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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers |OT| First World Problems

Dark Knight

Oct 25, 2017

Ala Mhigo is at last free from imperial rule, but that liberty may prove fleeting as the Empire moves to both reclaim this bloodied nation and subjugate all of Eorzea. In their hour of need, however, they cannot turn to the Warrior of Light. Nor to the Scions, who yet slumber, their souls adrift. The realm is left to struggle without its saviors, for they have been beckoned beyond time and space─beckoned to the First.
Here a new adventure begins in a world where light ushers all unto oblivion. But hope is not yet lost, for where there is light there is shadow.
Hero becomes villain as the Warrior of Light embraces the dark, and embarks upon an adventure that transcends worlds. Pore over these records─learn about the lands and the foes that await─and prepare for the trials ahead.

The Flood of Light rendered the vast majority of the First devoid of life, with Norvrandt remaining as the last bastion. Being a reflection of the Source, its climates and environs resemble those of Eorzea, though the cultures of its diverse range of inhabitants have taken an entirely different course over its troubled history.

  • The Crystarium - A bustling city that developed around the Crystal Tower in the years following its sudden appearance in Lakeland. It serves as a safe haven for people of all races and creeds as they join hands in the struggle against the merciless sin eaters.
  • Eulmore - With its influence extending across the majority of the isle of Kholusia, this powerful military nation once stood firm against the onslaught of the sin eaters. Recent years have seen a drastic shift in Eulmore's position, with the wealthy upper classes turning their backs on the plight of the world, indulging in an endless parade of decadence and debauchery.

  • Il Mheg - Tucked away in the mountains, this enchanted land was once home to the Kingdom of Voeburt. When men abandoned it following the Flood of Light, it instead became home to the fae folk, the playful and childlike pixies chief among them.
  • Rak'tika - Once, long before its towering trees were seeds, in this millennia-old forest stood the royal capital of an advanced magical civilization─the Ronkan Empire. The stony remnants of its lost grandeur can still be spied beneath the shadowy boughs.
  • Amh Araeng - It was on the edges of this vast desert, occupying the southern expanse of Norvrandt, that the Flood of Light was halted. Inhospitable from the beginning, it now lies on the threshold of life and all-consuming radiance.
  • Lakeland - A verdant region centered around the Source, the great lake whence it derives its name. Rich in aether, this land has long been held sacred by the elves, its original inhabitants. Nowadays, it falls under the aegis of the Crystarium, mankind’s final bastion in the war against sin eaters.
  • Kholusia - The largest island in Norvrandt, the greater part of Kholusia lies under the dominion of Eulmore, the city of final pleasures. Compared to other lands, it is known for experiencing few sin eater attacks, a reputation which draws throngs of refugees to its shores.

  • Gunbreaker - The Hrothgar of northern Ilsabard have passed the art of the gunblade from one generation to the next. The weapon itself combines a sword with a firing mechanism, emitting a range of magical effects by utilizing aetherically imbued cartridges. Originally employed by Queen Gunnhildr's personal guard, they were once known as "Gunnhildr's Blades" and differ greatly from the similarly named weapons used in the Garlean Empire.
  • Dancer - From the Near Eastern nation of Thavnair comes a troupe of bewitchingly graceful performers. Though certainly elegant and beautiful, their movements also speak of martial discipline─of a pulsing, persistent energy whose rhythm can inspire souls and soothe troubled hearts. Inured to the hardships of the road, these dancers have learned to land throwing weapons with the same exacting precision as their footfalls, removing any who would obstruct the endless beat of the dance.

  • Viera - Of tall stature and slender frame, the Viera's physical appearance is strikingly similar to that of the Hyur and Elezen, save for their distinctive long ears. Adhering to a strict code known as the Green Word, they are prohibited from contact with the outside world under threat of exile. Their society is purely matriarchal, and males of age are seldom, if ever, found within the bounds of any village. They instead serve as protectors of the wood from the shadows, that no evil may ever encroach on their sacred lands.
  • Hrothgar - Hailing from the distant shores of Ilsabard, the Hrothgar are a burly people of lionlike appearance—or the males are, at least. Females number staggeringly few among their population, and thus are rarely so much as glimpsed by the other races. The Hrothgar's imposing countenance─mitigated not at all by their sharp claws and still sharper fangs—incited panic amongst Eorzeans upon their arrival. As they were also unable to communicate, initial interactions with the commonfolk often escalated into conflict. It was not until the Hrothgar gained mastery of the common tongue that fears were allayed, and in time they would be as neighbors, welcome in all corners of the realm.

In Shadowbringers, players will have the opportunity to challenge dungeons with a party of trusted non-player characters, including various Scions of the Seventh Dawn—though the traditional party matching systems will of course remain intact.

