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Fighting Games Era |OT| Two-Button Dashes Are Great

Oct 25, 2017
Blade Arcus from shining rebellion coming to ps4 and switch. Say what you will about the models and animations (cuz it deserves that) but the system and gameplay is great. Playing Rick was one of the best rekka characters I ever had. Unit real cancel systems, and a separate meter for assists to use either lvl1 2 or 3 assists or a reversal. Great and simple to pick up plus you can swap to play as the assist between rounds if the matchup is bad.

Give it a try once it's out folks. Not an air dash fighter and great for footsie players. Wish its system was in more games.



Just got a backer email on Pistrix for Arcana Heart 3 Six Stars. They got behind schedule so she didn't launch in the fall but she WILL be launching before the end of the year. Given the sudden announcement that Million Arthur was getting localized to console it makes sense they got busy in a hurry. They're a small studio.

Also our first teaser of Pistrix! Here is her doing a combo and an ending pose fully voice acted.


Well strike what I said about "localizing" Million Arthur Arcana Blood. While it may be goin to consoles, its apparently only going to be in japan. Import time fans of Examu Fighters.

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Hosted my very first tournament tonight for Dragonball FighterZ. Had 12 players and almost 30 people who came to watch and spectate. It went pretty well in double elmination format since I wanted four setups and that made things run pretty quick.

All in all, it went well and we are doing Tekken 7 and SFV in December. Running tourneys is both fun and stressful. Used Challonge to run the brackets, but it seems a bit wonky at times. Still, a lot of things learned even though it pretty much went off without any issues. Not too shabby for a local tourney in a town that has none.
Jun 19, 2018
This is a Filipino fighting game that'll go into Kickstarter soon
The art actually looks nice for what it is, but then you see the animation and OMG! Of all the people they could have asked, they picked the biggest weasel in the FGC to help market a kickstarter, lol. Just so you'd know what you're getting into.
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Oct 25, 2017
wasn't the first one really bad? i feel like i remember kumu shit talking it whenever it got brought up
The first ones animations and models were meh and its biggest flaw was it launched with NO online play originally in japan and one of its cast was forever an early adopter bonus. Eventually they were added into the base game and online was added when it was localized on steam.
The title itself is not an airdash fighter and as far as mechanics go its a blast. Very simple and very very versatile. You can universally use a mechanic to cancel out of anything and if you add that to any other cancels you got you can get really wild with blockstrings, pressure and combos. Rick has rekkas and built in jump cancel and low dashes that go under stuff so he's a prime character to use to explore potential in it. Balance was fair to decent with half the roster viable and those left behind still good for assist partnering, and if you were dying from a bad matchup your partner character can be swapped to between rounds so instead of choosing someone just to be an assist you can flop over and use your main as your secondary character's assist instead. As I said assists are on a seperate gauge and you can build I believe 4 bars. You have lvl 1 2 and 3 assist calls so it adds a lot of depth to psychology whether you are hoarding for some majorly powerful assist call or gonna just blow it constantly for quick stuff to stay safe or whether you wish to just save it all and use it just for reversals.

The game's mechanics are an absolute joy. Its polish visually and feature wise though earns it a bad rep, but if you dont mind and just wanna enjoy some good footsies and easy to learn characters this is your game. I honestly wish SF had taken a route akin to this game after SFIV. The things I could do with those cancels and Rashid...
Oct 27, 2017
Last character then.
Is anyone even playing this game? I haven't heard anything about it past the "here's the trailer for this or that interesting character who's DLC".
Oct 25, 2017
And now for a fun retro moment. Yipes vs Duc Doh (DucVader) in Evo 2k5
If you've never seen a Spiral team before this is a pretty good vid to watch. It was one of Yipes' problem matchups back when he was a god. Fun to see Drones + Spiral knives at play.

I actually use Spiral/Juggernaut/Sentinel because I like Juggernaut getting to keep his juggernaut punches safe by using drone assist and I like how crazy good his damaging dash assist is once you powerup glitch him. Best GTFO assist ever lol. Before that was Cable/Juggs/Sentinel for me. Just liked the Spiral zoning and pressure lately and switched to her. I still wanna make me a Jin, Iceman or Hayato based team sometime.
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Oct 25, 2017
Heads up yall who missed it but apparently there is a patch dropping for DBFZ today or tomorrow or something. Sounds like Piccolo got some mad buffs. Translated patch notes are hard to keep up with.
Oct 25, 2017
TVC goin live on Twitch right now for Tatsunical Tuesday. Gonna be some talk bout the big Frosty Faustings Tournament in July.
Kbeast is up first. Got a battle of Joe the Condor/Roll vs Joe the Condor/Viewtiful Joe.

Oh wow! Apparently a bunch of folks are confirmed coming to Frosty for TVC! Psychochronic is coming for the first time in years. Thats some EVO 2010 vs Marn with Doronjo levels of Twitch early days. Dr. Science is thinking about making a trailer for this one.
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Oct 25, 2017
For those who missed it the DBFZ patch notes are translated properly now.


Video Breakdown as well

Beerus gets some armor and decreased startup. Please let it make him decent for once.

EDIT: Nov. UPDATE trailer is out. Showcases new tournaments, trophies, and outfits. Pretty cool that Snakeway is in the game now :)
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May 1, 2018
Guard cancel changes? ...Better on hit... Bah!

Piccolo changes! 236X is the crossup, right? 236L is fast enough to actually probably work as a crossup... this is good if it can combo now.

Young Gohan 5LL buffed hitstun. :thinking: Interesting. Still doesn't stand out but w/e.

18's assist is more consistent/versatile now, cool.

A16 - Z Assist: Blockstun decreased. RIP.

