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  1. ZiggyPalffyLA

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    EDIT: Looks like he deleted his tweet/video. Fortunately MechaBreaker put together a transcript of the video:

    "I'm not really sure where to start, because there is a lot that I need to say, but if you're watching this video then you've probably already heard about the plagiarism allegations. And now you're waiting for my side of the story."

    "So, here it is."

    "I take complete ownership of what happened with the Dead Cells review. There were a lot of circumstances surrounding it, but at the end of the day I was the editorial lead on it, so if anything, that makes it my responsibility."

    "My review process isn't really that different from other reviewers that I've met while working as a professional in the games media industry, and the formula stays the same for whatever product I'm reviewing. I do as much research as I can about it, wether it's a game, a product, or an eventm I try to look at all resources that I have available to me before I start formulating my own critical opinions, so that I can offer the most cohesive possible review."

    "The bottom line is that, what happened with the Dead Cells review was not at all intentional."

    "So, with that said, I just wanna apologize to everybody at IGN for all of the undeserved criticisms and doubt that may have been sparked in their credibility as a respected source for games media. I mean, I made a lot of great friends over there, and the last thing that I ever wanted to do, is to dissappoint any of them or put any of them in a bad place. There are so many very talented, hardworking, and creative people at IGN, and each and everyone of them deserves praise for the great content they put out every single day. I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for everyone there, so just please, don't swarm them with any mean and undeserved negative attention."

    "I'd also like to apologize to MotionTwin, the developer of Dead Cells. It sucks so that their game got caught in the middle of this controversy, because it really is a great game and a lot of people worked very hard on it for a long time, so I hope that it gets the recognition that it deserves for the right reasons."

    "As for Boomstick, I have nothing but the best wishes for him, and I hope that his wave of success lasts a long time. A lot of you watching this video might not know my story, but I also started out as a youtuber, so I completely understand what it's like being a small youtuber, trying to make a name for yourself, I mean, Boomstick, just keep doing what you're doing man, it looks like you have a great thing going, and I've got nothing but respect for you."

    "I was lucky enough to get noticed on IGN on my youtube channel, which if in case you're wondering, is in fact, all of my own original work. So you kan keep looking Kotaku, and please let me know if you find anything, which by the way, their news editor Jason Schreier tried to imply that my Fifa 18 review was also inauthentic by claiming that I copied it from NintendoLife, and that's, that's just so not the case. I mean, maybe he was implying that if you have similarly opinionated reviews, then you're just plagiarizing, or maybe he's just trying to get as many clicks off of my name right now as possible, or maybe he just likes kicking people when they're down. I don't know, I mean, check it out for yourselves and you be the judge."

    "But one thing that I do know, is that it's not very fun being the target of a gigantic lynch mob, who wants nothing more than to feed into your destruction. The amount of hate and threats that I've been receiving on social media has been pretty staggering, and I get it, people are mad and rightfully so, but it's one thing to go and harass me, berate me with hateful words and threats and it's a whole other thing to look up my family members and spread hateful comments on their social media accounts. That's just, that's just not okay, I mean, not on any level. They have nothing to do with this, so, so please just leave them out of it."

    "There have been so many of you that has also reached out to me with kindness and words of support, and honestly I can't, I can't thank you enough for that, because it's probably been the only thing that's been keeping my head straight throught this whole nightmare, and it gives me hope for the future, because honestly, I love what I do and I want to keep doing it. I don't want to stop making videos, I want to prove you that I can be better, better than I ever was before, like I said I take full responsibility for what happened with the Dead Cells review and I know that I'm gonna have to do a lot of work to earn your trust back, but that's okay, because I'm gonna do everything that I can to make that happen."

    "The truth is I didn't get into this industry to make money, or to get famous, I started this whole journey, because I love videogames and even more so because I love making content about them, I mean, I wanted to share my passion for entertainment with you and maybe inspire others to go out and chase their dreams as well."

    "So that's everything I have to say. Thank you so much for your time and thank you for everyone who's been so incredibly supportive throughout this entire living nightmare, and I hope, I really hope I get to see you guys again soon."

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  2. Says it wasn’t intentional, yet has two cases where this has happened and then tries to blame Schreier for it and says Schreier is using his name to get clicks for Kotaku.

