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Final Fantasy 7 remake: some Japanese fans complain about Aerith's new design

Nov 11, 2017
sometimes I think dismissive blanket judgments about people with anime avatars are unfair but then I see something like that "horse face" comment in this thread and think hmm maybe they're fine actually
T B F, just as many anime avatars are arguing that the complainers are being foolish or gross...

But I can't blame ya, lol. Seriously. "Horse face"? What nonsense...
Feb 17, 2019
I hope to God Tifa looks as different as possible. Give her the broadest jaw possible. Who gives a fuck about what these Otaku think, they are the japanese equivalent of the alt-right/gamergate.
Oct 8, 2018
Jan 17, 2019
They moefied her, like Faith from Mirror's Edge (remember that ?). Nothing new from a fringe of Japanese fans, we all have those.

(source : https://kotaku.com/once-again-some-japanese-gamers-dislike-the-look-of-mi-512420010 )

I'll get everyone to agree and say they can model Aeris after cosplayer Enji Night
The Mirror’s Edge thing is news to me, I actually really like the look of that, ahem, “moefied” Faith. (Edit: Just noticed the enlarged breasts. That’s... fine, I guess. lol)

But FF7R’s Aerith looks great as-is. Hope they don’t change it, the longer face looks better.