February Wrasslin' |OT| This is where the big boys play, huh?

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Nov 1, 2017
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Oct 25, 2017

RWF13: Faction War Games
Thursday, February 28th, 2019
Time: 8:00PM Eastern/7:00PM Central/1:00AM London
Where: Live from the EraDome on www.twitch.tv/sephzilla - Replay will be available on YouTube

RWF's second event of 2019 closes out the month of February with a long overdue wrestler's debut, a couple of championship matches, and a little bit of fighting between RWF stables. RWF13 is all about continuing some of the storylines established from the previous event and setting the stage for upcoming events as the RWF contendership ladders begin to take form again.

Singles Match
Brian_FETO vs 31GhostsIV
Twin Peaks aficionado 31GhostsIV debuts in the EraDome, taking on the Million Post Man Brian_FETO in singles competition to open the show. Will 31GhostsIV join the ranks of the undefeated and become RWF's next Goldberg? Or will the Million Post Man promptly send or newest superstar to the bottom of the winning percentage list?

Tornado Tag Team #1 Contender Match
G-Generation X (BiggestGeekEver & Menome) vs The JIF (Zach & Dental Plan)
Following their defeat at RWF12 the JIF were livid at the newly formed G-Generation X tag team as well as RWF management, blaming their loss on technical glitches occurring during their intro. Before the dust of RWF12 even settled the JIF attempted to go double or nothing in their rivalry with GX, requesting a rematch under tornado tag team rules and throwing in the stipulation that if the JIF were to lose again they would disband as a faction. RWF management decided to take this opportunity and throw additional stakes on the matter by stating that whomever wins this match will also face the RWF Tag Champs later that same night for the titles.

Hardcore Match
Serene vs Sweeney Swift
These two little shits complained backstage about not being booked and kept our great chairman off of their Fav Five lists. Now they get rewarded by being told to beat the shit out of each other.

Singles Match
Heromanz vs excelsiorlef
Furious that he was kept off the books for RWF's return at RWF12, Heromanz was adamant that he return to action for RWF13. The RWF Chairman was happy to fulfill this request and booked Heromanz in a match against the newest member of The Authority, and the unofficial RWF King of Jobbers, excelsiorlef. Will Heroman be able to do the impossible and lose to excelsiorlef? We'll find out.

Singles Match
Pikma vs DMczaf
RWF's Top Shooter and man who's unable to figure out how to pin people DMCzaf returns to the ring for the first time since RWF10 to take on Pikma. A win by either of these superstars could propel them to #1 contender status as RWF management is supposedly high on both superstars in respect to title opportunities.

Main Event Part 1
RWF Tag Team Championship Match

[Winner of GX/JIF] versus The Authority (Beefy & Syder w/ Sephzilla) [c]
Faction warfare continues as the survivor of the GX/JIF war will take on The Authority, specifically the tag team known as Syde of Beef, in part one of our main event. By the time RWF13 starts, Beefy and Syder will have eclipsed Bronx-Man and Kornflayx 's record as the longest reigning RWF Tag Champions in history and will look to continue that reign going forward. However, the tag division could change forever if The Authority has one of their prized championships ripped from them by the rebellious JIF or the filthy GX.

Main Event Part 2
RWF B+ Championship Match

ZeBatsy vs Tall4Life [c]
Tall4Life, like his dear New England Patriots, dominated his championship match and regained the RWF B+ Championship. That same night, zeBatsy climbed to the top to become the new #1 contender for that same championship. If Tall4Life can retain the championship after this match, it will guarantee that he will surpass RBH for the most total days as RWF B+ Champion before RWF14 rolls around. However, zeBatsy already has a history of pulling upsets in championship matches (who doesn't remember the upset over Professor Beef for the RWF World Title at RWF9?) and a win at RWF13 would make zeBatsy only the second person in RWF history to win two of the three championships in the promotion. Will Tall4Life keep the B+ Championship within the ranks of NFLEra or will zeBatsy tell Tall4Life to GIVE UP?
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