    Jesus Christ, this guy has no shame.
  3. He didn't go into too much detail tbh, just says that what happened wasn't intentional which is hard to believe considering how similar the two reviews were.
  4. Silfer


    I swear every video of this kind starts with the dude sighing lmao
  5. Much118


    Apologise, and move on. That's the smartest move. Hopefully the video conveys just that.

    EDIT: Surely as a reviewer, you should be going in blind (mostly) and forming your own critical piece and take on the game? Conforming to other reviewers kinda takes away from your own opinion, doesn't it?
  6. jwk94


    Yeah, dudes done this twice now. It had to be intentional.
  7. Cess007


    He doesn't apologize for the plagiarism, because he says it was coincidental. I agree that IGN it's taking undeserved hear for this, tho.

    Edit. Wow. He also talks against Schreier for trying to imply his FIFA review was also plagiarised. Wow, dude. That shit was obvious too.
  8. Brandon


    lol I subbed to him to see this. I was expecting silence for a lot longer though.
  9. Becks'


    "What happened with the Dead Cells review, it wasn't intentional."

  10. Milennia

    Community Resetter Member

    He actually goes after Jason in this for doing his job, at least Jason does his job properly.
  11. Did he seriously monetize his video addressing the plagiarism accusations?
    Seems a bit hard to believe it was a coincidence, should probably just apologize and hope his YouTube career might recover
  12. To those reading, this isn't even worth clicking.
  13. Harald23


    It sounds like he's going to bring back his channel.

    He showed that he's good at playing the youtube algorithm, and good for him that he still wants it but dunno,.. how can you take his reviews seriously now?
  14. murlin


    Gotta bank on that sympathy/emotional appeal.
  15. Mezoly


    Don't want to pile on him but that's not a good video at all. Lynch mobs? Calling out Kotaku and Jason? Saying it's not intentional? Oh well I hope he does well but a somewhat combative response was not the way to go imo.
  16. Axe


    Didn’t it also transpire it wasn’t even the first instance of him doing this?
  17. newgamewhodis


    "not intentional"

    "I take full responsibility for what happened"

    Pick one.

    The doxxing sounds terrifying though. I really hate how internet hate machine works to destroy lives.
  18. Calvero


    should prob scan the script for plagiarism
  19. Real Hero

    Real Hero

    He's pathetic
  20. JakeNoseIt


    His argument is loose and poorly worded. Miucin, even with jump-cuts, has a difficult time stringing his thoughts together. I find that many of his sentences are filled with filler and it's indicative of someone that hasn't critically thought about what they want to say.

    This video isn't much of a statement or a response. There really isn't anything there we didn't already know.
  21. MrT-Tar


    I mean, I really give people the benefit of the doubt, but I'm struggling to see how this was coincidental.
  22. It's a standard confession/apology/statement staple. There's a good video from Bobby Burns breaking down these kind of videos:

  23. cw_sasuke


    Can't blame him for trying to save his career...but I don't think that's the best way regain credibility.
  24. WrenchNinja


    Someone beat me to it. Yup.
  25. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    I have very mixed views on this. I agree with his take on the social media lynch mob and I specifically called attention to this in the main thread.

    That said, his apology seems inauthentic and weaselly go me. Maybe I am misunderstanding but it doesn’t strike me as genuine.
  26. Jack Orion

    Jack Orion

    It clearly was intentional but I agree with his comments on lynch mobs and Jason feeding into that. Lynch mobs aren’t good just because what they believe in is right.
  27. Phonzo


    Everyone hear the quivering voice?
  28. Silfer


    Damn I'll have to check that video out. Sounds interesting.
  29. NKnight7


    I find it hard to accept his apology, it just doesn't seem genuine or even that heartfelt to me.
  30. KunaiDrilla


    He didn't admit to anything. He only mentioned in depth, sort off, with the FIFA review. He is coming off like the victim as well. Saying in the end "Living nightmare" about the whole situation. How about the person you snatched the review from? What a pointless video.
  31. Hektor

    Community Resettler Member


    His point about harassment is more than fair, but the rest just seems insincere.

    "It wasn't intentional"
    "Jason Schreier is just after those clicks"
  32. TheBaldwin


    Why do people always take it too far.