Cell 2S buffed LOL.
Oct 25, 2017
I just wanna know how well the faster Beerus and hit of armor works out for him. I'm not certain anything aside from dash proof orbs would help him lol. Sad too because his pressure is the swaggest shit once you get in.
Oct 28, 2017
can I have a discord invite ? So that me and the people in the TWT thread can follow the tournament when the forum goes down for maintenance
Oct 25, 2017
Was kinda hoping for one more guest character in T7, but the returning characters are coo. Just need the Season 2 pass to go for cheap in coming weeks @[email protected]

Fighting Layer matches

90+ mins. of Garou MotW

2 Hours of King of Fighters '98

90 mins. of Melty Blood

90 mins. of BlazBlue
Oct 27, 2017
It's sad, I want to play lots of fighters, but it feels like my time isn't enough to play them to the extent that would make them enjoyable

Want to play SFV, Tekken7, SoulCalibur6 and UNIST
Oct 25, 2017
Site's been down. Several fighter things happened. Negan from Walking Dead's gameplay for Tekken 7 trailer dropped.

Seeing rumors escalate on various social media that more than one fighting game may have news at the Game Awards. Likely a DBFZ season thing or DLC announcement if anything to these rumors are true. Some still hold out for MVC4 but likely the whole "more than one..." rumor is all made up and just an echochamber again. The Video Game Awards isn't exactly a hotspot for that crowd and more than anything seems the place to show up for casual audiences on mass appeal games not fighters. Anyhow there's a light buzzing in the wind, but no one of note is saying anything so its likely people listening to their own selves in mass.

Also found a VERY promising new indie fighting game called METAL REVOLUTION. Seems like the theme is robots that use a specifc martial arts style so Robot Tae kwon do, boxing, kickboxing etc. Visuals are great though.




Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Hmm something looks a little off in that indie game. Characters need to stand out a bit more either in size or giving the background a darker more solid look than the foggy look it has atm. It looks like they have a good start.
Oct 25, 2017
There are more vids of more characters on the twitter account link for that indie fighter. Animations look pretty solid compared to most 3d animated indie projects. Nice effects on some of the attacks too. Nothing mind blowing but great weight and impact behind the feel of the moves. They got a helluva promising looking thing so far. Really interested to find out just what the system mechanics are. Until this, most of what I see are just updated posts on the incredibly long haul of making an "E's LAF" sequel, and occassional stuff from Punch Planet (who honestly seem to work pretty hard and update a lot).

Biggest indie fighting game venture by far worth following though is the "Unreal Fighter 2d" Game Engine thats pretty far in its dev cycle and nearing completion in the next year. Former MUGEN builder is working on it. Goal is to make it as easy to use as that but with potential for commercial uses and with FAR more options. Expect indie market to have tons of projects in this genre once it hits.

Just browse all the crazy things they've got in this engine sometime.
You can pretty well build any fighter ever out the gate with it. 3v3 + assists, KOF style 3v3, 2v2, 1vs 3 simultaneous(for real. its SFalpha on crack there), any number of meter/system/character specific mechanics, tons of arcade/story building tools for modes, an insanely powerful list of options for projectile creation, state editing out the ass...its a goldmine. Basically if you got artists you got a game. Just dump, edit and be done with it.

Been sick with some kind of Flu or Virus for a week and stuck at home so I took the time when I was awake to dig social media for indie fighters that are making any regular updates that show any signs of promise.
Oct 25, 2017
Speaking of Rising Thunder, what the hell has that team been doing all these years since they got bought?
Its a seeeeeeecret. Shhhhhhhhhh...
Real talk is there has been no talk. Folks at that studio were super excited for what they were gonna do when signed and silent since.
Speculation is that its more than likely a League of Legends based fighting game and that it'd be with the intention of finding a longterm way to monetize and expand the title as it goes to give that company a leg into that community and a way to cross promote their biggest title.

Truth is no one knows, no one says anything, and no one teases anything. When and if it hits it likely wont be small after all this time. So far all they've done is release Stonehearth which was likely in development before or alongside of Rising Thunder, but its not considered to be "the thing" they were acquired to make and that "that other thing" is still bein worked on.

For what its worth they were releasing the opensource code for the canceled Rising Thunder to the public to do with as they please so you can try that again sometime.

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Oct 25, 2017
Yeah it's been a long time for absolutely no info to come out. Either they're working on something huge, or development has gone poorly.
Given what they were thought to be working on it could honestly be either of those things. League of Legends is huge and the mentality of that company is long term monetization off of any genre they enter into. It'd be more than likely far more than just story/arcade/training/online to focus on for development if it was a LoL fighting game meant to make longterm money with the ability to extend the game constantly. Enticing players all the time to keep playing for rewards that matter to them more than just balance patches and new character additions would be a big time sink to design and make. They'd probably be trying to find some new take on maybe what Injustice 2 was trying to do with constant reward systems of collectibles and some system or another for play customization without breaking the game balance (which is what Rising Thunder was attempting).
That sorta game would take a LOT of time to make all the parts for let alone balance the gameplay and economics of in game rewards properly to entice people to keep playing for them.

Studio had one helluva big project request if LoL fighter was indeed the reason they were brought on. I honestly dont expect to hear anything till late 2019 early 2020 given how long that would've taken to make happen.

BTW I mentioned Es Laf 2 earlier bein one of the few things generally still chuggin along posting updates. Best Friends Play got to use a trial version recently. Pre pre alpha stuff but its there. Check it out. Looks ambitious and like its gonna be good just like the first Es Laf once its finished.

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Oct 26, 2017
SonicFox takes the best eSports player at The Keighleys.

I honestly can't think of another eSports player who has quite the track record. A champion of multiple games, a consistent one at that. Maybe some of the other MOBA players, but in any case--another well deserved win for the 'Fox.