Fire Emblem Heroes |OT| Armor Breeding Simulator

Oct 29, 2017
Woah, I hadn’t realized this thread existed. I’m completely addicted to this game and play it everyday, so I guess I’ll be posting here regularly from now on lol

So, is anyone else in the process of saving up orbs for their favorites right now? I’ve saved up 294 orbs (which is almosy nothing, sadly) for Kjelle, who is currently just 40+2 in my game. I felt the need to spend some of them to get H!Hector and Lilina, which I finally got after spending around 80 orbs. Well, at least they’re Atk+.

I'm happy to see them continue Bantu's precedent. Having another Blue Armor unit in the lower pools is quite nice, might look into actually building an armor unit for scoring if Valbar looks solid.
Absolutely! I didn’t care much for Bantu, but Valbar’s a nice character and he’s got great potential if his stats distribution and skills allow it. I’m really happy they decided to keep on releasing more characters like him!
Oct 25, 2017
I'm currently just under 100 orbs because Halloween cleaned me out. I can see myself doing impulse pulls on the next Farfetched/Brave Redux banner too, which always leaves me tapped out for the Christmas banner.


Oct 27, 2017
Well, I wanted to get at least one HMyrrh or HNiles, so I spent around 200 orbs sniping those two colors.

The result was FMorgan, Adrift Camila, Katarina, Selkie and Lute.

All new and most have good IVs, but... I mean... Why?