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Fire Emblem: Three Houses |OT2| Greetings, Era! Nothing to Report!



Oct 25, 2017
Fire Emblem: Three Houses OT2 Text-only Edition


Developer: Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Language: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean
Play mode: Handheld, Tabletop, TV Mode
Price: JPY7538, USD59.99, CAD79.99, GBP49.99, EUR59.99
Required Space: 10.9 GB
Genre: Simulation RPG
Release Date: 26th July 2019

The land of Fódlan is ruled by three mighty realms.
At its centre lies Garreg Mach Monastery, home of the Church of Seiros, the main religion in Fódlan, as well as the Knights of Seiros.
Not only does the church serve to maintain order throughout the continent, its monastery also houses the prestigious Officers Academy. Those who train here will go on to shoulder the future of Fódlan.
You begin as a travelling mercenary in a group led by your father, Jeralt. After an unexpected incident reveals your hidden power, you’re invited to become a professor to one of three noble houses at the Officers Academy.
At the same time, you alone begin to see a mysterious girl named Sothis within your dreams…

Byleth & Sothis
Black Eagles
Blue Lions
Golden Deer
Church of Seiros/Officers Academy
Knight of Seiros


During the weekdays, you are expected to fulfill your job as an educator by creating lesson plans for your students. You can either set specific goals, assign to group tasks or tutoring your students on specific skills.
Once everything has been set either manually or automatically if you're that lazy, the game will progress to the end of the week and the result of your plan will be displayed. Once a month, typically at the end, there'll be Field Study in which your students have to pass it.

Once the weekend hits, you're free to do activities outside the class. Take this free time to either explore around the academy meeting with other people, taking quests, attend seminars or doing various activities that is available.
For example, you can go fishing, having meals with other characters, holding tea parties, or even doing some choir practice. Most of the activities require using your limited Activity Points, so you can't do most of the activities non-stop in the same weekend.
If you subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can also send and receive exchange students, which can be used for heling out in battle or selling discounted items. There's also a ranking board where you can check what activites that other players picked for their free time.

Training Missions
Gain experience through training battles that might have you routing bandits or facing off against the Knights of Seiros, the Church’s elite warriors.
As you play, you’ll also open additional battles through quests and paralogues. Each mission will consume Activity Points, unless you picked Normal difficulty in the beginning of the game. If that's the case, there'll be missions that costs 0 points for you to grind.

Skill Level
Replacing the usual weapon levels in previous games, skill levels are set of aptitudes that affect characters proficiency in weapons, magics and even movements. It can be increased by both combat and studying.
While every character has access to all skills, they have their own specific preferences that cause them to be stronger or weaker for specific ones. Higher skill levels allow the characters to equip better weapons, learn new abilities, combat arts etc. They also required for class change as some class need specific skills to be at certain level.

Abilities and Crests
Each character can equip abilities that can give them various boosts. Abilities are split into three types; personal, class and skill levels. Both personal and class abilities are fixed depending on characters or class while skill level abilities are freely customizable.
You can assign up to 3 class and 5 skill level abilities for each character.
Certain characters also have access to crests, but the mechanism for such thing is still a mystery...

A new system where characters in battlefield can be supported by a group of generic soldiers. Those group can be hired and assigned to any characters of your choice. They provide stats boosts and special move called Gambit. Like normal characters, battalions have health and can gain levels.

When a unit is equipped with a Battalion, they have access to a special move that offers various effects, such as damaging multiple enemies at once or buffing teammates. Counter attacks by enemies won't happen when gambit is used. Due to its usefulness, gambits have a limited number of uses per battle.

Combat Arts
Combat Arts are special attacks your units can learn—but they cost extra weapon durability. Weapons wear down as you use them, so don’t let them break during a fight!

Divine Pulse
A feature like Mila's Turnwheel in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. By using Divine Pulse, you can rewind time so that any mistake you made or undesirable outcome can be reversed without having to RESET the game. Divine Pulse have limited number of uses per battle, so use it wisely.

Demonic Beasts
Sometimes you'll encounter a large sized beast in battle called Demonic Beast. Those monsters are powerful enough that you might have to strategically use every single arsenal that you have in order to kill it.

Class System
Certification Exam
Unlike previous games, each character starts with either Commoner or Noble class. In order to switch the class, you must undergo Certification Exams first. Each class have its own requirements, generally depending on Skill Levels. The closer your characters' skill level to the required ones, the higher the chance of said character passing the exam. As a note, some classes are gender locked.
Changing character class won't reset the said character's level in this game. Other than few obvious cases, most class can use any weapon as you like. With that said, matching weapons with the class' specified proficiency weapons will boost the skill level gain for the characters. There's also some degree of freedom of picking the class for your character, if that character meets the class requirement & passing the exam.

Class Set
Each class is categorized into several sets. The higher the set a class is in, the higher the character level needed to access it and the skill levels required to pass the exam. Initial set of class, which is Beginner Class can be accessed when a character reaches level 5. The next set is Intermediate Class at level 10, followed by Advanced Class which available at level 20. The last set is Master Class which requires level 30 minimum.

Downloadable Contents
Just like the 3DS games, Fire Emblem Three Houses features both free and paid downloadable contents. There'll be 4 waves total for the DLC distribution schedule, which are:
Wave 1: Officers Academy outfits for female and male Byleth available at game launch.
Wave 2: Additional Auxiliary battle maps, helpful in-game support items, and more will be released by 31st Oct.
Wave 3: Additional quests and costumes, plus a free update, will be released by 31st Dec.
Wave 4: New story content, with additional playable characters, locations and more, plus a free update, will be released by 30th April 2020.
As of now, the only way to get the paid dlc contents is to purchase the expansion pass from eShop.

