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  1. Maximo


    Always love the low posters crawling out of the woodwork.
  2. MrOblong


    Do we believe him that his friends and family received abuse and threats?

    I'm just saying it sounds familiar, and wondering if he borrowed that part from someone else's Scandal Response video that he watched on YouTube as research for making his own...
  3. "The bottom line is that, what happened with the Dead Cells review was not at all intentional."

    WTF. You copied half of it almost word for word and even ordered it the same way.

    How is that not intentional?
  4. Kyle Cross

    Kyle Cross

    Having the internet hate mob harassing you and your family is a living nightmare.
  5. Quote


    That was probably the only true thing in his lame video, only because thats how gamers react.
  6. TwoDelay


    Thank you


    This guy is denying it after all the evidence. Fuck this guy
  8. Green Yoshi

    Green Yoshi

    YouTubers are entertainers, not journalists. I hope IGN learned their lesson.
  9. Axe


    If a writer cannot even write their own material, they are utterly worthless within the profession. Plagiarising other work also exposes liability to all of the people who work with such a person. Everyone knows the risks, they know its wrong, and Filip chose to do it anyway.

    He absolutely deserves to be branded as a plagiarist and permanently blacklisted from the field, if only so no other person or organisation runs the risk of being caught up in his deceit ever again. He's also proven he is incapable at literally the most basic aspect of his job.
  10. VeePs


    I remember well over a decade ago, Killzone came out. I think Gamespot or IGN gave it a 6.8 and they received death threats from people who hadn’t even played the game! Just pure anger.

    Now 14 years or so later, the gamer landscape hasn’t improved. People leak phone numbers/family/facebooks, people call the SWAT to your house, people still send death threats, etc.

    It’s probably true man.
  11. MrOblong


    I'm sure you're right. My comment was meant more as as a jokey meta-criticism, that once he's known as a liar that everything he says is suspect.
  12. ErrorJustin


    Not interested in letting this narrative take hold. Even as speculation. I'm convinced almost no one has actually looked at the scripts side by side:

    Boomstick: Dead Cells takes the progression of a metroidvania and integrates it into this procedurally generated action roguelite that has you slowly chipping away at its steep difficulty.

    Filip: Dead Cells is simple; it takes the progression system of a Metroidvania and transforms it into a procedurally generated action roguelite that has you chipping away at its steep but fair difficulty.


    Boomstick: Also in place is a mutation system that has you pick from various buffs that can enhance and alter your abilities but choose wisely between levels because you can only take so many.

    Filip: Also in place is a mutation system that lets you choose from various buffs that enhance and alter your abilities. The mutations you pick can ultimately be the determining factor between a victorious run, or a one-way ticket back to the beginning.


    Boomstick: In Dead Cells you’ll need to kill your way through a labyrinth of levels, all punctuated by boss encounters

    Filip: In Dead Cells, you'll need to fight your way through an ever-changing labyrinth of levels which are all punctuated by tense, but rewarding boss fights.


    Boomstick: Dead Cells figures out an intriguing way to have your roguelite and metroidvania experience all in one by focusing on your failures and urging you to try something new the next time.

    Filip: Dead Cells finds an engaging way to have your Metroidvania and roguelite experience all in one by focusing on your failures and urging you to try something new the next time.


    There are more.
  13. Hercule


    I legitimate don't know Colin but I have been listening to Kinda Funny for the last 3 weeks and to be fair. They also asked Filip to be a guest after heavily criticizing him. Can't blame them for it, I think a lot of people want to know the story of Filip personally and not in the way of some youtube vid.
  14. It's calculated plagiarism, nothing less. Blind Freddy can see this
  15. Hercule


    I really wonder why he thought he could get away with it in this age. He had a good job, moved recently and people liked his show. It's so odd.
  16. xrnzaaas


    Yep you should remove the youtube clip from the OP since there's a transcript, no reason to give him free views. Or at least you can steal his clip and post it elsewhere. ;)
  17. Bananastand


    I love shitting on Colin as much as the next guy but I’m sure plenty of people would like to talk to this guy even if they hate what he did.

