Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition PC mod thread


Oct 27, 2017
Now that mods have started popping up I figured that this would be a good time to have a dedicated thread for FFXV mods.

Anti-Debug Removal(Performance boost for Steam Versions):

Anti-Debug Removal = 33% Performance Boost = [I am a giant shill]
If by performance boost we are discussing SteamAPI (which is silly).

I cannot make any qualitative statements on the impact removing the anti-debug has on the performance of the rest of the game, just so we are clear.

Removing the anti-debug was a necessary first step to actually measuring the game's performance, the only data I have from prior to disabling this BS is SteamAPI throughput and that is not a common performance metric we can just throw around meaningfully, lol.

But if we invent a new category, SteamAPI Calls per/second (sacs), then anti-debug was only getting you 75% of the sacs performance you could have been getting. That is a lot of sacs you were missing out on because the game was convinced you are trying to learn its inner-most secrets.

Steam Users, grab your anti-debug free copy here:

I have retained the original version on GitHub so you too can be labeled shills if you care to do any comparison.

[Special K] FFXV Mini-Mod: Resource Mgmt. Performance

Performance woes?

It has come to my attention that the game loads input icons synchronously any time it sees input on keyboard/mouse or gamepad.

This means if you are using a gamepad generally but you hit a button on your keyboard -- hitch. If you use keyboard/mouse but hit the analog stick -- hitch.

My own mod framework (Special K) is capable of working around this by preventing the game from seeing input events on devices of your choosing.
Misc. Notes

This also includes a fix for excessive SteamAPI overhead that causes unusually long load screens and hitches during heavy texture streaming. That problem is easily mistaken for Denuvo, but emphatically has nothing to do with Denuvo.

Retrieve ingame photos:

How to enable Ansel at ALL times:

Terrain blending Patch:

Noctis White Tshirt mod (Requires Special K mod):

miqo’te outfit mod (only works for Origin version):
backup folder:

and then replace the autoexternal.earc file in it with this one:
More Responsive TurfEffects Grass:

(image from regawdless)

Cheat Engine Mods/Tweaks:


Inf HP
One Hit Kill
Inf MP
Inf Tech Bar
Inf Armiger
Inf Stamina
Inf Item Use
Inf Element Energy
No Magic Cooldown
No Reload For Firearms
Unlock All Techniques
Ignore Recipe Ingredients
Inf Fishing Line Durability
View Complete Bestiary
Exp Multiplier
Tech Exp Multiplier
Max Damage/Rage Output For Ignis/Gladio
Load Saved Wea/Acc Stats
Gil/AP Pointers
Item Finder
Weapon Finder
Accessory Finder
Magic Editor
Meal Duration + Editor
Status Effect Editor
--Inf Status Effect Duration
Have All Potions
Have All Ingredients
Inf Chocobo Stamina
Chocobo Sprint Speed Multiplier
--Chocobo Glide Decent Rate
Chocobo Jump Height
EDIT: Cheat table ffxv_s +20.CT now lets you add/change guest characters

Final Fantasy XV Music Asset Swap Guide:

What CAN NOT be done now (so don't ask): Importing/Exporting the music from/to MP3/WAV/OGG/other file formats. Playback of files however is possible through the use of VGMStream. No progress can be made on this until the HCA encryption key has been found.

What can be done now: Swap one game track with another. (IE make the title theme the battle theme. Some limitations apply, see analysis below but tl;dr multi-track MABs may not work. Also this may not work on Windows Store versions due to how they encrypt files.)

Regalia music swapper tool:

This mod is a spoiler so I'm keeping it under tags.
Demon Ardyn Mod 0.2(requires Special K)
This mod will change Ardyn's regular skin to a modified version of his demon face.

There is only ONE variant so far for Normal Resolution, I may make a 4K variant but I currently have neither the 4K pack nor the skill to recreate my modified skin for 4K, at best it would be an upscale.

Yes I am aware this is not how Ardyn's Demon face looks. The Eye and Hand Textures bug out with the current method I am stuck with until we have the tools to edit the in-game files, as such I have taken it upon myself to modify the texture to fit more with Ardyn's usual look. This makes for a more normal Ardyn still leaking out his inner demons.