Scanning amiibo will allow you to receive random items and bonuses. During the free time, you can go to a place called amiibo Gazebo and collect the stuff once you scanned amiibo. If any of the Fire Emblem series amiibo is scanned, there's also a bonus music can be unlocked for you to use during optional battles.

FE Heroes Promo
Those who play Fire Emblem Heroes can get a free 5-star unit, Byleth: Tested Professor if this game is registered to your Nintendo Account by 29th June 2020. The account needs to be the same as the one you're using for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Dual Audio?
Yes. It can be selected within the game.
Who is Byleth?
Avatar/Protagonist/Main Character/You. Byleth is the default name.
When will you be able to pick your house of choice?
The option will be appearing quite early in the game.
The usual weapon triangle?
Not in the game this time.
What is the difference between Casual Mode and Classic Mode?
Former is no permadeath, latter is RESET or byebye dead character (ignoring Divine Pulse effect).
Where's Lunatic difficulty?
It'll come with a future version update.
Can you recruit characters from other houses?
Yes. You're freely to do so if you meet said character's requirements. Do note certain characters like the house leaders aren't recruitable if you didn't pick their house.
Is there kids/children characters like in Awakening/Fates?
Where's the post-time skip info in the OT?
Considering press previews from 2 weeks ago didn't cover those, I decided to not touch upon it. From what I heard, core systems don't change much from pre to post-time skip anyway.
How much is the expansion pass?
JPY2,500+tax, USD24.99, CAD31.49, GBP22.49, EUR24.99

Muzy for passing the torch to me.
Drax and Shun for some morale support.
Aveyn Knight and his team at Serenes Forest for the prerelease info compilations compilations that I refer a lot while making this (paraphrasing included).
IntSys, KT Games and Nintendo for all those assets from official websites, and obviously for making the game


Oct 27, 2017
Love that thread title.

I just started my second playthrough and went Golden Deer. Really eager for the story to start diverging from the Edelgard route! I love the way spending Renown works (but still wish everything was cheaper!).


Oct 27, 2017
Hey if the Flame Emperor can teleport all over the place in the story, why can't you do that once the Flame Emperor is "recruited"?!?
paralogue list


Oct 25, 2017
Credits to original post by Dee Dee in OT1

Before time skip, you only need one of the needed students/knights/teachers in your house. Asking them to assist for a month does NOT count.

Of note: You might only get the relic weapon reward if the student it belongs to is recruited!

Paralogues before time skip:
The Forgotten (Sylvain)
An Ocean View (Flayn and Seteth)
Death Toll (Raphael and Ignatz)
Falling Short of Heaven (Ashe and Catherine)
Land of the Golden Deer (Lorenz)
Oil and Water (Manuela and Hannemann)
Rumored Nuptials (Ingrid and Dorothea)
Sword and Shield of Seiros (Alois and Shamir)
Tales of the Red Canyon (Sothis)
True Chivalry (Felix)
War for the Weak (Dedue)
A World Divided (Hilda) - can be finished post time-skip

After time skip, you need ALL needed parties in your house for the paralogue to trigger. This means they must have been recruited beforehand!

!!! Some of these will not trigger on BE E route despite having recruited the needed characters !!!
The Silver Maiden (Dimitri)
Foreign Land and Sky (Bernadetta and Petra)
Retribution (Ferdinand and Lysithea) -> Not available on BE E Route
Weathervanes of Fódlan (Annette and Gilbert) - needs C support between the two
The Face Beneath (Caspar and Mercedes) -> Not available on BE E Route
Legend of the Lake (Linhardt and Leonie)
A Forgotten Hero (Marianne)
Darkness Beneath the Earth (Hubert)
Insurmountable (Edelgard)
The Sleeping Sand Legend (Claude)
Eternal Guardian (C support with Rhea needed) -> Not available on BE E Route


Jun 27, 2019
Mexico City
Aw, I wanted "if the teacher is 5 years late"...

Wonder if we'll get to OT3? The game is huge enough and DLC is still on the way so I wouldn't be surprised.

I'm starting GD and planning on recruits, but don't really want to repeat many characters either. Probably will go with Petra, Dorothea, and Ashe. What's a good path to take Ashe down?
Nov 3, 2017
I'm slow as hell and I still haven't finished the game despite getting it on launch day but I'm finally on the final battle of the Blue Lion route. I'm just rushing to finish it at this point because the story fell apart when the timeskip happened and I'm not engaged with it at all


Oct 25, 2017
Well I mean, I guess this thread is something to report! New number, new subtitle.


Oct 27, 2017
God I'm now at 66 hours in chapter 19. I didn't think this game would be so long, but I just keep micro managing everything.

My second run I plan to skip a lot of steps!


Oct 30, 2017
That’s one great title only those who played the game will understand :-9


Oct 25, 2017
God I'm now at 66 hours in chapter 19. I didn't think this game would be so long, but I just keep micro managing everything.

My second run I plan to skip a lot of steps!
With how much you can buy with your renown points on NG+ you get to skip a lot. I have so many professor points left over I don't even both with the lost item mechanic anymore cuz i have so much time just to show food down their throats for motivation now.

For reference, im playing on BL and it's only taken me a bit less than 10 hours to reach chapter 9 so far and most of that was spent doing missions and paralogues i missed with BE or ones to get certain weapons/items i need for late game.


Nov 7, 2018
Oh god I've been so deep in this game that I only made like 1 post in the last OT. ~160 hours deep, Edelgard Route down & Almost wrapped up with Golden Deer NG+. If I keep up this pace I *should* be able to beat Blue Lions route before Astral Chain comes out...