FIFA 18 Switch : 73k in France, EA very satisfied.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Lelouch0612, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Nintendo France has disclosed a lot of information about Switch's excellent launch. In the software front, a lot of 3rd party titles have been successful (M+R, Rayman, Just Dance etc) and especially FIFA 18 which sold 73k units without digital sales. Nintendo France's president talked about that in an interview :

    - EA is very satisfied of FIFA's sales.
    It is expected for the game to sell twice this amount without troubles thanks to the WC.

    - It was a "test match" for the Switch, and the test is passed.

    - New announcements are coming.

    - More generally, every 3rd party publishers that made a serious effort on Switch are satisfied.

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    That's good news, I did end up enjoying Fifa 18 on Switch, glad to see that we'll get Fifa 19 with further improvements.
  3. Atheerios

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    So FIFA 19 confirmed at least.
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    Awesome. Bought it twice to support EA on Switch.

    Bring FIFA 19, Madden 19 and NHL 19 for Switch please.
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    Bring NBA Jam and Burnout to Switch.

    This is a separate news, even if it was brought up in that thread.
    People were doubting Fifa performance on Switch for the longest because of the UK charts....after Japan this is the second confirmation that the Switch version is actually selling rather nicely and meeting expectations.
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    Battlefront When
  8. Principate

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    Here comes FIFA 19: Legacy Edition!
  10. Herb Alpert

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    See, UK isn't an accurate description of Europe.
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    It would be a dream come true to see 1-3 on a Nintendo console.
  12. Bazry

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    EA to bring amazing new features to Fifa 19 on Switch, including online play with friends
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    It is interesting and promising to see that despite being the leader of this generation, the 3rd party ratio of the 3DS was 11%. The Switch is at 26% with a moderate support.

    I think that next year will be very interesting in that regard.
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    FIFA is also selling really well in Japan going by public data.

    Point is, sales must be low in absolute terms but the last FIFA games on a Nintendo hardware sold really abysmal numbers so it surely is an improvement. More surprising, given how much other software is selling.
  15. K Samedi

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    Its performing well in the UK as well I believe. It didnt drop off and is showing legs in pretty much every market. The initial sales were low compared to other platforms but that should have been expected.
  16. ZhugeEX

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    It's funny how Sony always talk about the 80:20 ratio for third party to first party. For Nintendo it's the other way around, haha.
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    Yeah I can only see a less handicapped version selling a lot better.
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    Yeah, definitely, although I think M+R somewhat raises that number while still being Nintendo IP. Still, it's definitely better than 3DS.

    Thanks for making the thread btw!
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    Hopefully EA is already in work porting their engine to Switch and setting FIFA 19’s tech baseline for the portable Switch version. I think sales will explode if people know they get the absolute proper FIFA.
  20. Neapolitan

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    I wonder if these trend will convince EA to port Frostbite Engine to Switch.
  21. Raijinto

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    Hmm, well this well and truly contradicts the claims that this was a token effort that bombed with sub 300k WW sales and would lead to a complete abandonment of the system by EA. Based off of solely one week's sales in one country no less.

    Let's be happy those people were, of course, talking nonsense and not for the first time eh?
  22. RedAhmed

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    I hope this means EA will try to get a version of Frostbite running on the Switch.
  23. Gaiaknight

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    now can we get some NHL love on switch EA pretty please.
  24. UnNamed

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    Impossibru! Someone said it was a flop according to the UK market, so it was all over the world.
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    Vive la France
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    So 73k in France without digital, does anyone has any idea about where it might be as of now WW?
  27. cw_sasuke

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    3DS didnt have much 3rdParty support since most big games couldnt even run on the device and there was no engine support. The fact that it took so many years to get Minecraft on 3DS - as a n3DS exclusive says it all.

    The system had the installed base - but lacked compability with pretty much every modern game.
  28. Chauzu

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    I myself like deciding the future third party sales on a Nintendo platform based on how a game does in a week in UK.
  29. marc^o^

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    I'd say around 300k.
  30. Sphinx

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    did EA ever make a statement regarding FIFA18 in the UK??

    I feel like we forum users sometimes love to jump to conclusions based on the silliest of infos, like amazon placements, perceived stock in random stores, etc.
  31. K Samedi

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    Japan: ~ 65k
    France: 73k
    UK: >40k ?
    Spain: last known before holidays 15k
    Germany: ?
    Italy: ?
    Benelux: ?

    US: ?
    Rest of world: ?

    With sigital, its very possible its >500k
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    bring NHL to switch pls
  33. Lelouch0612

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    If Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was at 400k in October, I can assure that FIFA18 is far beyond that.
  34. Ingueferroque

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    That seems like such a small number for a country like France though. Especially considering this is FIFA.
  35. marc^o^

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    Probably, 300K is a conservative guess.
  36. Xater

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    Hopefully FIFA 19 will actually match the other versions except for the story mode. That it didn't in the end was the biggest problem this game had.
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  38. KingSnake

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    I would love some NHL on Switch. I really miss playing NHL since the times there was a PC version.
  39. Chauzu

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    As much as I wanted to buy FIFA 18 for Switch, it was impossible to convince my bro due to lacking that silly story mode. If we get feature parity I think I can win... and our family save money by cancelling our PS+ sub.
  40. Lelouch0612

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    It likely has a >10% attach-rate which is pretty good for what the game is and how it was (not) advertised.
  41. lordlad

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    being handheld means it can't be connected 24/7 means lootbox denied means EA unhappy means no. /S
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    Lack of physical stock during release on several european countries was also a problem, I think. I can imagine some people going to buy Fifa 18 on Switch and after finding no stock buying it on PS4.

    It was strongly advertised by Nintendo. I mean, it receive almost the same treatment as Nintendo first parties. I don't think EA can complain on that regard.
  43. Raijinto

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    It has a 10% attach ratio with digital included surely. If it sticks around that mark WW you're looking at 1 million sales easily LTD, with a bit of a drop off for weaker markets taken into account.

    That's significant numbers and easy to see why EA are satisfied.

    EDIT: beaten.
  44. K Samedi

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    Not that Im aware of. Still, we can still maken educated predictions based on the data we have. The weekly sales breakdown of FIFA did show that the Switch version was having legs. Its also entering (when in stock) and leaving (when out of stock) the amazon uk charts regularly. It charted rather well on the eshop as well and recently even returned to the top 15. I think its fair to say it is showing legs in the UK.
  45. Shini42

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    They probably would, just like every other EA Sports game.
    And this will be very good for NS sales worldwide. Many people, who doesn't care about Mario, would probably jump aboard for the portable sports games.
  46. SLB1904

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    Do you guys know Xbox and ps4 numbers?
  47. Vault

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    I mean it probably sold that amount in the U.K. As well
  48. Smiles

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    as long as EA is satisfied. I guess they are going to keep the same engine going without improvements?

    At least add some features
  49. Lelouch0612

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    Oh yeah Nintendo did a good job. I was more refering to the fact that there was no demo, no reviews of the games at launch, and that retailers didn't put the Switch version with the PS4/X1 versions when they were promoting the game in store.
  50. Shini42

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    PS4 version is at 5.75m in retail in Europe total, judging by vgchartz. Don't see any info on France specifically.