Download/Install Mod
You can download the mod HERE

Install Instructions

Place the SK_Res folder in your install directory for FINAL FANTASY XV
it should look like this:
FINAL FANTASY XV\SK_Res\inject\textures\ardyn

And so long as you set Special K Injection to true you should be good to go!

please note: the texture may take a second or two to pop up in some places. after all this is an injection and not a modification of the file within the game itself.
Hopefully down the line I'll have a true Demon Ardyn mod for you guys utilizing the Eye, Face and Hand textures.

Change Noctis Hair, Eyes, Shirt , Outfit color:

This mod Will let you change Noctis Hair, Eye, Shirt/outfit color.

There Are two variant the 4k and the Normal, please make sure to download the correct one. You can install both if you want to have normal and 4k versions.






Unlock all non-scenario specific outfits (Cheat table):

There's a working .EARC file(FFXV archive file) extractor:

To extract and view files:
Download ffxvScout to extract from .EARC archives

Download Noesis to view models
Here is a google doc for the file map to know what you're looking at.
Here is a model map and a music list to know which file responds to which models and music files.

Repackaging files back into .EARC is still being worked on.

More Colors for Magitek Exosuits:

Character modelswapper (Steam, CheatEngine):

Link to the table:

Metric system for English:
All I did was edit the text strings for the units and then replace the whole "Brazilian Portuguese" language with my "English (Metric)" one. The reason I had to do this was because I couldn't find where the actual flag for which system to base the numbers on was, so I took the easy route and did this instead.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download my modified fontandmessage.earc from this link:

  2. Locate your Final Fantasy XV installation folder and go to \datas\common

  3. Make a backup of fontandmessage.earc

  4. Replace fontandmessage.earc with the modified version from step 1

  5. Boot up the game and go to Options->Language->Text and select "English (Metric)"
Note: The file is about 140MB due to including all the fonts for the non-latin scripts. Here's an archive with only the files I edited if you know how to extract and repack the .earc file and want to do that instead.

Luminous Graphics configuration tool (Steam):
This was included in the benchmark but this version works with the full release

Settings description:
  • Display resolution (lists only 16:9 resolutions) - Game window/final screen size.
  • Rendering resolution (lists only 16:9 resolutions) - Actual amount of pixels rendered by the game which are later fit to display resolution.
  • Maximum framerate - Self explanatory.
  • FPS visibility - Shows an overlay with current FPS and resource usage in top left corner of the screen.
  • Configuration visibility - Shows an overlay with current settings overview below FPS overlay.
  • Wait VSYNC - Enable/disable vertical sync.
  • Hardware fullscreen mode - Enable/disable exclusive fullscreen (off = borderless windowed).
  • Fullscreen mode on startup - If enabled, go to either borderless or exclusive full screen.
  • High precision 3d render target - Use 16 bit per channel color format (default is 10bpc and 2 bit alpha)
  • FP16 backbuffer - Half precision floating point operations for back buffer, potentially greater performance at no visible loss in image quality(game will crash if your GPU doesn't support it).
  • Display mode when not aspect 16:9 - Enable/disable letterboxing for non 16:9 resolutions (ZoomEven breaks menu and popup displays).
  • HDR Gama scaling - Default brightness in HDR mode.
  • HDR Luminance (nits) - Maximum luminance in HDR mode.
  • Use high spec asset data - Higher grass density + usage of high res DLC if installed.
  • Texture streaming memory - Amount of memory preallocated to textures (values aren't really suited for actual game).
  • Texture anisotropic filter - Anisotropic filter setting, allows up to 16x while game maxes out at 8x.
  • Shadow resolution - Percentage factor of default shadow resolution, values above 600% tend to be less stable.
  • Shadow distance scaling - Adjusts shadow coverage distance scaling, higher value = greater shadow distance but less precision (and vice versa).
  • Model LOD Scaling - Mesh LOD distance bias percentage, higher = models retain higher quality at greater distances.
  • Screen filter detail level - Determines quality of post processing filters.
  • Antialias - Set postprocessing antialiasing to off/FXAA/Temporal.
  • Hairworks - Enable/Disable hairworks.
  • VXAO - Enable/Disable VXAO.
  • Turf - Enable/Disable Turf effects.
  • Shadow Libs - Enable/Disable NVIDIA HFTS.
  • Flow - Enable/Disable NVIDIA Flow.
  • Terrain Tesselation - Deprecated, retail version moved this setting to different group (read: it does nothing).

