part of that demographic and I see no reason why I should get a Switch when I already have a PS4.
Mostly what's on PS4/PC as well, but the added benefit of being portable.

And I'd argue the few exclusives that do exist are some of the best of the genre this gen. Such as Octopath, Xenoblade 1 and 2, DQ11S, Grandia 1 and 2, Mana Trilogy, TWEWY, Fire Emblem, Yokai Watch 1 and 4, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, etc with several more coming next year.

there's also ni no kuni 1, which sold more on switch in every territory despite being the un-remastered version.
When was this confirmed for the US? I don't even remember it showing up on the NPDs.


Dec 28, 2017
Clearwater, Florida
As Long as Devs can ensure that their games run well enough on switch, they have my eye. Unfortunately, the genre that I prefer, Arpgs, tend to run pretty subpar. I don't mind a downgrade in visuals too much, but when they have to be downgraded in visuals AND performance, it's a bit annoying and off-putting.

That being said, I'm not the standard case, as I'm a homebody that doesn't mind using my PC for gaming, which isn't the primary demographic in any capacity.


Oct 27, 2017
It makes a lot of sense for a developer like Falcom, their focus is on lower budget titles with simpler graphics can really shine on a system like the switch. I hope they still put things out on all the platforms, but targeting switch for development seems like a good move.


Oct 30, 2017
Hahahahahah, what now? What happened to the "our players come to expect a high visual fidelity from us" talk they were giving after the switch launch? Hope this article is accurate, because it really made my day.


Oct 25, 2017
Said it before: Home console gaming's got their days counted. The current lifestyle is too volatile for gaming to be only available at home.
I have no idea if this is true but I suspect the majority of Switch owners are playing at home, and probably even docked much of the time.


Nov 29, 2017
In 2019 and after seeing how games in general get more and more bloated, i refuse to play any RPG that requires from me to stay glued to my couch an TV, i will only consider an RPG if it's portable.

I don't think I am the only one with this mindset.