    Seeing as how Colin is a poor interviewer Filip probably should go on his show so he can promote himself even more now.
  18. VanCityGamer


    I'm not going to get into my views of Colin as a person (I personally have no issues with him), but I love his videogame coverage. Some of the best out there. It disappoints me that discussing his content in more depth is not allowed here.

    Also, Jason Schreier is awesome. Best videogames journalist for sure!
  19. PtM

    Self-requested temporary ban. Member

    You know that dislikes also help the visibility of a video on YT?
  20. "After all, I never intended to be caught"

    Nah, you knew what you were doing.

    Hate the idiots on the internet that also take this as a chance to dox and harass someone though. Knock that shit off, they lost their job. That was the appropriate punishment and should be the end of it.
  21. PogiJones


    Yeah, he absolutely plagiarized, and deserved to be fired.

    That being said, I know off the top of my head at least one place where your transcript is inaccurate (Filip ends his review with something like "focusing on your failures and urging you to try something new when you do fail."), which calls into question the accuracy of the rest of your transcript.

    Still, just watching the original comparison video is enough to see he plagiarized it pretty wholesale.
  22. Flips


    Some people just seem incapable of saying "I'm sorry, I fucked up here." instead of doubling down and then even trying to blame others because their fuck up got busted.

  23. JoeNut


    he Hasn’t explained why he did copy it though, he’s just taken responsibility for it? Seems odd. At least give an explanation.
    That being said, people targeting his family and stuff are fucking losers.
  24. ErrorJustin


    Mine wasn't a transcript of Filip's review VO as it published - it was the original video review script. Small ad-libs commonly happen in the VO recording process. But your point is taken - it isn't an exact 1:1 copy of Filip's video review transcript as it published.

    Regardless, it's an unbroken nearly 20 word segment with verbatim matching text.
  25. And his 'response' was pathetic, playing the victim card to deflect the blame. Yeah it's horrible about the death threats, but they don't happen if you don't plagiarise? It's a direct chain of events.
  26. jkk411


    I actually believe there was a path for him to take here that might have worked. If he unequivocally owned the mistake, explained that it came from a place of self doubt...Basically, if he fell on his sword, I think some people might have been willing to come around. He went with a decidedly different tactic and woof what a miscalculation.
  27. That ALF gif omggggg
  28. Wouldn't be his first one

  29. KunaiDrilla


    I don’t believe him. But yes, it can be a living nightmare to people who has experience such an ordeal. I have and many others have witnessed what the internet mob has done to people in the gaming industry.
  30. PogiJones


    I see. Where did you get the original video review script? Did someone at IGN publish it?

    Anyway, we're all in agreement it was plagiarized and the firing was correct. I just wanted to point out what I thought to be an inaccuracy.
  31. Hecht

    Welp Administrator

    We aren’t interested in providing any sort of exposure for Moriarty, positive or negative - so please get the thread back on track to the original topic. Thanks.
  32. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    He, uh, works at IGN. As, like, the senior editor.
  33. Wintermute


    i notice that he somehow apologized to ign and the developer, but not the youtuber he stole from. guy obviously doesn't think he's done anything wrong - he also doesn't realise that he's totally tanked his career in journalism. *sad trombone*
  34. Markitron


    It’s nice that you don’t have any issues with a person being sexist and racist.
  35. headspawn


    Considering that his 'Response' didn't say a hell of a lot of anything, it could be interesting to see if he really has anything to say for himself... this YouTube thing settled no curiosity I had.
  36. PogiJones


    I see. Although you say that like it's something that should have been obvious. Makes sense how he has the script, though.
  37. Paradox


    IGN seemingly wanted a host for NVC first and everything else second. No doubt with the hope of being a bit more 'personality-driven'.

    Ironically, they ultimately failed in both respects.
  38. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    He’s been posting in these threads all week, so I thought it was. Of course, I failed to consider that to a newcomer or a more disengaged observer, there was no reason for it to be evident, so my apologies.
  39. PogiJones


    Np B
  40. ManCityX


    Filip always reminded me of that guy you meet at school/college/work or whatever, the one where they act like they know a ton about a certain subject, in this case video games, but when you try and have an in-depth discussion with them, as someone with great knowledge yourself, you begin to realise that there is little understanding or comprehension under the surface.

