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Oct 25, 2017

Platform(s): Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date:
Switch, Xbox One: March 26th, 2019​
PS4: December 5, 2015​
PC: July 4th, 2013​
Genre: RPG
Price: $15.99 USD
Player(s): 1
Format: Digital
Publisher: Square Enix
Size: 3.85 GB

Can I start with this game as my first Final Fantasy?
Yes. Final Fantasy VII, like the other numbered FF titles (follow up sequels like X-2 notwithstanding) is a standalone story and world that requires no previous knowledge of the series.

Turn based and random encounters?
Yes to both, though this port features the ability to disable encounters entirely if you wish.

What’s new with this port over the PS1 original?
The port features 3 game boosters (cheats) that allow you to disable random encounters, activate 3x speed and refill your health/limit break gauges. You activate these by clicking the left and right thumbsticks.

The game also includes high-definition movies and character models (2D elements scaled to HD, 3D elements rendered in HD) and achievements/trophies for the platforms that support them.

Does this use the same background images as the PS4/PC port?
Yes. AI scaling is still limited to a PC mod.

Play Anywhere?

Xbox One X enhancements?

Does this port suffer from the same issues as the FFIX port?
*Music issue is now resolved.

While the music restarting issue (overworld track starts from the top after every encounter) is has carried over to this release, problems in IX like the generic font and forced grey borders are not an issue in FFVII. This is a port of the original PC release of FFVII and not a recreation of the game in Unity ala FFIX.

Chance of a physical release?
There haven't been any hints of one on any platform.

Metacritic (PS1) - 92

IGN 9.5/10

All in all, it is impossible to not recommend Final Fanatsy VII to anyone who is even vaguely interested in RPGs.

Gamespot 9.5/10,10867,2547583,00.html

The question you must ask yourself is, are you prepared to dedicate a good portion of the next month to take part in a powerful story unlike anything you have ever witnessed before? If your answer is yes, and you can approach Final Fantasy VII content knowing that it bears its genre's inherently problematic traits, you will find it be among the most incredible games you have ever played - or ever will.

Absolute Playstation 97%

There seems to be no easy way for me to break all of this game down to a sentence or two…but okay, here goes…This is the current apex in RPG games. In fact it is probably one of the best OVERALL games ever created for ANY system. A game of this magnitude comes along very rarely indeed. I can't wait to see what else Square has planned to top this baby…guess we'll see with Final Fantasy VIII! Until then though, get this game…even if you are not into RPG's, the overall game is brilliant and should not be missed!

Xbox One
Final Fantasy 7 - An oral history (article)
Final Fantasy 7 - An oral history (book) on the (1996) announcement of Squaresoft on PS1
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Oct 25, 2017
The first Final Fantasy many of us Europeans played, as it was also the first Final Fantasy we actually got. (At least, if you don't count Mystic Quest!)

Been wanting to replay this lately, but the news of it coming to the Switch made me hold off. Finally, the day is here!


Aug 12, 2018
West Hollywood
Holy shit those Usenet posts are amazing. I cannot wait until 20 years from now people are digging up Resetera/IGN/Gamefaqs threads and having a laugh.

I don't know if I'm gonna pick this up on switch as I want to try the fan retranslation on my next run through, but to all of you who have yet to play this amazing game, Welcome! It's fantastic.

Narpas Sword0

Oct 28, 2017
I never got as far in the PS4 version as I wanted so I might double dip. I wish there was a way to copy my save over though since all my replays for 20 years tend to end soon after Midgar and that part of the game is starting to get a little too familiar lol


Nov 23, 2017
Still my favorite game. I can't wait to replay it on Switch tomorrow and then again on Xbox One next year to keep my tradition going. If anyone here is new to Final Fantasy VII, I'd be glad to answer questions that you may have. ^_^


Nov 1, 2017
One of the most important and defining games that helped establish video games as an important medium in storytelling. Don't @ me.

