First 3 hours in - Monster Hunter World and I'm not feeling it...


Oct 25, 2017
Columbia, SC
The main mechanics is there from the start, and they don't change much, but I feel 3 hours isn't nearly enough to grasp the entirely of what the game has to offer. I was 20 hours in when it REALLY clicked.

Kind of sort of agree... I just now got to High Rank as of last night and the game throws even more shit at you and adds new elements to the existing hunting grounds. Im about 30 something hours in and it hasn't fully clicked for me, its more like I feel overwhelmed because I have all these new systems and mechanics to contend with that I need to start using in order to progress further.


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Oct 25, 2017
There are a lot of mechanics and intricacies under the hood for MH that take a long time to get the grips of. It has a high learning curve as well and takes a while to click.

Choosing the best weapon for you is huge as well. Every weapon is like a game by itself in how game changing the weapons are. And every weapon has various nuances and tricks to them that require long term investment skill wise. You probably won't get the nuances of the weapons so definitely at least watch tutorial videos for all the weapons out there. Don't assume you will like or dislike a weapon... I thought I would dislike Bows in MH but there were actually a lot of fun.

Crafting new weapons/armors is the core game play loop of the game combined with fighting tougher and tougher monsters. The Great Jagras (which is the tutorial monster fight) is nothing compared to what you will face next. You will be wanting stronger weapons and beefier armor. And armors have skills in them that further boost your playstyle. It's like going into an ARPG and saying to yourself "yea I don't like the process of leveling up and leveling skills/abilities". And nah you arent beating the game without crafting better gear.

Many of these elements are in Dragons Dogma as well. The weird combat intricacies, the highly different weapons/playstyles, killing specific monsters to build better equipment and fighting large tough monsters. Dragons Dogma just does everything in a shallower manner simply because it doesn't have the long legacy of MH.

IMO I would definitely keep experimenting with the game and take your time with the game until you kill Rathalos and Diablos. It's not too deep into the game but it will be your first taste of what Monster Hunter is really about as you aren't fighting monsters that just stand there waiting to get wacked on. There is a lot to process so don't rush it, every hunt is an experience.


Nov 8, 2017
This reads like a troll post. Like “I just picked up dark souls and ...” Why not look into the vast amount of info on the game on the internet or the OT for either game on era before or after picking it up?

It’s a fantastic game as is indicated by it’s sales. You need to give it MUCH more time than the first couple hunts...


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Oct 25, 2017
I think you may be overthinking the crafting element and how weapons work.

First of all just remember this isn't Dragon's Dogma. They are similar in some ways, but I would say DD is like the more arcadey cousin to MH.

Here's how you start off.

1. Find a weapon you like. You seem to like dual blades, but honestly that might change at some point, who knows. I recommend sword and shield cause it's as fast as the dualies, but also isn't as complicated (and is actually a great weapon and fun, too).

2. The way the game progresses is, kill monster, get all the parts, craft shit. You only need to focus on the weapon you want to use at first. So no need to like make lances and shit if all you use are greatswords. Think of it as picking a main in a fighting game.

3. I'm not sure how you're running out of time picking items at the end of quests, but the best thing you can do is just not read the item descriptions. You want everything they throw at you and you've got plenty of space, so just send all that shit to your item box. And in-quest, just gather all the shit you can from monsters, mining veins, bugs and it'll all come in use eventually.

4. Armor is the same as weapons. At the beginning its all kind of the same stuff, so just kinda find one you think looks cool and have skills that might go with your play style and make that your goal. Upgrade it as much as you can, and when you find the monsters are starting to hit real hard, get yourself a stronger piece of armor. Fight monsters till you get your materials, make armor, then move to the next thing.

It might seem daunting at first, but it really isn't once you are familiar with the systems. Fighting monsters is the most fun part of playing MH, but the reward for doing that is the weapons and armor you get to make.


Oct 27, 2017
People saying "Stop playing now, you're not going to like it" are off-base. They're very early in the game. It can be a very slow game to click—it was for me, and I absolutely love it now.

That said, yes, you absolutely have to play the game on its terms if you're gonna play it. That means making an effort to learn about crafting, learning the ins and outs of the weapon(s) you decide you want to use, learning about items and monsters, etc. It isn't the kind of game where you can just skip past all that stuff.

