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Fallout 76 paid subscribers have formed "The Apocalyptic Aristocracy", a clan who flounce around in fancy clothes while looking down on non-paying


Oct 27, 2017
It would be interesting to see something like this happens in Star Citizen if the MMO portion ever gets released.

$100 / yr for a Fallout 1st subscription seems like a lot on its own, but is really nowhere near true whale territory.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
This whole thing is childish trolling but the funny part to me is these people specifically are the worst imo lol.

They paid EVEN MORE to play the shit show that is Fallout 76. They’re like the Lords of a Denny’s or something. I’m all for people having fun however they want but to do that then say these things? Lol y’all deserve F76
This might come across as a wild idea, but maybe they really are just enjoying the game.


Nov 7, 2017
This sounds fun and all until you realize it's fallout 76 we're talking about.


Oct 25, 2017
I mean I suppose if you're being targeted in your in-game world for being a paid subscriber and for having fancy stuff you might as well say screw it and go all in on the class warfare and embrace being the "baddies".


Oct 27, 2017
All the non paying should make an alliance not to play the game at all.

The paying can't show off if there's no one to show off to fingertoheadgif


Oct 25, 2017
There was an interview with a rap producer I watched a while ago and something he said stuck with me. It was like "maybe I cant get in through the front door but I can get in through the window" referencing that maybe his rapping efforts may not be appreciated at the time being but through producing he could make the connections and get the clout to eventually put out that album.

Fallout 76 by all conventional standards of being a video game, is not good. However it may stumble through the window of being one of the best games of the decade for stuff like this. There are games being funded right now , games funded in the past that were sold on emergent game play. Stuff could just happen, the people could form the world. But in reality it was rather rigid

Stuff like this is, things those devs could only dream off. This fantastic microcosm of reality. More relevant to our times ever before, brought on my the whim of the devs. DLC that creates classism. Like a governmental giving tax cuts to the rich, and lightening regulations on corperation. Bathesda controls the playing field and much like in real life they sided with money. And much like in real life the general populus is pissed

This is amazing


Jan 4, 2018
Lol, that's wild I love it. Seeing player driven events is always great. Wanna see more insane player factions rise up in F76 now.


Oct 28, 2017
Most people look down on fallout 76. Imagine what they think of people who got suckered into giving that scam company another 100 bucks and thinking theyre aristocrats while playing their game that barely works.


Oct 25, 2017
This might come across as a wild idea, but maybe they really are just enjoying the game.
Gasp... you're not allowed to admit that might happen on this forum.Seriously, one of my pet peeves about this forum is the love to hate on Bethesda games in general (and love it when Bethesda does stuff that pisses off fans... ok, not everyone but there is a decent group here that just loves when Bethesda fucks up). But yes, I found 76 enjoyable (not playing it now cause I already was miffed at repair kits... Fallout first was just them confirming they are going in this direction with microtransactions on top of they haven't added anything interesting for single players since spring and now they want us to pay 100 bux extra for ... what?! It's insulting. On top of most things the community as given them the idea for they turn around and charge for it (Those mini camps offered iwth Fallout first... several people on the FO76 Subreddit kept suggesting doing something like that. The refridgeraters were also an idea tossed around in the fallout 76 subreddit).

*sigh* If there next games have MTs in them at all or multiplayer aspects that are forced in (not a seperate mode), I don't care if they claim cosmetic only (they already showed they're willing to break that promise), I'm not buying. And I am/was a huge fan of theirs (I have always admitted they have issues but the games were enjoyabe in spite of those. But chasing the games as a service money is one road I'm not willing to follow them down... the fact I liked them so much was why I was willing to give them a chance that they weren't going to lie about cosmetic only <- even though I saw other companies did the same and turned around and changed later).

I just hope Cyberpunk is really good. It soudns like CDPR is more aiming towards the style of RPG I like with that one (vs. playing their set character and story giving you a character and letting you figure out how the story goes). I mean I liked Witcher but I more prefer Bethesda's style RPG (well except they keep inching towards removing the RPG aspects *sigh*). Which is closer to trying to be like a video game version of tabletop games but in first person/live action (most RPGs that try to be like tabletop or turn based).
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Oct 29, 2017
This is the sort of multiplayer role-playing I love reading about. Good for them for getting some fun out of the subscription.


Oct 27, 2017
Dekalb, IL
So much edge in this thread Era that I'm worried you're gonna cut yourself if you don't be careful.

If any one truth came out of this whole fiasco, it's that Todd said the people would be the ones creating the stories. I just doubt he anticipated a bourgeoisie uprising.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I find this amazing actually, something perfect for this dumbster fire of a game.


Dec 13, 2017
Boiled down case study of the Haves and the Have Nots. Bethesda has proven time and time again that they just cannot be trusted anymore.

Those bridges burned down years ago.


Oct 25, 2017
Everything about this game is multilayered irony, much of it unintentional . And its hilarious.


Oct 28, 2017
Thats one of the most stupidest and dumb things i've ever heard in gaming. Superiority standards in game like that. Whats a shit game like Fallout 76 got to do with players having any sort of 'superiority' in them? Actually the ones who pay for microtransactions in that liquid garbage are the ones who are inferior to the ones not paying for that dumb crap.
It’s a video game lol. Chill out.