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Figure Era |OT| Forums are Temporary, Plastic and Communities are Forever

Oct 25, 2017
Header and banner images by Freezasaurus. Many photos by me

Hi everyone! Welcome to ResetEra! This will hopefully be your home for news and discussion and showing off your collection of video game, anime, and other figures, whether PVC, resin, scale, articulated/action figure, nendoroid or what have you.

This type of community had a history of pushing the limits on the previous forum, and I'd prefer if we didn't get into that here. There are other places for content that falls outside the guidelines of this forum. No lewd stuff. Behave and follow the rules. As those rules become clearer, more specifics will be added. If it wasn't ok at the previous forum, assume it's not ok here. That includes disrespectful discussion.

Update 11/24/17:
Hello all. Giolon has asked passionately for clarity, and to find it I had a female moderator lead a discussion among the REgals community about the Makoto figurine and what kind of compromise with the FigureERA community they would find acceptable.

First things first, there was indeed overwhelming objection to the now infamous Makoto figurine. Crucially, it was not the sexualization in and of itself that caused this concern, but specifically that this was sexualization of a minor. Most of these ladies wanted to emphasize that they are not prudes and are actually quite okay with adult characters showing skin and looking sexy. So!

Rule #1: Exercise extra caution when a character is underage. Seriously. Don't fuck around with this guys.

Now for adults you’re probably asking how sexy is too sexy. Some suggestions on this topic were made which I find entirely reasonable, and so I present them to you now:

Rule #2: Don't post anything that wouldn't be shown on network TV. Many of our members are from the United States and have a good grasp of what this means. They’ll be able to tell you where that line is.

Rule #3: If the clothing on the figure would get a real person arrested for public indecency, it crosses the line. This should be self-explanatory.

Rule #4: If the camera is excessively focused on sexual or secondary sexual characteristics, it's a poor choice of picture and another angle may be more appropriate.

Again I feel that any new restrictions found here are very reasonable, and in fact this clarity may lift other restrictions you have been imposing on yourselves. Everyone appreciates that you’ve been making a sincere and earnest effort to be a part of our wider community, and no one is deliberately trying to drive you off. If you stay within these boundaries you will be fine, and you will be welcome.

Our FAQ is currently being revised and we will work to codify all of the above and more under our universal NSFW policy as soon as possible. There will be no double standards. Thank you.
Some statements have been made by site admin:
Hello. I am stepping into this thread to clarify a few things as requested.

On the topic of NSFW and what defines it, the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly declined to strictly define "obscenity." Instead, the justices wisely settled on a "we know what's obscene when we see it" type of approach. And that's what we're going to do here. We cannot articulate a precise guideline as to what will be or won't be allowed. Instead, we will approach things on a case-by-case basis. We encourage our users to exercise restraint when it comes to posting questionable material.

In a less legal-speak, if you wouldn't want someone to see you looking at it at work, don't post it on ResetEra. Keep things PG-13.

On the topic of lewdness, masturbation jokes, etc, if it is determined to be sexist or objectifying in any nature, warnings, and bans will be issued. We take a no-nonsense stance when it comes to those sorts of matters. Yes, we are a new team, but we have a more diverse staff here including women. ResetEra is not a "guys" club.

If you have any questions about this, I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.
To be clear, we will not, for the time being, be allowing any NSFW links or links with a pre-warning that says NSFW. If this policy changes, y'all will be notified.

Where should I buy my figures to save money and ensure that I am not being sold a bootleg?

AmiAmi.com -- For unreleased figures, this shop usually has some of the lowest pre-order prices around, and will be sure to get you your pre-ordered figures ASAP when they release. This store does not allow cancellations, so if your finances are uncertain or you need more flexibility, you'll want to choose another option. AmiAmi also has a small relatively selection of used figures. AmiAmi will allow you to batch up all of your figures within a calendar month to combine shipping.

HobbySearch -- Similar to AmiAmi, but usually slightly more expensive. Allows cancellations.