Seven Force

Nov 30, 2017
Crafting is an inherent part of the core gameplay loop. Generations Ultimate was my first major foray into the series and it took a few hours for said loop to click for me (I wasn't the biggest fan of crafting either at first) but once it did, I got stuck in that vortex something fierce. Now I'm juggling Generations Ultimate, 4 Ultimate and World's base game before going on to Iceborne and having a blast with all three.

I'd say stick with it a bit more and see how you feel afterwards.


Oct 25, 2017
MHW definitely has its faults. The tutorial system is the worst I’ve ever seen. Registering investigations and completing deliveries are in one area. Posting quests in another. And posting some event quests are in another area. It’s very confusing.

But I love the coop play.


Oct 27, 2017
I would say this game is not for you, but in case you want to keep with it:

First, the game can be a bit complex , overwhelming, and maybe even obtuse to a new player, but if i remember correctly, the game introduces all the systems gradually, so ignore them until the game tells you about them.

Second, this game is not dragon dogma, at all. Monster hunter is about managing your resources and positioning yourself carefully between actions when you battle each enemy.

Now, to answer some of your questions.

Dragonzdogma said:
Can I beat the game by simply selling all the junk I pick up and defeat the last boss with weapons I buy- I really don't feel like crafting and getting into the loot system and all this.
No, you cant.

Crafting is one of the core pillars of this game: you beat monster, carve monster, craft weapon/armor of said monster to beat new monsters. If you are missing an item, you go back to kill said monster another time until you get it (it may require for you to break/cut an specific part of the monster, or just carve some items on the map, like bones or cristals).

But it is not necessary to focus on this at the beginning tho: I would recommend you to try every weapon first (you have one of each type in the chest at the training stage), and once you find one that you think you may like (or controls similar to another game that you've played), start beating the first monsters with it. You can access the training stage if you speak to the cat that is in your room.

Once you have problems with one monster, try to create a new weapon / create new armor with any items you have (if doesnt matter if the armor parts are from different monsters or what skills they give you for now).

That should be more than enough for low rank.

Dragonzdogma said:
Why is my potion assigned to square - I was hoping that was my attack button, anyway to change this?

I have to constantly sharpen my blade with a soap stone - holding R stick and selecting it but Im not sure how I'm really selecting this.
I dont think there is, unless you change it thought the ps4 accesibility options.

The weapons have durability: when they are less sharp, they do less damage among other things. To select the sharpen stone quickly without using the regular items list, you have to press L1 (to activate the radial menu) + press up and release the right analog. The radial menu can be customised with whatever actions you want (craft items, use items, gestures...).

Dragonzdogma said:
Is my Cat a pawn like NPC - Can I make him pick up crap for me- cause I'm not liking how slow these animations are just to loot and loot, is border line red dead redemption.
Your cat will pick stuff for you at random, sometimes. You cant control him until much later, and even then you will only be able to give him two (now three) commands. The rest of the time he will do whatever it wants, and of course, draw the attention of the monster so you have some moments of respite.

Dragonzdogma said:
The game loot system is overwhelming and slow to pick up items- And there is this annoying timer (10 seconds) to pick up all the loot after I beat the boss, which does not allow me to pick up anything and boots me out from the quest quick.
Usually you have more time than that, which is more than enough to (and only to) carve the monster you just beat (and maybe some close items if you have any remaining time after carving the monster).

To pick stuff on the map, do it when you are not fighting or just go on an expedition.

Kupo Kupopo

Jul 6, 2019
At this point in the game when he wrote his post, he's done a movement tutorial, got a tour through the village, did two small monster tutorial hunts, and only just brushed up against the first real "Boss" in the game. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume he hasn't had much opportunity to engage with the crafting system or all the other systems that exist to support it.
again: what part of

Can I beat the game by simply selling all the junk I pick up and defeat the last boss with weapons I buy- I really don't feel like crafting and getting into the loot system and all this...
don't you understand?...


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Oct 28, 2017
You are trying too hard to want the game to be something it is not.. also, 3 hours is not enough to get into the groove of MH, especially with its abysmal opening.

Hey- This might be a bit to much to ask - but can try and beat the final boss with the last weapon the smith sells you?
The way I want to play MHW - is by always selling everything at the end of each quest and using that money to buy the newest weapon that the smith sells.
That is not Monster Hunter. You have to craft.


Oct 27, 2017
I say this to everyone, all fans know this:

Monster Hunter is a slow burn. Its anti-chess. Hard in the beginning, easier as it goes along.

You need to commit at least 10 hours into it and I promise you everything will click.

The common complaint about Monster Hunter is people simply don't play enough and drop it too early. Hell, I've done it for a few games because the beginning is really slow.

