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FootyEra 18/19 Season |OT 2| Yeovil Ipswich Kilmarnock Everton Spurs

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Oct 26, 2017
Tottenham stadium now not ready until at least March......why not just postpone until next season as seems daft to get in with only a few matches left, especially if the title run in is tight
They will I think.

What annoys me is that they got a whole season allowed to use the full capacity with the revenue that entails, and this season they could well be playing a cup final at what is basically their home stadium. If you've played 50 games in it, its a home game.
Oct 28, 2017
Australia lost to Jordan, now Japan is 1-0 down to fucking Turkmenistan at half time in Asian Cup. WTF is going on?

Edit: normal service resumes, Japan 2-1 at 60.
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Oct 27, 2017
Hope Hazard goes to Madrid.

Would be a terrible move for both, and I'd love it
I think Hazard wold be great for Madrid. (of course he alone wont fix everything, he needs to come with some other players)

The entire midfield, except for Modric has to be replaced.

And the biggest problem we have right now is the team has nobody to actually make that final pass, or someone that can create those chances or the space to shoot it themselves. The guy closest to doing that right now in the team is Lucas Vazquez.
Oct 28, 2017
Bayern kinda confirmed it will be ribery‘s last season too

Thank god for that

I hope Hudson-Odoi will not be our only transfer for the offence next season if you let players like ribery and robben go
Oct 25, 2017
German clubs always pay reasonable prices between each other, Italians are the same.

its when Bayern tap up players and get them on free transfers that is Cuntish
Oct 31, 2017
Given how expensive strikers are, Higuain seems pretty appealing even if there's a chance he isn't good enough any more. His shot numbers at Milan are still OK in a bad attacking team. This isn't like, say, Falcao where the trend lines unambiguously showed "past it and still declining" before he joined United.
Oct 25, 2017
Milan would be smart to get rid of of Higuain his attitude is terrible and he doesn't justify the wages he's on especially with their FFP issues.

Cutrone is the future


Oct 25, 2017
Yeah, don't know why they would sell if they don't get a ridiculous offer. I get that he's a declining asset but it's not like you can get a striker anywhere near the quality of Arnautovic for 35m.
Aging, not declining 😉

He earned us a point all on his own from 2-0 down just last week.
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