Tokyo Otaku Mode -- This site came on the scene a few years ago out of nowhere thanks to a grant from the Japanese government's "Cool Japan" program. They ship their figures in bulk from Japan and then ship in the US domestically out of a warehouse. This means they are fairly slow. However, they have a points program that is very lucrative if you keep an eye out for specials and bonus opportunities. Prices can be somewhat higher than other stores, but its fans will tell you that you can more than make up for the difference with the points, even to the point of earning free figures.

Big in Japan -- Did an awesome figure just get announced that's of your favorite character that you've been waiting to see for years?! Did your heart drop when you saw it will be sold exclusively at some Japan-only website that won't ship outside of Japan!? Well, Big in Japan specializes in selling these types of exclusive figures. You'll usually have to pay a little bit of a premium, and you'll want to get your order in ASAP, but they nearly always come through. They also sell general release figures and have reasonably priced proxy buying and package forwarding services.

Hobby Link Japan -- This is the first site I ever used to import something from Japan (it was some 1/144 HG Gundam SEED model). Needless to say, they've been around and importing Japanese good for a very long time. They have a neat "private warehouse" feature where they will hold your items for up to 60 days, allowing you to batch up and combine orders for optimal shipping costs.

Amazon.com-- Amazon is a double edged sword. There are a lot of bootlegs on Amazon, but more and more these days Japanese figure manufacturers are starting to sell their figures on Amazon.com, either through US distributors like Bluefin or directly themselves. Kotobukiya has been selling their popular Bishoujo and ArtFX lines this way for several years. Good Smile Company and Max Factory have started to sell directly here too, particularly with western friendly properties like the Legend of Zelda. Be smart about buying here, and ask your friends in Figure Era if you're unsure!

Mandarake - This is a Japanese chain of used enthusiast goods. You will not find new figures here, only used (though frequently unopened!) ones. If there's a figure you missed, checking in on Madarake often is one of your best bets. It helps if you know or can find the name of the figure in Japanese, since their English and Japanese listings are not always synchronized and cross referenced properly, though they have been getting better about this in recent times.

BigBadToyStore -- This is a great site to get Hot Toys and other western figures. They allow you to cancel your own orders, have flat-rate shipping options, and are generally easy to deal with. Some of the pricier items require down payments. Their selection and pricing of Japanese figures has been improving lately as well.

Sideshow Toy -- In addition to making super awesome, large scale, resin figures that you and I probably can't afford, they also are an authorized US seller of Hot Toys figures.

Entertainment Earth -- This shop specializes in collectibles of all kinds. Low (FunkoPops) to high end, comic and movie collectibles, statues, figures, toys, replicas and more. They have a huge inventory and offer free shipping on items over $100.

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Oct 25, 2017
So we can talk about lewd figures here, right?
Let's err on the side of caution while we're still feeling things out on the new forum. I'd suggest not. I want this community to be around for a long time. I also want it to be as big as possible. There are already people happy to see us back.

If the figure's not appropriate for this board, I'd recommend taking all discussion of it to the other board, Line, or Discord.


RE: Overwatch figures, yo those figures from Blizzard are pretty nice but the price is fairly steep (PVC figures are getting close these days though). I saw D.Va at Anime Expo at Blizzard's booth and she and her mech were amazing. However, $450 is too rich for my blood. T.T I got some good pictures though. I should process and post them later.
Oct 25, 2017
Kingdom of Mewni
Let's err on the side of caution while we're still feeling things out on the new forum. I'd suggest not. I want this community to be around for a long time. I also want it to be as big as possible. There are already people happy to see us back.
I was only going to say how I got my Skytube Aihara Honami in the mail today after Nippon-Yasan waited three fucking weeks to ship her.

You guys made me buy my first figure.

I haven't forgotten that.

You better start taking responsibility soon.

No worries but Im super happy to see this again!
Cajun is here too!
Oct 25, 2017
I was only going to say how I got my Skytube Aihara Honami in the mail today after Nippon-Yasan waited three fucking weeks to ship her.
It's cool. *thumbs up* I just want to be clear that I think that this isn't a good time to "test the waters". Keep in mind how your posts will be perceived by the larger community.

Been getting a lot more into figure collecting in the past couple of years (when money permits). It's so much fun.
Who needs money when you can have plastic? (FigureERA™ encourages fiscal responsibility and sensible spending).