Additionally, here's a list of all command line parameters available in current version of the game (some of those are benchmark leftovers):
  • --locale=
  • --ui_lang
  • --borderless
  • --numThreads
  • --numAsyncThreads
  • --loop_mode
  • --graphicsIni
  • --graphicsSettings
  • --720p
  • --2160p
  • --displayResolution
  • --renderingResolution
  • --textureSpec
  • --particleSpec
  • --heightFieldSpec
  • --proceduralSkySpec
  • --disabledLightProbe
  • --noNvidiaAfterMath
  • --console_filter
  • --filter
Note: As mentioned in the description, this tool is old and does not reflect all the settings available in the release version, however it does let you tweak some settings in ways you can't in the full release.

If anyone finds anything else interesting, please share.
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Oct 25, 2017
So I'm using infinite armiger and the script below says there's a key to press to end it. Is there a way to bind the key to a ps4 controller button?

*also to note in the script for the cheat engine I have no idea what key to press to end infinite armiger on the keyboard cause it's worded weird or its a typo.


Self-Requested Ban
Oct 25, 2017
Texture swapping is already a thing thanks to Kaldaien's tool. God bless him.

I've also been using the Turf grass mod. It's essential.

Dick Justice

Oct 25, 2017
Tested out SpecialK, didn't seem to do shit to fix the fps drop when switching between keyboard and gamepad. Is there a setting I'm meant to change?


Oct 27, 2017
The Ansel-anywhere fix is top notch. Screw whoever came up with it tho, I did nothing but take screenshots today and barely progressed in the game.


Nov 17, 2017
One day I shall own a computer that can play this at max settings (I refuse to play on low on my laptop).

But for now, since I already own the game, I'll keep a very close eye on the modding community and subscribe to those that I like!


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Gimme a mod where i can change the interact button because i'm sick of jumping everytime i want to talk or grab something.


Oct 25, 2017
We need some actual flying chocobos. The animations are already there when you lift off to glide downwards.


Oct 25, 2017
With Special K, do I need to manually adjust the settings to disable those Steam API checks? Or does it do that on its own?


Dec 9, 2017
Wouldn't those cheat engine mods for things like one hit kills potentially get you banned?


Oct 28, 2017
Glad that modding for the game is already getting started, and hopefully it integrates somethely with the Workshop before long where mods are easy to install and don't conflict with each other.

Based on the dozen hours I've played so far the mods I'm hoping for most are:
  • Increased Difficulty, mostly by making enemies tougher and not just having more
  • UI Clean-up, there's just way too many prompts right in the middle of the screen and some elements are useless until entering combat
  • Traversal tweaks, not only is the jump super limited and awkward but not having proper access to Warp Strike to move around is tedious
  • Character Outfits, both new ones and remixes of existing ones. I'd love to replace the Capri pants from Noctis' default look with actual pants


Oct 27, 2017
With Special K, do I need to manually adjust the settings to disable those Steam API checks? Or does it do that on its own?
It should do it on its own once it's installed. How it affects performance on your specific setup might very.

Thanks, I'll add that.


Oct 27, 2017
PSA: There's a new update that changes the exe file. If you still want the Ansel mod keep the old exe and use that exe when you want to use the Ansel Mod.


Oct 27, 2017
Can’t wait for a mod that lets you just always have a chocobo rather than having to rent it. Having to keep up with renting it is a little annoying.


Oct 26, 2017
Prompty and enabling Ansel at ALL times should prove usefull ( even if Ansel give some uneven result, sometimes/often the lighting is really off ) .


Oct 27, 2017
False Alarm on the Ansel thing guys, my bad. After testing it again, I found out I edited the wrong hex code.

Same mod seems to work with the new exe.


Oct 26, 2017
I tried installing Special K but got a green screen. Any ideas?

Also how do I disable the Nvidia replay capture thing?


Oct 25, 2017
Now the biggest crime this mediocre game committed can be rectified. They fucking didn't include To Zanarkand on X's soundtrack.


Oct 26, 2017
So what exactly is this Ansel thing people keep bringing it up, and is it something I should be enabling with the game?


Nov 24, 2017
It's probably impossible to do but a mod where everyone is in a formation when running would be great - square formation, diamond formation etc. That way they might stop getting in my fucking way, especially when riding chocobos!


Oct 25, 2017
Nice. This is gonna be fun to mod once they start really popping up (official and unofficial). Gonna watch this thread.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Call me when someone manages to replace Noctis and co with Cindy, Luna, Iris and Aranea

Alternatively, replace Noctis and Ignis with Sasuke Uchiha and Guy Fieri