The Dragonsong War has long since ended, but its scars yet remain. As man and dragon work together to restore the Holy See to glory, they aim to lay the cornerstone of the new Ishgard─the Firmament. However, nations are not rebuilt in a day, and this one has come to find it wants for helping hands...

  • Level Cap Increase
The level cap will be raised to 80 with the release of Shadowbringers. With this will come new actions for classes and jobs—as well as new foes on which to hone your skills.

  • New Game +
This brand-new system will allow for replay of previously completed quests while retaining one's current progression and job level.

  • New Gear and Crafting Recipes
With new adventures come new opportunities, so expect a plethora of new recipes to craft and resources for the taking.

As light threatens to engulf Norvrandt, her people would seek sanctuary in shadow. Yet even the dark denies them solace. What new dangers lurk in the dungeons of Shadowbringers?

  • Titania - A being of great power, Titania holds sway over the pixies and other fae folk of Il Mheg─folk who, despite their notoriously temperamental natures, bow before their ruler one and all.
  • Innocence - Innocence sits at the top of the hierarchy of sin eaters─the beings that emerged from the Flood to plague what remains of mankind. Beyond that, its nature and purpose remain shrouded in mystery.

This exciting new raid written by guest creators YOKO TARO and Yosuke Saito will see FINAL FANTASY and NieR come together as never before! What grand adventure awaits the enigmatic automaton garbed in white?

Beyond the boundaries of Norvrandt lies the Empty─a land drowned in the primordial light of the Flood. To redress the balance of the elements, our hero must wield a power the likes of which the First has never known. The power of Eden.
Featuring character design work by famed director and designer Tetsuya Nomura.

  • Pixies - Though they boast a command of magic unrivaled in Norvrandt, pixies generally limit their sphere of activity to Il Mheg, dancing amongst the winds on colorful wings. Do not be fooled, however─they are often as cruel as they are carefree.
  • Nu Mou - Though somewhat canine in appearance, the Nu Mou are indeed members of the fae, and make their homes in Il Mheg. They are more fairly disposed toward man than their pixie cousins, however, and maintained close ties with the people of Voeburt in its day.
  • Dwarves - This insular tribe dwells upon Mt. Gulg in Kholusia, its diminutive people rarely leaving the community of their birth. Dwarves are known for their skill at mining, metallurgy, and crafting mechanical marvels, but they themselves consider the true marks of dwarfhood to be respect for tradition and adherence to strict ancestral laws.
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Oct 25, 2017

Shadowbringers Launch Trailer
Shadowbringers Cinematic Trailer
Job Actions Trailer
Benchmark Trailer
Benchmark / Character Creator
Dungeon Crawl
The Hrothgar Race Trailer
The Viera Race Trailer
Gunbreaker Reveal
Dancer Reveal
Expansions Site (Screenshots & Artwork)
Fan Kit (Wallpapers, etc)

Is there a free-trial?

There is a free trial with unlimited play time for the vanilla game (FFXIV: A Realm Reborn) up to Lv35, with restrictions. It's available on PlayStation (no PS+ required), Windows, and Steam. All servers are cross-platform. If you enjoyed the trial, you can purchase the full game and continue playing from right where you left off.

Also check out the Recruit-a-Friend Campaign if you’re a new player! Feel free to ask for an invite from a current player so that both of you can receive bonus rewards.

Do I need to own past expansion to play Shadowbringers ?

Yes. Every edition of Shadowbringers will also include the past expansions.(Heavensward,Stormblood)
There's also a Complete Edition which includes everything you need to play.

Do I need to purchase Shadowbringers for each of the platforms that I currently play FFXIV on?

Yes. For example: You play FFXIV on PC and PS4 and wish to play the expansion on both of those platforms, then you would need to purchase and register Shadowbringers for both PC and PS4.

I bought and play FFXIV on Steam. Do I need to purchase Shadowbringers on Steam to upgrade my account?

Yes, you do as the Steam and Windows versions of FFXIV: ARR have different play entitlements. The registration code that comes with the purchase of the Steam version of FFXIV is a Steam-specific play entitlement. If you purchased the game via Steam and set up your service account using the Steam-included code then you cannot use a non-Steam version of Shadowbringers to add the expansion to your existing account.

What are the in-game requirements for accessing Shadowbringers content?

You must have a Lv70 character that has completed all the Main Scenario Quests from patch 2.0 ARR to patch 4.5 SB. However— you can still acquire the Gunbreaker and Dancer jobs in Gridania,Limsa Lominsa with a Starting Level of 60.

I want to skip all these Main Scenario Quests!

There are Scenario Shortcut items available for purchase on Mog Station's optional items shop. These items will flag all MSQ up to patch 2.55’s Before the Dawn (ARR ~ $18) or patch 3.56’s The Far Edge of Fate (ARR+HW ~ $25) as complete. You’ll also automatically gain a chocobo mount and will be set to your starting city-state’s grand company. This item will not boost your job levels.

