1. v_iHuGi

    Banned Member OP

    So i was just checking some streams to pass some time while i drank my tea and ate some food and i saw these insane Fortnite numbers, safe to say this game is an absolute beast when it is doing 5x Cod numbers.


    Quite possible the most played game on Ps4 right now alongisde Call of Duty WW2, GTA V, Fifa 18 and R6.
  2. Digital

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    The thirst for battle royale on PS4 was real. It was anyone's game honestly as long as they got there first -- not to detract from Fortnite's quality.
  3. jacktink


    Which is going to make these Meltdown server patch issues very interesting to watch over the coming weeks. Will be a very big deal for both Console and PC owners for games like this.
  4. janusff


    Turns out it’s a good game.
  5. A_R_N_O_S

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    MS made a killer move.
  6. Kolx


    It's the most viewed game now on twitch as well. Bigger than LOL and PUBG.
  7. RoboitoAM


    Sony cries in the distance, realizing they sold Daybreak Games and could've had an exclusive battle royale before even PUBG.
  8. Surface of Me

    Surface of Me

    It's also top played on X1. PUBG is 5 or 6.
  9. Has nothing to do with MS.
  10. v_iHuGi

    Banned Member OP

    Epic Games has a golden mine on their hands.
  11. Özgür



    for some reason gta and fifa mtxs are not shown. F2P is the future folks
  12. Tanooki


    One of my friends was talking about Fortnite the other day, and I was under the impression that it was an under the radar hit for him. Maybe I'll actually go ahead and give it a go.
  13. dickroach

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    wow. does fortnite have crossplay with ps4/xb1?
  14. Of course not.
  15. Honestly I've been curious to play Fortnite for a while. Only thing stopping me is the fact that I probably wouldn't be playing it anywhere near as much as I would like cause that's what happened with me and Warframe.

    Started Warframe, played for about 20 hours and then I got distracted by all the other games I need to play.
  16. DigitalOp


    I was going to make a thread but JESUS it takes forever to get thread rights here...

    I honestly felt Fortnite is better than PUBG, after playing PUBG for a while on PC.

    I wasn't warm to Fortnite at first but I think the game does a great job of differentiating itself from PUBG with the build mechanic and Its biggest benefit is the 50v50 mode. I don't no why PUBG hasn't adopted 50v50. Its a great mode that allows you to get comfortable with the game and learn the mechanics without having the pressure of being hunted by virtually everyone and the harassment that comes with random Duos and Squads if you're unskilled.
  17. bshock

    Banned Member

    Fornite is damn solid. I definitely prefer PUBG but Epic were smart to ape it with their own spin.
  18. Musubi


    Yup. Tons of people playing. Bluehole should be kicking themselves that they didnt also put PUBG on PS4 right away. That is a LOT of people getting invested in Fortnite.
  19. CreeperBlocks

    Community Resettler Member

    I’m happy Fortnite is seeing Success. I just want the map to be a bit more bigger or at least add more buildings.
  20. asd202


    Hmm is it free to play? Maybe I should try it. Never played a battle royal game.
  21. v_iHuGi

    Banned Member OP

    What do you buy on Fortnite? Serious question.
  22. Yes F2P.
  23. Jtendo '82

    Jtendo '82
    Banned Member

    Times really have changed. Spent some time at my Father's and his gf's 16 yr old son had the game running on his PS4 and a Twitch stream of someone playing it opened up on his laptop. The look of the game is kind of a turnoff for me but I can see where the appeal is. Putting it up as F2P was a smart move.
  24. GamerEra

    Banned Member

  25. ____


    That’s apparently coming at some point. Epic said it on twitter or on their blog I believe.
  26. Observable


    I've noticed that I've become a gamer that mostly only plays games that allow me to be in a team with 3/4 of my friends in a semi relaxing environment, where we can catch up and laugh about stupid things we do while we game.