    I believe that’s where the plagiarism comes from. He just didn’t know enough on his own to say what was good or bad about a game.

    He also used to look really awkward if pre-2002 Nintendo were mentioned, like he had no real experience of the games or when they came out. Keep in mind this is the head of all Nintendo content at IGN. He’d often say things which would leave me scratching my head.
  41. Cudpug


    It would have been interesting to hear something in the way of admitting that he lifted portions of the review. Kind of like, 'it's true, I did watch Boomsticks' video review before writing my own and yes, I did lift a lot of the language from that review. I did this for X reason. That doesn't make it right, but that's why I did it'. I watched this yesterday and still feel as if I don't quite get what he did or why he did it.

    Still, I hope the guy bounces back in some capacity. No one should be considered beyond redemption and the guy will hopefully take what he learned at IGN and apply it to his own original content. I hope he reflects on what has happened and betters his work ethic. Best of luck to his family.
  42. daxy


    Press sneak fuck strikes again. Can't believe he's actually going the lying media route. Classy. I don't really appreciate how he doesn't take responsibility for it either. That's not exactly messaging to his audience or possible future employers that it won't happen again.

  43. HellofaMouse


    "what happened with the Dead Cells review was not at all intentional."

    this obviously is not true.

    he copied the review almost sentence by sentence, without even properly paraphrasing it. and it wasnt the first time he did this either.

    and now he is trying to apologise for his plagiarism with lies and accusations (toward kotaku).

    this sure is not a good look. in the other thread people were saying "i hope he never gets another job in this industry ever again" i thought those were a bit much, but now im thinking maybe those people had a point.
  44. No42.05W70.2


    I don't really think of IGN as the place for salient original criticism.
  45. danowat


    So basically sorry but not sorry? It was unintentional? How's that work?

    Sorry officer i unintentionally stole that ring.
  46. Batatina


    This week’s NVC was indeed a bit more natural and fun than it has been, as Filip wasn’t really as strong a personality - he was improving though. The apology sucks a bit because there is no admittance, I don’t know to what level IGN allows him to fully admit to plagiarism, but the reactions from his colleagues are making me believe his intentions less and less.

    I think he definitely used the other review as a firm template that he simply reworded, perhaps because his initial drafts were being constantly rejected, and the deadline was looming with crazy amounts of pressure - and I wish he had gone to that level of detail in his response, instead of painting a picture of “I read lots of things and I just happened to reconstruct one specific review by accident”.

    In reality, he was probably ignorant of the gravity of doing that rewording to begin with, coming from youtube - but that doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the offense, I’m getting to understand that more as I read more about it. A full admittance even if the intention wasn’t to cause anyone harm, would have been a more respectful approach to the public.

    However, he already got enough punishment, and to the extent that the industry deemed appropriate, which is fair - now I hope he moves on as a human and finds another path.


    But he didn't own up and he put shade on Kotaku for reporting another case of plagerism. People deserve to be mad and upset to this video as he didn't apologize and own up for what he did. I hope other gaming media shows highlight this such as Kinda Funny, Giant Bomb and etc.


    Exactly I hope you call him out. You have a huge following.

    Perhaps someone should make a YouTube video of his response about him not taking ownership. He states it was unintentional, this YouTube video should show evidence how this is not unintentional. Show the transcripts and order of the reviews he copied. Also show that he has not actually apologised and him going after Kotaku for showing another case of plagerism is out of order.

    The reason I say a nice put together YouTube video is because his audience can actually understand this. A nice write of on Kotaku is also good but a YouTube video would go much further for his audience.
  49. Anung


    This guy probably should have just not said anything. It was pretty open and shut but now this has made him look like an actual dickhead.
  50. John Dunbar

    John Dunbar

    where'd you get wild numbers like that? only two creators on patreon have more than 20,000 patrons total. at his peak moriarty had like 6.5k patrons and has now plateaued at around 4+k.
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