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FootyEra 19/20 Season |OT| This is the place where we hate/love VAR


Dec 13, 2017
Despite the fuckery I do feel a little bad for Emery, he tried. Got us to a Europa final last year which I'm grateful for.


Oct 25, 2017
South East London derby today.

Charlton haven't beaten Millwall since 1996
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Mory Dunz

Oct 25, 2017
Tuned in and saw pulisic score. Nice.

Is Son a top 15 player in the league?
Is there an argument for top 10?

Odoi trying hard to score. Competition brewing

Steve Winwood

Oct 31, 2017
Absolutely monster statistical game from Pulisic. 6 shots, 3 on target, 3 key passes, 5 dribbles, and the goal. This is exactly the type of game that he basically never had at Dortmund -- for all his moments, he's been hovering around 3 (shots + key passes) per 90 over the past two seasons, which, even for a young player, is a pretty mediocre number in a good attacking team in the most attacking league in the world.


Oct 27, 2017
Is there any actual reason why the refs won't use the pitchside monitors for VAR? Seems like it'd solve a lot of the problems it has at the moment


Jan 1, 2018
Sheffield were completely robbed there. How are they even fucking up decisions based on straight lines now


Oct 28, 2017
The problem isn't and never has been the technology. The referees are fucking it up constantly and at this point it's looking deliberate. They don't use VAR to actually help with incorrect decisions and then they spend ages trying to line up their guidelines to suit a decision.
Today they picked Dier's knee. The other day, they picked Firmino's armpit (??) to judge offside. They can't even decide what parts of the body are offside, this is basic stuff.

The ref doesn't go to the pitchside monitor. That way whatever the VAR says isn't his responsibility and he can hold his hands up and say it was out of his hands. The monitor is right there, go and look.

The PGMOL and the referees have absolutely fucked this and if they think they're being clever about it, they're going to be in for a shock when UEFA and FIFA end up fucking off all the English refs from continental and international competitions cos none of them can use VAR properly.


Jan 1, 2018
Honestly I feel like the refs are messing it up on purpose so that VAR gets removed in subsequent seasons