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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Some fans are mad because Barret "looks white"

Dec 14, 2018
Rio de Janeiro
He still looks black to me but they definitely toned down some of his more impressionable features, his face looks a little more conventionally attractive (generally balanced out his head shape), and they notably tuned down his lips.

This is way too stylized, they're aiming for more realistic proportions, look at the size of those feet!
Oct 22, 2018
a sunken pirate ship
I tell you one thing he has no texture in his hair or got a perm
Yeah like I don't think there's much wrong with the skin tone they used (especially since the lighting in the screencap is so harsh) but once I looked at the hair I couldn't unsee it. I know, I know, rendering hair is hard, but it still looks weird to me to see that lack of texture.
Feb 12, 2018
I hate to dismiss people's concerns but it really looks like a lighting thing to me as well. It reminds me of when Big Boss looked grey in the Ground Zeroes trailer, because of the flood lights.

He looked like old Barrett in the 2015 trailer which didn't have these big explosions.
Oct 25, 2017
You have so little going on in your life you complain about fuckin' complaining? At least I'm complaining about meta-complaining
Must be nice having so much free time to be self-referential. Some of us only have time to complain about how Cloud's arms look buffer but somehow worse. You got some nerve, muteKi. Or should I call you metaKi :|
Oct 25, 2017
Jesus christ, is everything connected to gg/altright nowadays.
I am just tired of people roaming through Twitter looking for some crazy individuals and making threads off it.
LMAO it's been around for years. That image probably wasn't made in good faith in the first place.
Oct 28, 2017
He is facing an intense white light from the scorpion's tail laser

dark skin doesn't absorb light, the 2015 footage is much more an issue to me because the dark skin on camera is flat and with 0 tone
Oct 27, 2017
I was surprised to hear people complaining that he looked white. It didn't look that way to me. It is similiar to how black people might look darker or lighter depending on the sun or weather. Similarly, I am brown but depending on the lighting I would either look darker or lighter.

At the end of the day I would say wait for more footage to be sure.
I hate to dismiss people's concerns but it really looks like a lighting thing to me as well. It reminds me of when Big Boss looked grey in the Ground Zeroes trailer, because of the flood lights.

He looked like old Barrett in the 2015 trailer which didn't have these big explosions.
Man I wish we got grey big boss. He looked badass.
Oct 29, 2017
What are you even talking about? Who would fund this? A competing RPG studio? Idea Factory?!
Meaning trolls trying to act as "concerned citizens" or "SJWs" or whatever by promoting something ridiculous in order to discredit what could be a legit concern about the voice actor's portrayal of the character. Maybe that's the wrong use of the term, since it's meant to discredit a movement rather than endorse/promote, but the concept is basically the same.

Basically it's hard for me to see this as legit concern, so I'm wondering if it's someone trying to parody the other concerns.
Oct 25, 2017
So to recap:
Barret's voice is too black
Aerith looks too old
Barret's skin is too white.

The minute Tifa is revealed I'm entering a fallout shelter. That's gonna be a disastrous shit-storm.
Oct 25, 2017
People need to wait until we get an official render or a shot where the lighting source isn't coming from every fucking angle before making an outcry about this.
Nov 10, 2017
Isn't Literally Who a gamergate dogwhistle?
Yep. I think at some point either Quinn or Wu might have used that as a display name on Twitter as a reaction (like that triple bracket thing) to Gaters thinking they're smart and both trying to pretend that this has nothing to do with these women (by referring to them as "Literally Who") and completely undermining their own claim that they don't matter by turning it into a code name with LW-1, LW-2, etc referring to the specific women being harassed.
I assume that specific picture is made by Gaters mocking those women.
Oct 25, 2017
I'm surprised so many people apparently have only seen this take just now. There's literally a thread that a poster decided to finally make because he felt that the new trailer thread was shutting down discussion about it as hyperbole: https://www.resetera.com/threads/ra...st-to-call-out-racism-if-i-saw-it-but.116282/

Personally, I think it's all lighting, and that anyone who thinks it is whitewashing is reaching, but this definitely isn't just the only 5 twitter posts OP could find on the subject. I don't know why but some people genuinely see whitewashing when they see that screenshot of him facing the explosion.
Oct 27, 2017
"FFVII Remake : some fans are mad because (insert thing)"

New thread title template. We're going to get a lot of those. I'm counting two in one day already.
Oct 26, 2017
I don't think his skin is lighter. He looks as black as he ever did. Some scenes have lighting where I can see how you could perceive any skin color depending on how you interpret the color of the light.

Like it's possible that a light-skinned person could look like this depending on the lighting:

But then cloud's right next to him in the same lighting and it's very obvious he's black.

I think it might actually be a similar situation to the infamous dress:

As far as his redesign goes. He's certainly less bulky. Seems to be less Mr. T and more Will Smith; something in-between.
Nov 14, 2017
Is it me or are Final Fantasy 7 fans a bit weird lately?
Problem is they want everything to be as they imagined inside their heads all this time , one detail outside the fantasy they have been cooking for 20 years will overwhelm them, thats why Square was afraid of making the remake in the first place now there are enough young fans that will buy it without expecting the holy grail