Famitsu Details Kingdom Hearts III World Order, Pudding Heartless, Gummi Ship Customization and More

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    Untranslated Source: https://www.famitsu.com/news/201802/11151608.html

    Translated Source: https://www.khinsider.com/news/Fami...tless-Gummi-Ship-Customisation-and-More-11333

    • As previously revealed, development of the worlds are split up into three different sections. The first round of worlds are around 90% complete, the middle round of worlds are around 60-70% complete.
    • Toy Story and Monsters Inc. are in the first round of worlds, alongside Olympus. Tangled is in the middle round of worlds.
    • There are roughly 10 worlds over the 3 parts, but it is unclear if that is just Disney worlds or all of the worlds in the game.
    • The Rare Heartless will be a giant-sized Japanese pudding themed Heartless. Co-director Tai Yasue says that there will be different fruit accessories that they wear.
    • The Giantland (Mickey and Jack and the Bean Stalk) segment will be implemented like an old LSI game. This is something that Nomura really wanted to put into Kingdom Hearts 3.
    • You will be able to customize the Gummi Ship with accessories. It is not like Kingdom Hearts 1 level of customisation, but more in tune with how you could accessorize Aqua in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep.
    Also, not from the article, but considering based on leaked, rumored and confirmed information we should be getting Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion, Twilight Town, Mysterious Tower, Keyblade Graveyard AND Radiant Garden, I’m going to assume there’s 8-10 Disney worlds.

    EDIT: Here’s a look at Giantland.
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    Keeping hope alive for marvel & Star Wars :(
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    hyped for pudding heartless
  4. Mullet2000

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    Did we know about the Jack and the Beanstalk level before this? I'd never heard that before.
  5. Falchion

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    Toy Story early is awesome because I want to get there as soon as possible.
  6. RiderKairuu

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    Good to hear about the Gummi Ships, the customization was needlessly complicated and it should be simplified. What does LSI mean?
  7. Hystzen

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    yeahhhhh gummi ships zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Habimaru

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    Message from the translator over KHInsider
    Don't panic, people.
  9. jett

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    wtf is LSI?
  10. Wrestleman

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    Sounds pretty much like KH2 size then. Not to mention they say worlds are much larger this time.
  11. Rychu

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    Thanks, added it to OP.
  12. Hexa

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    By LSI do they mean graphical style? Also, why LSI for Giant Land? That seems random.
  13. DNAbro

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    It’s like a Game and Watch game.
  14. LukarWuff

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    Limited Gummi Ship customization sounds good to me. I always just chose the premade blueprints because creating my own felt way too complicated. It sucks for anyone who really liked that aspect though.

    Also, I really hope Castle Oblivion does make a return (though it sort of has to). I know there wasn’t much to that place, but I loved the whole storyline of it, between Birth by Sleep and Chain of Memories.
  15. Nothing Loud

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    Is Giantland its own world?
  16. jett

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    Oh no, this?

  17. ezekial45

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    Games like this.

  18. Eylos

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    One more World confirmed?
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    Like those tiger games where part of the screen is fixed while the rest of the screen is rendered via led(s)
  20. Sub Boss

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    Giant what?
  21. Kain

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    I'm guessing kind of game &watch?

    Also yeah, so much info means the release date must be earlier than expected.
  22. RiderKairuu

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    Oh wow I never heard of those. Thanks!
  23. Habimaru

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    We got a look at the LSI game from the behind the scene thingy
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    it definitely sounds like the Giantland world is the one Nomura’s wanted to do for a while.
  25. Peff

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    EDIT: Beaten.
  26. Kain

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    This looks amazing
  27. Z-Beat

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    Press the Doug button to climb the beanstalk

    Oh wow they really put the work in.
  28. Chibs

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    Jesus, the news about KH3 just keeps on coming!
    It all sounds awesome dammit!
  29. Rychu

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    The world leak we got (which isn’t a complete list of worlds) said we would be getting Land of Departure and I imagine Castle Oblivion would be included in that world. Plus, Sora has to wake up Ventus in there so it’s practically confirmed.
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    Star Wars is definitely happening, I have zero doubt that this is the item for the final worlds Nomura has wanted to do since FFVII.

    Frozen is a given as well, no way Disney would let this game go out without having their biggest animated cash cow as a part of it.

    As for Marvel, I get the feeling it's a no go. Square Enix is already doing the Avengers game, and with Big Hero 6 as a part of the game, that might be splitting the difference.
  31. Nothing Loud

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    I'm genuinely surprised at how near to completion this game seems to be. Looks like we are getting a story trailer and 2018 release date at E3.

    Osaka team always delivers.
  32. Rychu

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    I would bet Frozen is going to be a huge E3 reveal.
  33. LukarWuff

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    Yeah, that’s why I said it sort of has to be in the game lol. Just looking forward to it.
  34. BriGuy

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    Goddamn am I sick of Olympus. Hercules wasn't a good enough movie to justify revisiting it so many times.
  35. ArmsofSleep

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    Pretty cool I guess

    Damn is is pretty fucking lit. PUDDING HEARTLESS

  36. Ishiro

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    LSI is the new retro pixels


    Edit: triple beaten
  37. BKatastrophe

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    Interesting, interesting, interesting.

    I still need to play 2.8 before this comes out. Fuck Chi.
  38. Rychu

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    Watch X Back Cover movie, it’s related to chi but the things in that movie are likely the only things about chi/unchained/Union they will talk about in the game.
  39. Chibs

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    There's gonna be some crazy hard trophy attached to this thing... I can feel it in my bones.
  40. LukarWuff

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    I’m kind of in the same boat, but it at least looks a lot more exciting in the footage we’ve seen so far.

    On the bright side, at least it isn’t Atlantica or Wonderland ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  41. Rychu

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    It’s better in KH3. In KH1, you got Olympus Coliseum. In KH2, you got Olympus Coliseum and Underworld (basically Hell).

    In KH3, Olympus is so expanded that you get Olympus Coliseum, Heaven, Mount Olympus, Underworld and City of Thebes.
  42. Rychu

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    I personally would love to revisit Wonderland, it has so many unique crazy areas and so many things they could do, but they wasted the world on a boring fetch quest of finding items hidden throughout the world. If done right, I would love revisiting it.
  43. Meelow

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    Yeah, this looks amazing. I secretly hope this is like Timeless River from KH2.
  44. Napalm_Frank

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    Real shame if Gummi building is removed.
  45. Cornbread78

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    sweeeet. Give it too us!
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    I just can't see it happening, Marvel and Star Wars are disney's current golden gooses and they are control freak when it comes to those franchise, just see how controlling they were on battlefront 1 and 2, they didn't even want character customization because everything needed to be perfectly faithful, can you imagine their reaction if they hear star wars themed Keyblade or star wars themed heartless? I just don't see it
  47. Boddy

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    I guess this is one way to stop people from building Donut-Shaped gummi-ships..
  48. Napalm_Frank

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    All they needed to do to fix that is make the enemies aim for the cockpit instead of the center of building grid :P
  49. Eylos

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    There's StarWars Lego i dont think Its Impossible
  50. Zomba13

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    I don't want to put earrings and a pretty necklace on my Gummi Ship, I want to make my own space aeroplane with lasers and missiles and spreadguns and a radar and 4 engines and a net.


    I like the gummi ship bits. I like building my ship and playing Star Fox :(