Final Fantasy XV | Xbox One X Comparisons

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by LesPanes, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. LesPanes

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  2. LanceX2

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    Looks crisper then pro
  3. jipewithin

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    Huge increase from Box One. With Pro difference is pretty much what I expected, just a little crispier.
  4. Theorry

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  5. mos6142

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    wow Jesus
  6. Sirhc

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    Huge improvement, very impressive.
  7. jmga

    jmga Member

    Is this without a patch?
  8. Prine

    Prine Member

    Grass is greener on the other side, literally.
  9. Braaier

    Braaier Member

    Wow, huge upgrade, even over the PS4 Pro.
  10. bananafactory

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    Looks great, the real difference would be if they fixed the framepacing. PS4 Pro version was still broken right? Or did they ever patch that?
  11. LesPanes

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    With the patch
  12. MakoEyes

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    compared to XBOX One its an impressive improvement.
  13. R dott B

    R dott B Member

    Hmm..I like the colors on the X.
  14. Koozek

    Koozek Member

    Haven't fixed the framepacing in the Pro's High Mode yet.
  15. Emrober5

    Emrober5 Member

    One X is certainly an improvement on those landscapes, but did we expect otherwise?

    Also, is frame pacing any better on the One X? I've never been able to notice it on youtube but it is apparent when playing.
  16. Crucible

    Crucible Member

    The ps4 pro version seems a bit blurry while the 1X looks rather crisp when you put screenshots right next to each other.

    There's definitely a visual difference in still shots but in gameplay comparisons the differences might be less noticeable.

    Can't wait for Digital Foundry video on this one.
  17. LesPanes

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    Look at the shadows. The time is different
  18. Koozek

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    Don't know about the X, but apparently the normal Xbox One version didn't even have framepacing issues unlike the normal PS4 version [EDIT: correct me if I'm wrong, not sure right now if there were issues or if they have been improved] and the Pro's High Mode (Lite Mode and Steady Mode both have no framepaing issues either though).
  19. Vishmarx

    Vishmarx Member

    Xb1 has ingame afternoon. Ps4 is morning.

    Ot, better res is all im seeing. No draw distance or shadow differences.
  20. c0de

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    The bad framepacing will make sure that the Pro version is even worse in gameplay.
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    I remember the Pro screenshots last year and how I hated how ridiculously blurry it looked on Xbox One. Man what a difference.

    Sadly it won't change a thing about the terribly repetitive mission structure, well especially the side missions that is. But I remember one location that even on Xbox One looked decent. Should look amazing now. I'll buy the game again when it's on sale sometime.
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    Looks great.
  23. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves Member

    Does the Pro version has slow downs or are those stutters frame pacing?

    Seems smoother overall on xbonex as well.
  24. Tyaren

    Tyaren Member

    Wow, the difference from Xbox One to Xbox One X is pretty significant! O:
  25. Soprano

    Soprano Member

    Resolution increase. Don't see any difference in textures.
  26. ryushe

    ryushe Member

    Dammit, I getting an X aren't I?
  27. Whompa

    Whompa Member

    Waiting for the next step from Sony before I double dip.
  28. LightEntite

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    there are little to no frame pacing issues in the Lite or Steady modes.

    The framepacing was always just a "High" mode issue.

    Everyone's initial issue with Lite mode was variance -- it feels as though it stays somewhere between like 40-60 frames depending on where you are, but it's literally always smoother than the other mode so framepacing or no, the performance is better.
  29. c0de

    c0de Member

    is really doing a great job here. The only thing missing is a frame counter. Not to say I also eagerly await DF's videos and articles but others are also doing a great job, currently, and way faster than DF. I know that voice over takes time and editing also but the approach from VGTech were they just present a video, a frame-counter and even stats is more often than not sufficient.
  30. Evergarden

    Evergarden Member

    Did they use higher resolution textures ? The texture quality seems identical to me. I just cant wait for the PC version
  31. Braaier

    Braaier Member

    Yeah, but even still, it's a significant difference. The Xbox One and PS4 versions look like they're smeared with vaseline in comparison.
  32. Spades

    Spades Member

    Looks fantastic. The X is absolutely going to be the definitive platform for multi-plat releases.
  33. mos6142

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    was thinking the exact same thing lol
  34. Koozek

    Koozek Member

    Well, that's probably the framepacing issue that plagues the Pro's High Mode (the other two, 1080p modes, Lite and Steady, don't have those issues). I'm usually not that sensitive to stuff like that, but even I couldn't stand the framepacing with the High Mode, that's why I only played on Lite and later Steady Mode. I still only have a 720p TV anyway, but it must be annoying for people with 4K TVs.
  35. Innolis

    Innolis Member

    Noticeable improvement as expected.
  36. Braaier

    Braaier Member

    It's amazing when you put these images next to each other. I thought the Pro version looked great before. Now...not so much.
  37. Nephtes

    Nephtes Member

    I didn't even realize FFXV had an X1X patch already...

    It certainly didn't last night when I checked the "X enhanced" list in the Games and Apps section on my XOne.
  38. milad

    milad Member

    LOD is more aggressive on pro, distant objects are way worse.
  39. Caayn

    Caayn Member

    Please don't have bad framepacing, please.
  40. Tyaren

    Tyaren Member

    The PS4 Pro resolution mode had already improved textures (as well as significantly better texture filtering) in some places, so the Xbox One X will very likely have them too.

    PS4 Pro:
    (more 3-dimensional circle ornament)

    PS4 Pro:
    (much more detailed tarmac texture)
  41. LesPanes

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    Comparison with the Xbox One ver.

  42. JMY86

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    Looks great definitely an improvement over PS4 Pro as it should be. I ordered a copy from Best Buy yesterday so I am eager to check this out.
  43. Soprano

    Soprano Member

    Yeah any improvement is good and noticeable.

    Base PS4 is still crisp to me, even in light of Pro and now 1X version. It's the XB1 that's 720p and a blurry mess. That's what makes the 1X such a good value for current XB1 owners. They'll be getting a huge upgrade.
  44. Carlius

    Carlius Member

    looking good. i am waiting for pc version, but xbox one x version looking good. i hope pro and x become default consoles so we can push out more power.
  45. borges

    borges Member

    Expected. Xbox One X is much powerful and considerably pricer than Pro.
  46. Golding

    Golding Member

    well shit - noticeable difference from the pro.

    NEE HEE HEE Member

    Why would it be surprising enough for you to say "even over the PS4Pro"? XboneX is a far more advance and stronger console.
  48. 10k

    10k Member

    The Xbox version was the only one without frame pacing issues. And the visual upgrades look great over base model and Pro. Definitive version confirmed. (too bad the game is awful)
  49. ZeoVGM

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    Next step?
  50. digitalrelic

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    Damn, that's a huge improvement even vs the PS4 Pro!