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Full Nines

Apr 10, 2018
At long last, I've finally deleted the app. I had been waffling for months, but it finally happened today.

I was a day 1 player and have played pretty much daily since then. I've been slowly losing interest since the magicite missions were added as I really hated how much the game felt like just slamming in to a wall over and over. They decided to triple down on magicites and torments and Japanese foresight only seems to confirm more of the same coming. The only thing that was keeping me going was the story dungeons and even that's started to feel stale.
See ya, Steeped. Sorry to hear about those pulls. They can be really sobering especially when you're already wavering.

I know what you mean about the magicite; that monthly 20x magicite grind is annoying even being able to steamroll the 5*'s. I really wish they'd either reduce it or just simplify it to like "Clear 50 of any dungeon" a month or something. The new Torment look especially painful, too. I'll probably be putting them off for quite a while.

What's really worrying me are these Cardia missions in the future that require you to Master Clear a new D450 dungeon. Four times. Weekly. Like... fucking why??

Be warned that Dark-weak Odin is the hardest of the bunch. He's the second tankiest and has an annoying sequence of attacks - Turn 9 sap followed by Turn 10 sleep, and then turn 12 overstrike attack - that makes him extremely annoying to deal with.
I've been meaning to ask, how would you guys rank the Odins in difficulty? I'm aiming to start on those soon, but I haven't really looked into them individually much yet. I have at least one AASB and Gen 2 Chain for each element, so my power's roughly within the same basic range for each, I think.


Oct 30, 2017
Trinidad, West Indies
Mr. Daravon:

Oh, you have Larsa USb1 already? Perfect. He can fill in for Tyro as Astra/Entrust bot with bonus healing. You'll probably want to use RW Wall, though if you time Ark (and you definitely should be using Ark as main magicite) properly to blink Turn 12 Savage Holyja (overstrike attack), you might be able to get away without using Wall at all. Not using Wall also makes Seifer's Radiant much more powerful, though of course, you're taking a bigger risk.

Vanille USb3 is large heal, Full Break and Regenga. It's not an Elarra USb1 clone at all (only Rosa USB2 is a clone), missing the HQC2 which is what really sets Elarra USb1 apart from the other Regenga USBs. As far as healer USbs go, it's junk, just like all of Vanille's USBs (she doesn't get a decent USb to spam until her USB4, which was only recently released in JPN).

As for Vayne and his Brave command, Overstrike Brave commands tend to be pretty strong and might even be able to break at Level 1. Regardless, I'd try to use the Brave at Level 3 as much as possible, preferably as part of a bUSB spam rotation (i.e. bUSB, Necro Countdown, L3 Brave, repeat) if possible.

Full Nines:

Obviously it depends on what you have, but I'd rank the Odins as follows:

Dark-weak > Wind-weak >>> Water-weak > Fire/Earth-weak > Ice > Lightning/Holy

If you have the DPS, ice/lightning-weak are fairly easily. Holy is fairly easy even if you don't have top level DPS.

Fire/earth are about roughly the same. Fire hits hard and you need imperils but is simple. Earth is a bit on the tankier side and has stuns/paralyze, but again, nothing too special.

Water-weak isn't that hard if you have the tools, especially if you bring Wall (out of all the Odins, water-weak is the only one I 100% recommend Wall for), BUT it has Phoenix's ATB gimmicks where he savages very quickly and attacks relentlessly. If you don't find a way to control Savage early he will run right over you.

Wind-weak is the tankiest of the bunch and has a brutal sequence of multiple 1/2 CT AoEs (Quake spam) in a row that will slaughter you. I couldn't beat him with Aerith as Last Stand healer and entrust-bot. Absolutely needed to go double healer here (actually, 5/8 Odins I used double healer on, though I didn't have Tyro UBS3/USB4 for most of them which would have helped) to survive. With God-level DPS (i.e. fully kitted Cloud & Zidane), it's manageable - just watch out for Quake spam and that tankiness.

And dark-weak is just the worst overall. Wind-weak took me 12 hours to beat and dark-weak took me 11, BUT wind-weak was my first while dark-weak was my 7th, i.e. I had full Odin accessories, and it was still hard. Then again, I had a lot weaker DPS for dark-weak (full Dark Cloud as solo DPS, backed up by Seifer CSB/BSSb2) versus wind-weak (full wind Cloud and Bartz USb2/AASB1 with Faris chain).

re: Magicite missions

Hope you have your auto-5* teams ready, cause after 5th Anniversary and the introduction of Record Boards, you'll need to run about 14 5* magicites a week for 6* motes. You'll have to deal with that for three months before Cardia shows up and lowers the weekly magicite requirements, though they then add weekly Torment requirements. At least for most vets, by the time those roll around, clearing a D450 multiple times isn't going to be a big deal. Rather, the real bitch will be to master clear the Phantasm within the first month - that will be out of reach of most players.


Oct 25, 2017
Shit, I'd totally spaced on the HQC component, rip. Larsa it is then.

Edit: Well shit, Larsa will need full crystal waters AND some magia to break 10k HP unless I can slot in a 3rd HP Boon. Wondering if I should just grab Tyro's USB1 off the lens shop and run him instead at this point. I've got 8k tier 3 lenses so it's kind of whatever, I do also wish that waters weren't such a limited resource though. Larsa would be a 2nd healer via his USB, Tyro would be entrustbotting but he would also give me Godwall so I could run Fabula Mage I suppose, or maybe Fabula Raider but I don't know that the ATK/MAG buff stacking would make it worth, especially given the straight DPS of Fabula Mage. Hm.
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Oct 27, 2017
If anyone wants to fight Ifrit early. It was somehow added to the game, but the actual Ifrit 6* magicite item was not, so don't try to look at the reward screen, it will crash the game

This will probably be fixed very soon, although the next maintenance is this week, so its only 4ish days early anyway