    Dude copied a review, and got fired for it as he should. Thats all that needs to happen. Now people are just gonna dox and send death threats.
  33. newgamewhodis


    Having done some critical reviews, its pretty common practice. It also helps you see what other reviewers have stuck onto/what points they've already made so that you can find your own niche. Which, of course, seems to be the opposite of what this reviewer did.
  34. beetlebum


    His firing was deserved, but it still boggles my mind that people would go ahead and harass someone like that. I mean, I guess it really isn't surprising, given the internet's history with stuff like this, but it's still supremely sad.

    Also, regarding the FIFA review allegations, I'll go ahead and say that I really don't see it at all. The Dead Cells one has some almost verbatim segments, while with FIFA it was basically two reviewers highlighting similar things, which happens all the time. It really felt like part of the witch hunt, which was very disappointing coming from someone I respect as much as Jason Schreier.
  35. Roy


    Isn't loading for me, what does it say?
  36. wondermagenta


    This response is pure yikes. And I feel bad saying that considering how much harassment he's receiving over this whole thing. No one deserves that kind of treatment, but this apology is still woefully insufficient on many levels.
  37. jschreier

    Press Sneak Fuck Verafied

    Wow. Wow. I can't believe he went after me personally and denied the (very obvious) FIFA 18 NintendoLife plagiarism. Clearly this guy has not learned anything. I wonder how many other times this has happened that we don't know about yet.
  38. MattWilsonCSS

    Banned Member

    That career's even more over now.
  39. Elyian


    Unintentionally wording/phrasing a sentence similarly to someone else's? Totally possible and happens from time to time. "Unintentionally" phrasing HUUUUGE parts of your work the same(and I mean word for word) as someone else? Come on guy. Shame he got fired and all, but nothing about that review was "unintentional".
  40. elektrixx


    Doesn’t deserve a click. Doesn’t deserve attention. If there’s doxxing, it’s probably some other guy’s details he’s claiming as his own.
  41. Shoichi


    Not intentional and taking responsibility...

    So taking responsibility for it all being a very huge coincidence.

    I have a very hard time seeing how it was coincidental. Sentence and paragraph structure for some of the statements were 1:1 in some cases. Had it at least not been that close in comparison then possible. But cannot see it the way it was done.

    That FIFA review uncovered by Schreirer doesn’t help his case that both were just coincidental. Statement structure being so close together is hard to be that coincidental.

    It’s definitey sad he’s getting threat, etc. out of this though.
  42. Harald23


    At least he didn't take the dog twist lol
  43. PtM

    Self-requested temporary ban. Member

    Did he pull a dog out?
  44. VeePs

    Self Requested Ban Member

    -> Takes responsibility, says it's his fault

    -> Tries to look at everything and multiple resources before finishing a review

    -> Not intentional

    -> Says please don't swarm IGN, blame him

    -> Apologies to Dead Cell developers

    -> Apologies to Boom Stick edit: DID NOT apologize, but does wish him success and says keep doing what your doing, says he has a great thing going and respects him a lot

    -> Calls out Kotaku and Jason, says he did not copy FIFA review, says ultimately you (the audience) be the judge, says HIS WORK IS ORIGINAL WORK

    -> Says he wasn't a fan of the harassment. People went after not only him, but his family and talked shit to them on their social media accounts.

    -> Says thank you for the support, its been a nightmare, he's hopeful for the future

    -> Says its his fault, he'll work hard to earn back our trust

    -> Truth is he's in this industry because he loves video games and making content

    -> Thank you for your time
  45. ManCityX


    The message is a bit muddled.

    He denies it while apologising and wording his sentences as though he did do it.
  46. Goney


    When he threw Jason Schreier under the bus, he threw all his own credibility along with it.

    Fuck this guy.
  47. Aadiboy


    His response should have been
  48. Cess007


    - He asumes full responsability for the review
    - The review was a coincidence, but no plagiarism
    - Slam Schreier for imply he did the same with the FIFA review and get clicks out of him
    - Talks about him getting doxxed, harassed and his family also getting threats
  49. IDreamOfHime


    People looking up and then attacking his family. Why am I not surprised, what the fuck is wrong with some people?
  50. OrdinaryPrime


    *thinks wow these posts back to back literally seconds apart is a bit suspect, maybe you are taking plagiarism a bit literally...*

    The Internet unfortunately.
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