But back on topic, I've had this preloaded for ages. Sadly I've just got back from holiday where this would have been my perfect game to relax to.


Oct 25, 2017
Just downloaded for preload. Had hoped for no good reason that 10pm the night before would be okay to play, but oh well.

December 96 Gamefan spread on this game made me buy a PSX two months later.


Oct 25, 2017
There's something faintly surreal to me about Final Fantasy VII coming to a Nintendo platform after all these years, given how acrimonious things were back then.


Oct 30, 2017
is there any improvements visually? I bought 9 recently and it looks like absolute dirt on the xbox.


The Fallen
Nov 7, 2017
History has not been kind to them ever since this poster was released.
How do you figure?
Squaresoft dominated in the PS1 era and it carried on into the PS2 era. It was really Yoichi Wada and their shift in development focus in the PS3/360 days that really started to hurt them- but even now their flagship games still light up the charts.

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Dec 17, 2018
How do you figure?
Squaresoft dominated in the PS1 era and it carried on into the PS2 era. It was really Yoichi Wada and their shift in development focus in the PS3/360 days that really started to hurt them- but even now their flagship games still light up the charts.
I was comparing them to Nintendo and didn't explain it well.


Oct 27, 2017
Will probably get this regardless of the sound bug. This was my first FF game I played even though I had a NES back in the day. I loved this game so much I have nothing but fond memories.


Nov 1, 2017
I really hope we get as many games as possible on the Switch as it's the first time I really dive into old games (or just games in general, especially indies) and I would like to have a console with more or less every possible game gathered on it.

I replayed FF7 a few times but always on my ps1 lol, it's gonna be a nice difference.

Good thing I don't care about the resetting sound after battle.
Didn't even notice it in FF9. Since we can turn off the random battles, I just do that here and there and I can listen to music as I want.
I remember playing a game or 2 years ago where I thought it'd be nice for the music not to reset though, I thought it was a choice, not a bug.
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Oct 27, 2017
How the fuck can they not fix the sound bug? It’s truly one of the worst bugs you could have in a game with so many random encounters.


Oct 25, 2017
Never heard of allowance to fix bugs in a contract before. That’s interesting.
It’s pretty common to outline studios working on ports won’t fix legacy bugs because those are not the studios responsibility, in this case since this bug exists on PS4 it’ll be considered legacy and wont fixed.

I don’t know where the bug originated from but for whatever reason the original platform it was on shipped with it and now no one is paid to fix it.

I mean, that’s what I’ve gathered from the sound bug.

Reading 'U64' on this page made chuckle.
I saw a topic on there about it being renamed to N64 but people we’re saying for Japan only lol. I’m amazed boards like that still exist, would’ve been interesting to see GameFAQS had they not purged their boards years ago.


Oct 27, 2017
Playing FFIX at accelerated speeds on Switch is awesome. Def going to give this port a try.

Fun way to quickly tour a game from yesteryear and get my dose of satisfied nostalgia.

Generally think that the bugs in the IX re-release are overblown. I didn't notice the music bug once and the text looks fine. The bugs that did bother me was the frequent lock ups when coming back from sleep on Switch. Fortunately continue mode makes this only a minor inconvenience.


Oct 27, 2017
Shit, what’s the music bug? I was really interested in playing FFIX on Switch. Is it game breaking?
Music repeats after a battle so if there's a lot of random encounters, you will never hear the entire track.

I'm honestly surprised how/why all these ports always have this issue. I think it started with the FF X remaster. I know that it was eventually fixed with the PS4 version, but was the vita version patched as well?


Jan 10, 2018
Do not support this hideous, buggy port.
Played it on PS4 to completion (Platinum trophy) and it wasn't buggy at all, minus the apparent music glitch which I somehow didn't even notice (I was remote playing it on Vita without the sound on pretty often).

I have extremely strong nostalgia for the blocky visuals of FF7 so I also don't think it's hideous but to each their own.