    This used to be GTA 5, but the monetary aspect required us to play regularly and in certain ways to keep up with buying the latest bases/weapons etc for new mission types and other more fun things.

    Fortnite does not have this problem; we can schedule for later that night when the kids are sleeping/work is done, and jump in for 1 or 2 hours once or twice a week, without missing anything.

    We don't win much, become 2nd all the time, but we do have a lot of fun
  27. CloseTalker


    It did for a few moments once lol
  28. Cosmetic stuff (outfits, pickaxe skins, glider skins, etc).
  29. apeAsnake


    Yeah just got the 1000 V-Bucks for my lil bro so he can get Battle Pass in Fortnite for cosmetics. He plays this non stop along with his friends pretty sure they all bought the Battle Pass too with the 1000 V-Bucks

    The 2800 is likely for those who buy the more separate rarer cosmetics on top or speed up the Battle Pass tiers to unlock more cosmetic rewards quickly mobile F2P style. Epic games raking in that cash
  30. Kouriozan


    I played it before it was cool! (PvE)
    Let's hope they'll use some of that popularity for that mode as well.
  31. Van Bur3n

    Van Bur3n

    Fortnite definitely took advantage of the battle royale craze by establishing itself on console before PUBG.

    Another forgettable zombie game turned into a BR success.
  32. Starlatine


    i'm sure they're not

    specially because microsoft was the one who had to approach them for a console version and not the opposite
  33. asd202


    Metal Gear Survive should take note. MGSV gameplay in a battle royal type of game could be amazing if done well.
  34. Kolx


    Daybreak don't have one now and I don't see why they would if they were under Sony. Actually Sony tried even before PUBG by bringing the man who did it himself to create king of the Kill before he left and made PUBG.
  35. Garlador


    I'm glad Fortnite is doing well. I'll need to give it a shot, but it always struck me as an interesting game during previews.
  36. I forgot all about that. Epic just needs to flip a switch and Sony won't let them.
  37. Note that you also don't need PS+ to play Fortnite BR online. Even if PUBG made its way to PS4, it would require PS+ as it's a paid game. Fortnite has a huge advantage here.
  38. JammerLammy

    Banned Member

    Seems like kids really love this game, tried it for a bit myself but not my thing.. yet
  39. JammerLammy

    Banned Member

    i think all f2p games don't require ps plus.
  40. N00MKRAD

    Banned Member

    This is why a Switch port would be a huge win for them.

    Also, they "hinted" at that several times already, just hard to say how serious that was.
  41. Asgoroth


    I've downloaded it because its free but honestly I don't know if I'll ever play it.
  42. Being that Fortnite is a far more playable game and PUBG isn't on PSN yet your post is nonsense.
  43. Fortnite was a huge success for Epic even before BR came out. Crazy how it’s even more successful now! Kudos to them for releasing such a great iteration of the genre and updating it so quickly.

    Anyone still play the “normal” Fortnite modes?
  44. Didn’t realize it was free. My friend who normally has really good taste in games recommended it. I don’t even really know what it is but here goes.
  45. Monogatari

    Banned Member

    I don’t know what this is, but the apprentice trainee teen at my work told me to play it.

    I guess it has a following among mainstream gamers.
  46. Kudo


    Fortnite Battle Royale is awesome, and it's incredible that it's actually free. Everyone should give it a try.
  47. Stygr


    Kicking themselves? Nope, they are more than happy with the X1/PC version, Sony didn't want PUBG due to "Early Access" not Bluehole.
  48. Tofer


    I played a few matches. Pretty fun. The building mechanic made for some funny moments
  49. impact


    PS4 users thirsty for some BR

    I have a feeling this game is gonna fade once PUBG comes out on PS4 though. Tried it on PC and it's just wall building nonsense.
  50. Tagyhag


    I still find that hilarious. No one could have expected this out of Fortnite before release.

    Everyone just knew it as the first Unreal Engine 4 game that still hadn't come out.

    Now? I bet even Epic forgot what it was originally about lol.