1. I like it...but I guess I am one of the few for which the RAM/CPU usage is still higher than Chrome.


    Chrome has 4 tabs open, FF had 2.
  2. dark494


    Then you have
    Just try googling a fix it. It's not a bug in firefox, it's absolutely something wrong on your end.
  3. Oynox

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    Nope, same here. I am actually back to Chrome again due to this and the inferior spell checking of Firefox. But at least it felt like Firefox was a tad faster.
  4. Quixzlizx


    I dunno why you're being such a fanboy in this thread, but there is no way for you to know that it's absolutely not a bug in Firefox (by the way, a corrupt preferences file would, in fact, be a bug). Either way, I want Session Manager to be updated for Quantum.
  5. dark494


    That's just multiprocess. Firefox does not do that by default. Check your multiprocess settings, as well as this config option

    about:config > browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand > True

    Because I don't tolerate misinformation, especially in this day and age where it runs rampant through social media. A fresh install does not behave this way, and for anyone to come and lambast it with baseless claims that firefox is crap and buggy because it behaves like xyz and mislead others is utter nonsense when it absolutely does not do that out of the box. Equally so when people don't put in the effort to do a quick search for the problem they are having to find a solution that takes no more than 5 minutes to fix.
  6. UglyPony


    I really like the dark theme for firefox. It looks way better then it did before.
  7. Vaelic


    why is scrolling through pages so sluggish? so slow
  8. Line X

    Line X

    OK, so do I set restore_on_demand to false then?
  9. dark494


    Set it to TRUE. You want to be able to load tabs on demand. And then restart firefox.
  10. Cyan


  11. Because I'm a huge UI and productivity nerd, I used Mouse Controller, Mouse Gestures and Beyond Australis. I also had a Stylish script with made the scrollbars semi transparent and slim, with auto-hide when it isn't used.
    There being no Stylish scripts for scrollbars is a serious hamper to my browsing experience, and probably the most impactful one, alongside the lack of Beyond Australis.

    Does anyone here have sensible replacements for this? I looked a bit on google and stuff, but it didn't seem like there'd be viable replacements. Beyond Australis' developer already said that a port to Web Extensions API is next to impossible...
  12. Mivey


    Heavy UI customization per add-on and mouse gesture support seems to be gone. I could see them bringing mouse gesture's back via updates to WebExtensions (essentially allowing Firefox to feed mouse input to certain functions), but I think the UI stuff is never going to be as malleable again, unless Firefox devs put in some serious work to make it work with their new multi-process, sandboxed backend.
  13. Line X

    Line X

    Neat. Thanks for this!!

    Only thing left is for NoScript to update on their end. Quantum is crazy good right now for me.
  14. dmoe


    Reddit scrolls like ass in this, but everything else runs great
  15. ZeroX


    Damn it sure is snappy. I like it.
  16. Chaosblade

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    Yeah, keeping NoScript with the main script blocking functionality disabled is the best way to go. I suggested that early in the thread.

    uBlock Origin and uMatrix serve different functions though, uBlock is basically a (superior) Adblock alternative and uMatrix is roughly a NoScript alternative, with a more flexible blocking system but lacking those additional protections.
  17. Danis Saur

    Danis Saur

    Had to install the old version of Firefox due to the following:

    - Used the scroll mouse button to open a tab, but the website as a tab never loads unless you click on the URL and press enter.
  18. Joezie


    Aye, just wanted to help re-emphasize that NoScript doesn't need to be jettisoned necessarily because it isn't ready yet and that it still had some useful functions. Apologies for glossing over your earlier post, else I would have quoted it myself for additional emphasis.
  19. TeenageFBI


    Man, I wish there was a way to get an ad-blocker on iOS Firefox. And no, that Firefox Focus app doesn’t count since it doesn’t have a login to sync information with the desktop version.
  20. Moral Panic

    Moral Panic

    Went back to 56. I appreciate speed improvements but my stuff looked odd/didn't work and there are things more important to me than speed. If I cared about speed I would've moved to chrome years ago.
  21. Nemesis121


    This crap has noscript yet? i can't surf the web without it...
    I am using Chrome with it's version of Noscript along with disconnect, ghostery, and Ublock, for now...
  22. TeenageFBI


    NoScript will be updated in the next few days. In the meantime, uMatrix is a good alternative for script/component blocking. I kinda prefer it now.
  23. dark494


    Did you try setting "browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2" to false? Did you try running in safe mode to see if an add-on/extension was causing the problem, like the Tab Control Extension, or Auto Unload Tab add-on, that are known to be a problem? Or even a legacy version of the MEGA add-on?
  24. Chaosblade

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    ^^ This. For purely script blocking, uMatrix is a more flexible and powerful solution than NoScript that gives you more direct control over what gets blocked or allowed. As discussed above NoScript does have some additional layers of protection that make it worth having even with uMatrix, but you would want to make sure the blocking functionality is disabled so they don't have conflicts.
  25. Psychotext


    Anyone have a suggestion for replacing "save file as"?

    Basically as an absolute minimum I'd be after a way to save files to a specific location, but best would be having a quick list of frequently used folders.
  26. Faenix1


    Is there anyway to get FF57 layout closer to 56?

