FBI Asked Sony for Data on User Who Allegedly Used PlayStation Network to Sell Cocaine

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May 9, 2018

In October, the FBI applied for a search warrant compelling Sony to provide data on a PlayStation 4 user who was allegedly part of a cocaine distribution network, according to court records reviewed by Motherboard. The application even asks for what games the alleged drug dealer played, and his progress in them.

The search warrant shows how law enforcement agencies are increasingly asking game console companies, and manufacturers of internet connected devices in the home in general, for data on users.
"The CHS [Confidential Human Source] stated ALEXANDER was currently charging $34,000 per kilogram of cocaine. The CHS stated ALEXANDER utilizes the PlayStation username 'Speedola20'," the application reads, referring to an unnamed informant for the FBI who helped investigate Alexander.

The CHS said Alexander contacted them through the PlayStation game "during game."

"The phase 'during game' is a reference to audio communication held during the CHS and ALEXANDER's participation in an online multi-player game," the application continues. "Investigators believe that ALEXANDER likely believes that audio communication during the course of his participation in an online game is secure. As such, ALEXANDER likely believes that he can use audio communication during game play on the PlayStation to arrange the details of a drug transaction."
The game that Alexander allegedly used is not named, and there is no indication in the application that in-game communication was being recorded by the game itself or Sony. But Alexander did allegedly talk with the CHS across PlayStation's own messaging service, which lets users send text messages or voice memos to one another.
So any guesses on the game?
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