Just keep pushing. If you pass the first half of the game and you didnt enjoy any of it. Then the game isnt for you.


Oct 27, 2017
I remember giving this series a try once on the PSP and noped the fuck out right quick.

MHW looks absolutely incredible for those who are deeply invested in it but I’ve had to accept I will never be one of those players.

The time commitment to grinding, looting, crafting, and the learning curve is just way too steep.
Oct 27, 2017
Don’t think I’ve seen anyone say this yet, but for the radial menu, you can change it so you point at the item with the right stick, and when you click that stick in, that is what uses the item. I can’t stand the default radial menu mode, the alternate option fit my play style way better. Regardless of your control option for it, you can customize each radial menu wheel (4 total) so that becomes your main item usage, as opposed to scrolling through the item line and pressing square.


Oct 30, 2017
I remember giving this series a try once on the PSP and noped the fuck out right quick.

MHW looks absolutely incredible for those who are deeply invested in it but I’ve had to accept I will never be one of those players.

The time commitment to grinding, looting, crafting, and the learning curve is just way too steep.
It's actually really straightforward if you want it to be. I just use giant sword and beat up monsters, and let the game auto craft useful items like health potions.

There's more to it of course, but don't let the perceived depth or challenge scare you away from such an awesome game.


Jun 16, 2018
I have spent around 1000 hours with the Monster Hunter franchise by now and the best advice I can give is to stick with it through thick and thin. When I first played tri back in the day, there were multiple times I wanted to give up because I found it too hard/obtuse. Now I can solo most monsters and I love the series greatly. You just have to get past that initial barrier.


Oct 25, 2017
You just have to find your weapon. Once you find one that clicks with you the game gets so much better. This is going to sound insane (I thought so too when I first heard this line), but each each weapon is almost like playing a different game. It can take some time to use them all, but once you find your weapon of choice you’ll love the game.

There’s a chance you won’t like the game at all even after trying all the different weapons. That’s fine. Just don’t play the game. If hunting monsters to get their materials so you can craft new gear isn’t appealing to you then Monster Hunter might not be your type of game.
Sep 25, 2018
Hey- This might be a bit to much to ask - but can try and beat the final boss with the last weapon the smith sells you?
The way I want to play MHW - is by always selling everything at the end of each quest and using that money to buy the newest weapon that the smith sells.
you need the parts to give to the smith to make the weapons to get strong weapons to help beat final boss


Oct 25, 2017
Get through the point where you have to take down Anjanath to know if the game is right for you. You can also try grouping up with randoms to have a bit of a smoother ride and pick up strategies other people are using. You can't simply buy good weapons with money, only the starter version; you have to browse the tree and look for the parts that open up the paths you want to take. It's kind of like a shlooter but with crafting and combat that doesn't suck. The loot, crafting, and combat are the game; the story is simply "Go kill this monster," followed by "Yay, you killed the monster," so if you came for something besides loot, crafting, and combat, it might not be for you.


Oct 31, 2017
The game is not for everyone but if you are willing to learn and give it an honest go there's a lot of people that willing to help and assist, get on discord with someone that will show you the ropes and guide you through the basics and the flow of the game.

Bits N Pieces

Oct 27, 2017
I played it through Game Pass and switched it off after half an hour and haven't returned to it since, felt tonally pretty weird and bizarre but in an unintentional way.

Just dont think it's the kind of game for me.


Oct 25, 2017
Well half of those complaints seem to be based on you not understanding some of the game system, so i'd recommend checking youtube or articles on that. It's easy to be overwhelmed with MH cause there's so much both content-wise and mechanically.

But you said you didn't like the crafting/loot loop. The whole gameplay-loop revolves around specifically that. All the story and stuff is basically just backdrop for you to kill monsters, make weapons and armor from their parts, fight a stronger monster, make stronger weapons and stronger armor, fight an even stronger monster, make even stronger weapons and armor, etcetcetc. Like you're not gonna get around that, and at basically no point do they let you buy weapons on par with the rest, you're just gonna have a severely bad time with very underpowered weapons.

But if you do stick with it, here's a pretty good video that goes through how dual blades work.



Oct 31, 2017
MH is a great series to get into, especially with MHW but it's not for everyone.

What might just work is playing it coop with a friend or even ERA people. You will gear up, get experience at combat, without worrying too much about carting etc.

If that does not work, it might not be a game for you if you don't like the looting system or the various mechanics that make it Monster Hunter.