    Like, the "Open new tab" + used to be right beside the last open tab but now it isn't and it's kind of driving me nuts. lol
  27. Is there a way to the make the text bigger? Not on the web pages, but the browser itself. I had an add-on that did that but it doesn't seem to be working with the new Firefox.
  28. Quixzlizx


    My suggestion for you would be to attend a remedial reading class, as well as visit dictionary.com more often.

    Also anger management classes, and perhaps a timeout from the internet every couple of hours when you feel like you're on the verge of flipping out when someone points out an issue with one of your beloved software products.
  29. Drexion

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    Been using it for a couple hours now, the performance improvement is definitely noticeable, even on my quite decent gaming rig.
    Opposite for me, no more hitching while on reddit. For example the infamous EA reddit post (link), used to hitch for maybe 0.2 of a second before opening/being responsive. Now it's as smooth as butter.
    Not experiencing this, it works just the same as the old version, I open multiple tabs in the background using middle mouse button and they load fine in the background while I'm on the current page. The tab at the top even has a progress bar in the background showing the pages loading while it's in the background without ever needing to switch to it.
  30. Hecht

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    dark494 Quixzlizx

    As any of us have seen, sometimes software behaves in unexpected ways. I'm not saying he is right or wrong, but it sounds like he has a particular issue. Either help with the issue or don't, but just repeating yourself if he isn't seeing what you're seeing doesn't help the conversation.

    On your end, just calm down. Insulting others isn't gonna get you any closer to a fix.
  31. Dobby

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    Thanks dude for taking the time to confirm!
  32. mugwhump


    Any good replacements for tab mix plus and download statusbar? I think those are all I'm really going to miss. I really want to customize my downloads bar.
  33. Does anyone know how to get tabs on bottom working properly? I got it working for the most part by editing userChrome.css. But dragging tabs causes the whole navigation bar to jump vertically.

    The Firefox devs must truly hate the feature. It's gone from default, to the options menu, to being hidden in about:config, to requiring an extension, and now you need to manually edit user css files.
  34. Trekkie

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    Much faster on mobile now
  35. intheflorsh


    The screenshot feature alone is a good enough reason to make the switch from Chrome imo
  36. Amathene


    Same here man. I use MouseControl 2.0 which does tab wheel scrolling and also other mouse shortcuts and there currently isn't a replacement for this either. The dev said he does have plans to port it over but currently doesn't have the time. Hope it comes back soon.
  37. sca


    using Android? Is the scrolling smooth yet?
  38. dark494


    The only issue I see with it is when you try to have it do a screenshot of the entire page you're viewing, it has a limit to how "tall" vertically of a page it can snapshot. Like, a full page thread here is too long for it to capture.
  39. Zeus The Dino

    Zeus The Dino
    Banned Member

    How can I make the icons in the bookmark toolbar bigger?
  40. intheflorsh


    I imagine that restriction is in place to help them save bandwidth. They should probably let you locally save a full size version though.
  41. Eclipse47


    I think alot of these issues from new users is just exploring the whole interface and becoming familiar with it. So many options and tabs to look into.

    But besides that, I'm loving the new Firefox.
  42. sweetvar26


    How’s it compared to Safari on a Mac?
  43. Stuart

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    Quite a bit faster in browser speed tests. Safari be superior at conserving battery though, if you care about that. I recall Apple focused on power consumption.
  44. br0ken_shad0w


    Tab Mix plus, like many have already said, is the biggest casualty for me. Still waiting for hope since the dev has said he's working on an update but hearing that tab fuctionality has been gimped doesn't bode well. Mouse Gestures suite is the other one, but currently using Foxygestures which while not perfect works for what I need it to.

    That being said, I do like how snappier it is. Old Firefox had that jank even on powerful hardware and glad that's mostly gone.
  45. sweetvar26


    Ah okay. I mean my Safari is fine, fast and decent on battery life as wel. Just kind of bored and looking to shuffle things up a little.
  46. ksdixon


    With classic theme restorer dead, can we get back the old style search box behaviour?
  47. Gray


    That's what I'm missing the most to be honest. The new search behavior is so clunky, I hate that they're not giving us an alternative.

    On a different note, I am having problems with the built-in themes. The Dark and Default themes have pieces missing, they are white - like the tab background and the tab scrolling piece. Also Default is not dark blue but light gray. I don't know what's causing it but I tried reinstalling, removing my profile, nothing seems to help. Same with Firefox Developer Edition. Any ideas?
  48. dark494


    Which is the old style exactly? There are a couple style options in the options > search menu.
  49. PhantomFFR


    In the search bar you first select the search engine to be used for all future searches and then enter the search term or highlight the text you want to search for, right click it and then "search with [elected search engine]. The newer behavior was that you could not change the search engine, if you ahd multiple installed before and when you switched search engines for the next search it reverted back to the default.

    And that quite frankly (aside from my presumption of a lack of a very compact theme with minimal space wasted to UI elements/tab padding/spacing aroudn the URL bar) is my reason not to upgrade.
  50. NumberThree


    What OS are you on? The top bar looks really bad on Windows 7, and apparently that's just how it is. On Windows 10 the entire top bar should change color based on theme. I don't know about other platforms.