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Oct 28, 2017
How do these rules have no sense? If anything, they need to be tighter because I'm sick of watching Shitty and PSG splurge so much money that they didn't earn in the slightest.
No sense because they are very strict to clubs that don't have the possibility to use fake sponsors and loophole like that. Milan ownership doesn't have money issues and they won't to invest their money to improve the team but FFP rules can't allow them to do so. Player prices are insane and it's extremely dificult to find great deals these days.

Of course Milan can't sign players like Messi or Hazard but look at Inter as well. In order to fix their income statement they have to sell young players to inflated prices to other teams and only sign players with loan + option to buy. In the meantime Chelsea can spend 80 M for a crap keeper because they get an insane amount of money from TV rights. Yeah Chelsea has higher revenues but if an owner is solid it should be able to invest his money.

Just find a compromise.
Oct 25, 2017
Casually pondering the likelihood of us beating Liverpool at Anfield last match of the season to secure 6th and to deny Liverpool the title on goal difference.
Oct 25, 2017
as a chelsea fan, I closed my stream at 28 minutes when 4-0 down, and went back to playing Resident Evil Remake. Much better use of my time than watch my team implode again in another away fixture and hear Sarri talk about motivation and not playing his football
Oct 25, 2017
If I could pay 10€ a month to watch all of the Bundesliga I would be stoked.
If you want to watch all of the Bundesliga in Germany you need: Sky, DAZN and Eurosport player. Fucking disgusting!
That is pretty nuts. Im pretty fortunate in that regard. I have DAZN here to watch all my La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA and more.

Bundesliga is televised here. And i assume that with rising Canadian football star Davies, Bundesligas popularity will rise here.

Premier League is televised here as well and i generally like all the pre and post game coverage and stable 4k HD broadcasts.

Im iffy about this deal cause i found DAZN's streaming can be spotty at times. And im sure its not in 4k. Ill be missing out on a lot of coverage as well i feel.
Oct 25, 2017
On the other hand, it could be a good thing. I could see the sports networks here duke it out for more Bundesliga coverage. And it would give more room as well for the newly formed "Canadian Premier League" to get more tv coverage which should help grow the sport here.
Oct 31, 2017
yeah if you consider x% of that his signing bonus/"transfer fee" (which gets spread out over multiple years, making it even more appealing for the "buying" club) it's a very economical deal. you can see why these types of moves are so appealing for player and club.

(or you can be like Manchester United and pay a substantial transfer fee six months early for no reason, then give the player and agent the same inflated bonus/wage structure anyways)
Oct 26, 2017
Oh it will weaken Arsenal no doubt, I was talking about the wages they're paying him, can only assume they think they're getting one of the world's best players..
It's all because of no transfer fee. We're going to see more players running down deals now because they can benefit hugely from it.

Even if he only went for £40m, that's still £150k a week over 5 years. So naturally the players agent wants that amount tacked on to whatever other wage demands they have. It's why Sanchez is on £8m a day at United.