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FootyEra 18/19 Season |OT 2| Yeovil Ipswich Kilmarnock Everton Spurs

Oct 26, 2017
Nah, 0-1 to Arsenal.

De Gea made a couple of mistakes for Arsenal goals, but he also made some decent saves. United didn't look threatening at all.
DeGea mistake gets you a goal and your defense mistake gets us a goal. Rojo mistake gets you a goal. The only one not a mistake on the players part is Martials goal. It could easily be no foul as although there was a slight brush of contact he went full Neymar for the foul, and then Herreras head was in an offside position, though could easily not be ruled offside because he doesn't touch the ball or attempt to touch it in that phase of play.
Oct 29, 2017
Crunching tackle by Barnes or Cork, can't remember which. It was absolutely pissing down, so your regular sliding tackle becomes brutal, and he caught his ankle. Fuming.
Got tackled then fell into the ad boards
Fucking Brexit cunts. Speaking of, at the parents watching ITV news and they are such a fucking Tory mouthpiece. So are BBC as well though