I want to skip all this leveling!

There are Job Level-boost items available for purchase ($25) on Mog Station's optional items shop. This item will boost a single job of your choice to Lv70 and include a full set of Lv70 gear. You’ll also automatically flag the job quests as complete and learn all the job's actions. This item will not flag any MSQ as complete.

Will the trust system be able to be used for lower level dungeons like for alts or just 71-80 dungeons?
No the trust system can only be use for Shadowbringers story dungeons LV 71-80. Maybe at a later time.

❗Ultros has a restriction on when new characters can be added to the server. Your best bet is to try from midnight to early morning hours. Ultros prime time is in the evening for NA. Players from other regions might prefer servers that are closer to their location due to latency and time zone.

Name: [Cenozoic] «Era»​
World/Server: Ultros​
Data Center: Primal​
Websites: Lodestone (Roster)
(look for this FC icon)​


Submitting a Free Company Application

Target or search up any member with the tag «Era» in-game, then select View Company Profile from the subcommand menu.

You can find members anywhere or near the FC's estate in Shirogane: Northwest Aetheryte - Ward 18, Plot 30. You can also submit an application through the sign located outside.

2. Select Submit Application at the bottom of the Company Profile window.

3. Enter a message including your ResetEra username (if you have an account), to be sent with your application. Then press Confirm to submit.

4. An officer will review your application when available. You will be added to the free company automatically when the application is accepted. You do not need to be online for this process.

5. After you get in add your ERA name to your FC short message.

Basic Game Utility

The Lodestone. Official site for news and more.​
Mog Station. Account management and optional items shop.​


Garland Tools. Multi function database.​
FFXIV Teamcraft. Crafting/Gathering.​
/r/FFXIV. Subreddit.​
Ariyala's FFXIV Toolkit. Gear calculator.​
Crafting as a Service. Crafting information.​
Cat Became Hungry. Fishing information.(doesn't like adblock)​
FFXIV Clock. Gathering timers.​
Apkallu Falls. Minions and mounts.​
FFXIV Housing. Furnishings.​
FFXIV Hunts. Locations of hunt marks.​
PvPaissa. All things PvP.​
Eorzea Collection. Glamour Catalogue.​




❗ Please be mindful of spoilers when discussing main story quests. ❗

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Oct 25, 2017
I got my no life slob of snacks and drinks ready for launch.

I will consume them in sadness when the servers crash.
Oct 27, 2017
Nice work. Really looking forward to Friday. I've been playing off an on since early 2015 and this will be the first time I'll be there day one for a new expansion. Going to main the story as a Samurai and start leveling Dancer.


Oct 27, 2017
Great job with the OT.

Let me fantasia to Viera and go full edgelord already!

Don't forget to drink and strip before maint!


Oct 27, 2017
Feels like I’ve been playing FFXIV for a while, but it’s my first time going through a new expansion (in any MMO for that matter) so looking forward to experiencing it. Going to be fun to have a whole bunch of new main story quests to go through, as that’s probably my favorite part of the game.

Now I just need to finish Dishonored 2 (on the last mission) before Friday so I have enough space on my SSD to download this.

Also great job on the OT. Looks great!
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Apr 9, 2019
That OT title haha. Amazing. Great OT, OP.

My main is Tobias Azuryon on Server Mateus. Feel free to add me and/or message if you want to team up on stuff.

I plan on maining Gunbreaker unless it really sucks somehow.

Either way HYPE for this expansion is through the roof and I can't wait til Friday!


Oct 27, 2017
Man, with this expansion I pretty much have to make friends with people all over again. Everyone else is on the other side of the split recently. Feels lonely.


Oct 25, 2017
I see that FFVIII nod there!
"New tactics to force your way " with the image of the Gunbreaker to the left.
I have excitement! Can't wait for the crazy shenanigans on Friday!


Oct 28, 2017
Really good OT. Taking off Friday afternoon hopefully servers are functional this time.


Oct 25, 2017
Nice OT.

Really looking forward to this!

I love the FFXIV storyline, and really curious where it's going after the Stormblood finale.

The wound of Dancer being DPS still hasn't fully healed.


Oct 25, 2017
Irvine, CA
There will be login queues and other issues. You really don't want to login twice to race change.
I'm sorry to hear about your bad taste in titles

If you don't, the game will make you log in, strip, log out, edit your character, then log back in. Stripping and doing the fantasia before maintenance only requires one log in
Ah, noted. Guess if I'm not changing (can't bring myself to drop my miqo'te) it doesn't matter.


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Oct 25, 2017
I'm ready to play a lot of Mario Maker 2 on Friday when the servers are dead.